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Alex S. Gabor is freelance investigative journalist, bank stock analyst, and financial consultant. He does not personally get paid from anyone for anything published here at Seeking Alpha.
My company:
Church of Infinitology
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You, Me and the SEC
My book:
Confessions of a Sex Crazed Money Man
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  • Marijuana Stocks In The News
    • A sampling of the flood of data on the Internet about HEMP and Marijuana Stocks online:

      1. Marijuana Stocks: Don't Be a Dope, Risk Is High Says Brown ...
        Feb 25, 2013 - From the blog Breakout: A Colorado task force is recommending the state boost tourism by marketing legal marijuana to non-residents.

      2. List of Marijuana Stocks
        Following is a list of companies who have made our radar at Marijuana Stocks at one time or another. This is not a comprehensive list and should be used only ...

      3. Marijuana Stocks | Cannabis Investments and News. Roots of a ...
        Marijuana Stocks ... Medical Marijuana Consulting Firm teams up with "Guru of Ganja" Ed Rosenthal ... Vermont lawmakers look at loosening marijuana laws ...

      4. Pipe Dreams: Can These Marijuana Stocks Make You Rich ...
        Mar 6, 2013 - In my previous article, Weeding Through The Growth: An In-Depth Analysis of Marijuana Stocks, I provided an outline of the Marijuana industry ...

      5. Weeding Through The Growth: An In-Depth Analysis Of Marijuana ...
        Feb 21, 2013 - This being said, there are marijuana stock plays that have no direct or indirect involvement with the substance, and it should be noted that other ...

      6. Tokin' Penny Stocks: How To Play Marijuana Legislation If At All ...
        Feb 19, 2013 - The first problem with marijuana stocks is that these are overwhelmingly penny stocks. Most of these stocks are not exchange traded and are ...

      7. Investing in Marijuana Stocks
        Feb 20, 2013 - In the last election, Washington and Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Though regulations still remain to be seen, now may ...

      8. Medical Marijuana Stocks - Home
        Medical Marijuana Stocks News Quotes. ... Medical Marijuana StocksNews mate coca tea Quotes. Home · Forum · Store · News · Contact ...

      9. These Marijuana Stocks May Elevate Your Portfolio ... -
        The cannabis plant is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States, as it is estimated that over 17 million Americans use the 'green stuff' every year.


      The Original Marijuana Stock Files For U.S. IPO [View article]
      for a 16-page analysis of GWPRF, (future GWPH) see:
      Apr 2 09:37 AM|1 LikeLike|Report Abuse|Link to Comment

    • Barbarians At The Gates Of The U.S. Medical Marijuana Market [View article]
      The global leader in current sales of medical marijuana is GW Pharmaceutical on London's AIM. GWPRF. Their annual report and website are rich in information. Phase III trials for cancer pain are in progress for a possible FDA application late this year or early 2014.
      Mar 1 10:39 AM|2 LikesLike|Report Abuse|Link to Comment
    • Medical Marijuana Inc.: I'm In It For The Long Haul [View article]
      Other than the company's claim, what evidence is there that the auditing is accurate? Has it been field with any governmental agency for which a misleading statement would be a civil or criminal offense?
      Feb 28 08:56 PM|3 LikesLike|Report Abuse|Link to Comment
    • The World Of Medicinal Weed [View article]
      The leading marijuana medicine company worldwide is GW Pharmaceutical with sales in 22 countries and a big pipeline. They are traded on London's AIM exchange. GWPRF in the US.
      Feb 25 08:34 AM|1 LikeLike|Report Abuse|Link to Comment
    • 5 Marijuana Stocks Going Crazy (And This Could Be Just The Beginning) [View article]
      You missed GW Pharmaceuticals on London's AIM exchange: GWPRF. In addition to selling its lead product Sativex in Europe, Canada, and elsewhere, it is finishing Phase III trials for an application to the FDA for cancer pain.
      Feb 6 09:55 AM|0 LikesLike|Report Abuse|Link to Comment
    • Medical Marijuana Proves Itself As Viable Investment [View article]
      GW Pharamaceutical on London's AIM are developing a large pipeline of medical marijuana medicines. They currently sell their lead product (Sativex) in Europe, Canada, and and expanding sales worldwide via large, international pharmaceutical companies.

      Current Phase III trials are expected to lead to an application for approval by the FDA for cancer pain in 2014.

      GWPRF. See company web site for details.
      Feb 1 10:03 AM|1 LikeLike|Report Abuse|Link to Comment

    • Medical Marijuana, Inc: The Secret To Legally Tapping Into The Market For THC [View article]
      You may want to look at GW Pharmaceutical on London's AIM. It has sales of its current product (Sativex) in Europe, Canada, and is developing sales globally with established, international pharmaceutical partners. GWPRF.

      They are developing a large pipeline of additional products. See their website for details.

