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  • Apple: Soon A Member Of The $1,000 Club?  [View article]
    Buy content - ( Disney ), Buy a Network - NFL network or one of the many cable carriers for iTV and Buy the 49ers.
    Jan 31, 2014. 03:28 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Soon A Member Of The $1,000 Club?  [View article]
    If you miss guidance - they pound you. Apple's duty to shareholders is to "manage and correct Wall Street" when they put out garbage expectations. Sandberg and Schultz would never let them get away with this. Cook needs a better CFO and some good advice on how to handle these calls better. I agree with you - they beat their own #s
    Jan 31, 2014. 03:24 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Soon A Member Of The $1,000 Club?  [View article]
    agree completely. Hold on and buy more on the dips.

    Tim Cook needs to learn how to handle guidance.
    He just cost every shareholder big time by now knowing how to handle a conference call.

    This is where Icahn could have helped him.

    Great company, Great QTR and once again a horrible conference call they did not manage properly. The analysts are playing games. Apple's QTR crushed those of Google and Amazon - compare all the details.

    As a shareholder my recommendation - they need to have skilled Finance people to handle Wall St analysts and learn how to give guidance. Why does Starbucks never mess up a call like Apple? Apple needs to correct this.
    Jan 31, 2014. 03:20 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Soon A Member Of The $1,000 Club?  [View article]
    Never buy $AAPL around earnings - I've been burned too, they don't know how to handle conference calls. They need to fire the CFO and bring someone like Sandberg in. Facebook, Starbucks, Netflix and Chipolte handled their conference calls like Maestros. Facebook made the Apple mistake last qtr by talking too much and letting analysts pry into things like teen user engagement. It crushed Facebook's QTR. This time, this qtr, those q's were not answered - stick to the positives. Apple needs to do the same. Hopefully the Burberry CEO knocks some sense into Tim Cook about how to excite analysts on these calls and not spin negatives. He has to learn how to handle Wall Street and not be the Wall St piƱata.
    Jan 31, 2014. 03:14 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Soon A Member Of The $1,000 Club?  [View article]
    Based on the numbers out of Amazon and Google, Apple's numbers look much better now. I expect a nice pop in the coming days since they were the best player during the holiday season and beat on the top and bottom while Amazon missed on both and Google missed on EPS and had to announce a Moto sale to Lenovo and one time Dividend - split to avoid a panic sell off.
    Jan 31, 2014. 03:07 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Google Is The Microsoft Of Mobile  [View article]
    At this point, I would rather own 2,000 shares of $FB that every 100 shares of $GOOG buys me. Didn't like how they are stripping the shares into class C vs Class A ( no voting rights vs voting rights ). The dilution is confusing and represents and an unknown liability for $GOOG since the shareholder lawsuit ruling against Google mandates the price difference be covered by Google as the two classes diverge in price ( which they will ). Good luck explaining that confusion.

    The stock should have traded down and the analysts asked wimpy questions.
    Typical Wall Street Pump. I sold my shares at 1182 in the afterhours, cost basis $392.
    Better stocks to go with at these levels now.
    Jan 31, 2014. 03:02 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Soon A Member Of The $1,000 Club?  [View article]
    I too would like to see who began selling the stock in earnest at $570 a couple of weeks ago. If you follow @KeithMcCullough on twitter - he alluded to some comments I agree with that looked like people were selling on inside information a few weeks ago knowing a miss on iphones was coming despite the China Mobile announcement which helped it get to $570, I was personally worried that Icahn or Einhorn may have been exiting. I do hope the SEC investigates the selling and options activity since every Wall Street Firm including Goldman talked up Apple into earnings with price targets well above $600 while this discreet dumping was going on. Put volume exceeded Call volume on certain strikes by 3-1 a couple of days ago, which again points to either inside information or that everyone was betting Apple would trade down on earnings - they were either shorting or hedging. Some mentioned they knew Apple would missed based on Samsung missing.

    My gut says continue to Hold tight, complete overreaction to great numbers. Cook needs to do a better job of managing the Wall Street crowd and should hire someone to handle these calls better than his CFO. You can destroy your stock even with great numbers.

    The analysts are all screaming negatives about the guidance. So do Trading Desks and Hedge Funds step in and BUY it cheaper or continue to pound it down ? Time will tell.

