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  • Twilight Of The Oil Age [View article]
    It's going to be very rough, from what I read. The oil and gas industry has spent the last few years touting shale reserves as a "bridge fuel to the future" yet doing nothing to build that bridge and plenty to keep others from having the resources (such as the huge government subsidies the O&G industry enjoys) to develop alternative energies.

    We should be using as much of the remaining fossil fuel as possible to develop wind, solar, tidal and wave-generated energy, and other fuel-less energy sources.

    Even at that, we are a people slow to act in our own interests and quick to join in the interests of the powerful, glad as ever to have their bread and circuses. But we may wake up. There seems to be a crescendo going on...
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  • Twilight Of The Oil Age [View article]
    "...yield more than light crudes." This is a very indefinite statement. What do they yield more of? Casoline? Kerosene? Diesel fuel/heating oil? Or do they yield more of the sludge we use for paving?

    It is well known that refining tar sands requires special facilities. That's the only reason to pipe it all the way from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

    If it were a high yield, easily refined and plentiful resource, it would make more sense to build refineries just across the boarder from Canada, rather than build and maintain a pipeline to Texas.
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  • Putting The Brakes On Bakken Production - The Decline Curve Never Sleeps [View article]
    More like the Green Giant than the Black Knight, jbbson. The most controversial and powerful thing we are doing in New York is to show rural people the truth of what happens to your land, your environment, your health, your farm and animals and pets, your peace of mind and your family's future; your mortgage and property value, your ability to insure your property, if you or your neighbors lease land for fracking. The truth tells it all, and people start protecting themselves and their neighbors.

    Secondly, the U.S. is not swimming in oil, as the author indicates well. If you need more graphic presentation to understand the truth of what he is saying, see David Hughes' presentation "The 'Shale Revolution' in the United States: Myths and Realities" ( Here are Hughes' bona fides, if anyone is interested in dismissing what he has to say:
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  • Christy Clark’s Liberal Party won an upset victory in British Columbia, defeating a New Democratic Party that had been leading in the polls for almost two years, suggesting stronger than expected voter approval for the Northern Gateway oil pipeline. NDP leader Adrian Dix had vowed to block plans by Enbridge (ENB) and Kinder Morgan Partners (KMP) to ship more oil across the Canadian province. [View news story]
    What kind of sanity is it that cheers the mining of ever dirtier and more polluting petroleum in a world climate fast changing to conditions where those claiming their sanity can no longer live?

    This week, the world marked the passage, upward, of the benchmark 400 ppm atmospheric CO2, the highest it's been since the dinosaurs. We are fast heading toward a climate only dinosaurs can live in, and you claim this sanity?
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