      Phase III studies are being undertaken. The company anticipates applying to the FDA for approval for cancer pain early next year.
      Feb 1 09:26 AM|2 LikesLike|Report Abuse|Link to Comment

    • Marijuana Industry Support Grows - 2 Stocks To Own If It Hits [View article]
      GW Pharmaceutical, headquarted in
      England, is already selling marijuana-derived medicines in Europe, Canada, and is expanding into the Pacific-Far East. Trading symbol GWPRF. Pending the successful completion of current Phase III tests near the end of this year or early in 2014, they anticipate applying to the FDA for approval for cancer pain.
      Jan 22 03:13 PM|0 LikesLike|Report Abuse|Link to Comment
    • Marijuana Industry Support Grows - 2 Stocks To Own If It Hits [View article]
      GW Pharmaceutical, head quartered in England (and trading in the US) is already selling marijuana-derived medicines in Europe, Canada, and is developing markets in the Pacific-Far East.
      Jan 22 03:09 PM|0 LikesLike|Report Abuse|Link to Comment
    • Marijuana May Be The Next Big Growth Sector In The U.S. Stock Market [View article]
      The leading company developing cannabis-based medicines is G. W. Pharmaceutical, on London's AIM exchange.
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    • Marijuana May Be The Next Big Growth Sector In The U.S. Stock Market [View article]
      The leading company developing cannabis based medicines is G. W. Pharmaceutical, on London's AIM exchange.
    Apr 02 10:00 PM | Link | 1 Comment
  • Time To Short BAC, WFC, And JPM Again

    Housing Wire reported that "Mortgage-related complaints involving Bank of America flooded the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's recently released public database of consumer financial complaints.

    "Mortgage complaints alone made up 49% of all consumer reports received by the CFPB for the period stretching from July 21, 2011 to February 28, 2013.

    BofA ($12.15 -0.03%) loaded up the complaint box, representing 29% of all complaints filed to date, according to CFPB data. Overall, consumers filed 51,000 mortgage complaints with the CFPB by April 1 and approximately 15,000 of them are associated with BofA, the consumer agency explained.

    A BofA spokesperson said, "We have been intensely focused on improving the process for our mortgage servicing customers and, importantly, virtually all (98%) of the mortgage-related files received from CFPB since the process was initiated have been closed."

    Loan modification, collection and foreclosure issues were behind 67% of all complaints filed against Bank of America. In addition, loan servicing, payments and escrow account issues accounted for 20% of the CFPB filings.

    "As a result of the Countrywide acquisition, Bank of America became the largest mortgage servicer at the peak of the housing crisis, and the servicer of a disproportionate share of loan types impacted by the economic downturn," BofA said.

    It added, "While we make every effort to provide a good experience for all customers, the servicing of mortgage loans in delinquency or foreclosure predictably results in more frequent customer concerns, as reflected in figures for all institutions in the report."

    Wells Fargo ($36.93 -0.06%) had the second highest complaint amount, but they contributed almost half the amount as BofA, representing only 16% of total complaints.

    Wells Fargo noted in a company statement that they appreciate the efforts of the CFPB to bring light to these concerns. "When we get complaints directly from our customers or through the CFPB or other channels, we thoroughly investigate them and if we've made a mistake, we work to do what's right for our customer," the company said.

    JPMorgan Chase ($47.83 0.37%) had the third highest mortgage complaint amount, bringing in 9% of the total complaints.

    "A JPMorgan spokesperson said, "We look to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible. Our customer satisfaction ratings have improved dramatically in the last year."

    Ten years from now all three of these banks will be gone from the global landscape of theOctodragon.

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a short position in BAC, JPM, WFC, WFC.J, BAC.PJ, OTC:JPKCZ over the next 72 hours.

    Apr 02 1:54 AM | Link | Comment!
  • Washington State Bank Activities Reform Commission Investigates Soap Lake Corruption
    The Washington State Bank Activities Reform Commission (WABARC) has posted a schematic linking various organizations, both profit and non profit, related to money laundering in Soap Lake, Washington.The video has been shared with the Washington State Auditors Office but so for no action is percieved to be forthcoming from the State.Officials at WABARC are in touch with WVDRC to see if mediation can be arranged between City of Soap Lake City Attorney's and Plaintiff's making claims of civil rights violations and further pending criminal charges against former City Officials.About Us

    WVDRC is a place for people in our community to come together and participate in a voluntary, confidential, transformative model of mediation through which clients are empowered to define their issues, negotiate to satisfy their own needs, and create their own mutually satisfactory agreement, rather than going to court or arbitration where a third party makes decisions for them. The mediator's role is to guide and guard the confidential 6-step process to ensure the clients every opportunity to be heard, to hear each other, and explore together possible proposed solutions to their dispute in a safe and private setting. Pro bono (Volunteer) mediators provide mediation services and client fees are charged on a sliding fee scale based on each client's income.

    For more information about our office team, please see Our Staff.
    For more information about our goals and philosophy, please see Our Mission and Vision.
    For more information about our evolution, please see Our History.

    History of Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center (WVDRC)

    Dispute Resolution Centers have been operating in Washington State since 1984 There are currently 20 centers in operation throughout the state. The Wenatchee Valley was the last major population area of the state without a dispute resolution center in 2004. Beginning in June 2004, through the volunteer efforts of Lynn Yialelis and the interest and mentoring of members of the Equal Justice Advisory Council, the Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center began to take shape. The DRC board was formed, met, elected officers, and named the center during their first official meeting on January 17, 2005. Recruitment and training of individuals interested in becoming certified mediators for the center began in October 2005. The DRC was formed under, and in accordance with, Washington State Statute RCW 7.75, and on February 20, 2006 Chelan County Commissioners passed Resolution No. 2006-26 authorizing the creation and operation of the Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center.

    A small administrative office in the Chelan County City of Wenatchee Housing authority was obtained along with conference and board room space at various locations around the valley to conduct mediations.

    Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center is a member of Resolution Washington, the association of dispute resolution centers of WA State, and Washington Mediation Association (WMA), the association of attorney and non-attorney mediators in WA State. WVDRC is a WMA Practicum Approved site for training and certifying mediators in WA State.

    Mission Statement

    The Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center provides mediation services, trainings, and programs to assist people in the peaceful resolution of disputes while complimenting the judicial system.


    Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center offers a team of certified mediators with training and experience in a wide variety of cases. Our mediators come from various professional backgrounds and walks of life and offer their time and services to WVDRC pro-bono (without charge) so that we can offer affordable quality services to anyone who needs it.

    Administrative Staff

    Lynn Yialelis, M.Ed, B.A., is the founder and Executive Director of WVDRC. She is a Washington Mediation Association (WMA) Certified Mediator, WMA Practicum Approved Supervisor, and certified by WMA in Mediation as a Specialist in the areas of Domestic (Family Law), Employment, Education, Organizational, and Labor Relations. (complete bio)

    Ruth Hartmann, B.S., is the Intake Specialist and Case Manager for WVDRC. In that capacity, she responds to mediation and conciliation inquiries, helps parties determine if mediation is an appropriate option for their specific situation, coordinates the scheduling of mediation sessions, and guides each case through to completion. She holds a B.S. degree in Business Management, with a minor in Spanish and is fluent in both Spanish and English. ¡Se habla Español! Ruth is enthusiastic about mediation having witnessed firsthand the power of collaboration in resolving disputes quickly and affordably while minimizing emotional pain and trauma. She is actively pursuing an internship to become a certified mediator and looks forward to serving you either in Spanish or English should the need arise. (complete bio)


    Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center is a non-profit 501(NYSE:C)(3). We currently have a 5 member Policy Board of Directors. This board meets once a month in the capacity of governance. They establish policy as well as develop vision and set direction for WVDRC. They involve themselves in actively promoting our agency within the community, help organize and participate in any fund raising events, and assist in trainings.

    WVDRC Board of Directors:
    Mark Seman - Board Chair
    HMS Architecture, LLC

    Roy Dotson - Vice-Chair
    Math Instructor
    Wenatchee Valley College

    Rufus Woods - Director
    Wenatchee World Newspaper

    Lori Kostors - Director
    Executive Director
    Wenatchee Valley Senior Activity Center

    Hans Slette - Secretary
    Northwest Justice Project

    Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center also has a 12 member Advisory Council made up of community leaders. The purpose of the Advisory Council is to assist the WVDRC in communicating its mediation services to the greater Wenatchee area and help improve the effectiveness of the services it provides. The board meets to learn about current WVDRC activities and recommend how the services can be improved and extended to better serve the greater Wenatchee area.

    WVDRC Advisory Council Members


    Bruce Buckle
    Executive Director
    Aging and Adult Care

    Jesus Hernandez
    Executive Director
    Community Choice

    The Honorable Nancy Harmon
    Chelan County District Court Judge

    Tracey Kasnic
    Vice President Patient Care Services
    Central WA Hospital

    Craig Larsen
    Executive Director
    Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce

    Jamie Loewen-Wallace
    Realtor, Windermere Real Estate
    Past President NCW Assn. Of Realtors

    Tom Robbins
    Chief of Police
    City of Wenatchee

    Liz Hayes
    Family Law Facilitator

    Mark Spurgeon
    Commissioner-District #3
    Port of Douglas County

    The Honorable Ken Stanton
    Douglas County Commissioner
    Douglas County

    Rev. Andrew Thompson
    Columbia Grove Covenant Church
    Wenatchee, WA

    Louise Verellen
    Executive Director
    Wenatchee Valley Literacy Council

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a short position in BANR over the next 72 hours.

    Mar 31 10:38 PM | Link | 2 Comments
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