    I have been long Apple since 1993. I use call options to increase my position with minimal cash outlays from time to time. Best to all. Apple trading around $511 now, down $40.
    Jan 28, 2014. 04:07 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Twitter Could Be Undervalued  [View article]
    10 million more available on Feb 15th, not 450 million. The shorts are going to get squeezed into oblivion before June, which is why it's a great MoMo play. Party on Options Traders !
    Jan 14, 2014. 08:32 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Twitter Could Be Undervalued  [View article]
    I think Goldman Sachs, Bono and hundreds of Hedge Funds & Investors would disagree with you. Your paying for growth, growth potential and MoMo, not for rational value. You could say the exact same things about Tesla. Twitter is a Second Screen TV and social media play, and the most used platform for live TV viewing and interaction available. ADVERTISING dollars will flow into Twitter in the short run and CASCADE in over the long run. How else can you interact with Celebs re: live programming, sports, debates, award shows, Olympics etc? I own a small position that I acquired below $45 in the days following the IPO.

    Go to a sports bar Sunday, and watch everyone tweeting during the 49ers/Seahawks and Pats/Broncos. You'll get what I'm saying.
    Jan 14, 2014. 08:28 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Hedge Funds Are Buying Twitter Right Now  [View article]
    Apple was around $8 at the time of the crash. History means nothing, all that matters is that you buy low and sell 4-10x higher as the company matures, grows and hits its stride. As Peter Lynch would call it : A 10 bagger. Twitter, Google, Facebook and Apple all TenBaggers in my book.

    As for Twitter - you can easily double or triple your money now, or you can wait for the addition shares to come public when the lockup periods expire. Don't try to fight the momentum.

    My point- you can make money now and later even after it takes a nosedive. A lot of the price movement now has to do with it becoming the next Google or Tesla Mo Mo darling. Be swift.
    Dec 13, 2013. 10:26 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Hedge Funds Are Buying Twitter Right Now  [View article]
    $59.40 close in the after hours. The shorts are getting hammered.
    Dec 13, 2013. 10:16 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Hedge Funds Are Buying Twitter Right Now  [View article]
    $TWTR is in play. Several Market Makers are accumulating based on long term potential and the fact that so many have shorted the stock. This puppy goes to $74 before it hits $34. Everyone wants to own the stock in the "mid-30s". Tough. Now pay up and/or cover. This becomes the Tesla Poster child of MoMo stocks for 2014. Be warned. Gotta love the prices on the call and put options for Jan & Feb 2014.
    Dec 11, 2013. 02:40 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla: Yesterday's Sell-Off Was Unwarranted  [View article]
    See the NY Times and ABC stories.

    1) The Fire started with the battery
    2) Fire Dept could not put out the fire that kept re-igniting
    3) Small metal objects and debris caused the problem
    4) Collision? Happens every day with all vehicles. Problem

    Sold my entire position and booked gains, this is a real concern for all new technologies. Owners of Tesla Model S will have huge replacement costs for such issues if Insurance Co finds Tesla at batteries at fault. Musk better have some good answers soon.
    Oct 3, 2013. 07:50 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Are You Ready For Some Football? Google Is  [View article]
    Google Chromecast is the number one selling product in Electronics on Amazon and on back order for weeks. It allows your smartphone (iPhone and Android ) to communicate with any High definition TV. So if the NFL works on your phone via Verizon - it would stream right to your TV even w/o Google doing a deal with the NFL.

    If Google is serious about Television - a good starting point would be to Buy the NFL Ticket rights or buy a cable network/ content provider.

    It's all good.

    The NFL could sell packages to multiple sources next time around: including Direct TV, Time Warner, Comcast, Google and Apple. Why get paid once if you can get paid by more people and multiple times? Folks in NYC , Los Angeles and other areas want Sunday Ticket too and our cable choices are much more limited.

    If it's all about the money, Google can outbid anyone with the exception of Apple. Don't be surprised if you can purchase games through Apple iTunes store for each week. Right now, I can purchase 15-25 minute highlights for $1.99-2.99 per team, per game.
    Sep 10, 2013. 07:22 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • IBM: A 'Startup' On The Verge Of Monetizing The New Era Of Computing  [View article]
    Wall Street ( UBS, Goldman etc ) is slamming IBM for a better entry point themselves, it will drop further to $175. It's a $225 stock now and 280-$300 stock 18 months out b/c of the BIG data initiatives outlined above in this fantastic article. A lot of this was covered by Bloomberg months ago in some great programs, segments and articles. Buffett got in for a reason and this was it. I added to my position yesterday at the 52 week low. Be patient, 18-24 months from now you will be rewarded....the Press will come around and Wall Street will already have a substantial position. And don't discount the Stock Buy Backs.
    Aug 29, 2013. 11:39 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment