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  • BPC Equity
    $TSLA Is Tesla reaching a point of capitulation. Keep your eyes on the Volume/Price action.
    Feb 27, 11:48 AM
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    • embryorambo: Pairing TSLA short with AZO short-If we move to EV's they last a long time and AZo will lose a ton of sales-Plus its more overvalued IMO
      Feb 27, 1:39 PM
    • ashailes: Musk speaking today at CPUC at 1:30 PM PST ( No idea what this will do tomorrow.
      Feb 27, 3:20 PM
      • BPC Equity
        $TSLA - Is the short case coming to fruition? GS Downgrades to a price target of $85
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        • BPC Equity: I don't feel the market will allow a price of $84 at this point, a lot of cult-like followers, but I think the overall direction is correct.
        • kickgas: GS actually INCREASED their target price. One day dip to $105 helped GS's clients get some TSLA before the return to previous valuation.