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    $ORC has a good RSI and money flow is improving. I believe this is a very good income producing company with excellent growth potential.
    May 18, 5:21 PM
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    • Tucker Leppa: What do you know of its management team?
      May 18, 7:58 PM
    • RON SENIOR: $ORC is managed by Bimini Advisors.
      May 18, 9:11 PM
    • Tucker Leppa: Yea well did you know there was a class action against Bimini for securities fraud, in which they settled?
      May 18, 9:15 PM
    • Tucker Leppa: Look up Kornfeld v Opteum Inc (Bimini used to be named Opteum Inc)
      May 18, 9:17 PM
    • RON SENIOR: No I didn't. Thanks for the info. I will look up your reference. I am a income investor with an eye on capital preservation.
      May 18, 9:20 PM