• shawn d
    $JCP is a winner if you can around the $9 mark. $MFST, $ENDO, and $CVM good buys if you don't have a big bank roll. Buy now thank me later.
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    • piem18848: The only thing to do with CVM is to short it.
    • shawn d: yes sir you are correct, and today is a good day to unload it if you acquired $CVM for the right price
    • 21388691: $ENDO is dropping like it's hot!
    • shawn d: $ENDO 213 check it out it has been creeping up the last couple weeks, im not inot the maji companies it does have potential, nice pic
    • AgentDouble0420: endo has no prod and no rev.people associated with them and CBIS had other "fraud" concerns. you missed the boat with ENDO at $.015 pre 2014
    • shawn d: $ENDO no I actually landed it prior to that. 25k shares from .01. If you have patience it will rebound. Good buy anywhere near .06
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