• scottyagreen
    Gettin Musky up in here $SCTY and $TSLA ! I want to hold long but dont want to see the profit disappear
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    • gethigh: I got in TSLA a year ago so I can leave it be a bit longer. SCTY I only got in a month ago so I sold 2/3 of my holdings...can't get greedy
    • sonicwarrior: $SCTY going down tomorrow. Missed Earnings and poor guidance. Just cuz Musk name on it doesn't mean its a profitable company. Wake up people
    • gethigh: ^$SCTY holding support well
    • scottyagreen: I dropped em at 34 and 86 from 28 and 44, so I am happy with that...just need to find the next buy now
    • sonicwarrior: TSLA is good but $110 hmmmm???? a pullback to $70 Im so in
    • scottyagreen: I'm waiting for it to drop myself...but after next quarter comes out and they have all manufactured vehicles sold, they will probably rise