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  • Mexico's Woes: Quakes, Flu and Oil Production Collapse  [View article]
    Regardless of the US Congress and the current administration making a shameless, cramdown effort in the acceptance of a second amnesty of illegal aliens, the US will still be exposed to future internal weakness due to the lack of border security and Mexico lacking the initiative to turn its weakened economy around. Mexico will also be
    weakened further by the continual decrease of Mexico's oil production; thus, losing its status as an oil exporter (and the US #3 oil importer).
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  • China's Gold Holdings Report Boosts Metal's Price  [View article]
    Not quite sure what is more disheartening and short-sighted: mainstream medias' news flash with little/no substance of the Congressional approval of the three trillion, four hundred forty billion dollar ($4,440,000,000,000) US budget for the fiscal year beginning October 01, 2009.
    . . . . or mainstream medias' total disregard in presenting China's current fiscal/monetary strength through their strategy of buying or investing/partnering with asset-based businesses globally AND recently announcing their ever-increasing position of an historical, real value asset of gold.
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  • China's Gold: World Changing or Unsurprising?  [View article]
    Another way to put things into perspective is to picture what it would be like if all the global market participants were seated at the grand economic table and observe what each participant really had to contribute/articulate concerning their current position within the global economic sphere.

    The USA would continue to meddle with best practices of business interests, advancing the backwardation of social engineering and, recklessly abandoning rational and prudent fiscal/monetary policies. China on the other hand will continue to plod ahead one step at a time as it has one century at a time: currently buying, investing/partnering in real asset-based businesses, engraciating overly-leveraged global participants with short-sighted loans, and planning their (China) future by laying the groundwork of future fininacial/monetary strength.

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  • Big oil is giving Obama's grand plans for alternative energy the cold shoulder: We don't oppose alternative energy sources and the development of those. But to hang the future of the country's energy on those alternatives alone belies reality of their size and scale.   [View news story]
    It should be no surprise IF or when our current congressional body makes a move towards taxing the ever living hell out of the oil, coal, nuclear and natural gas sectors for no other reason than to have readily available funds . . . 'possibly' under the guise of applying the monies (from the reliable, well-established, successful energy companies) towards expanding alternative, renewable energy sources . . . whether all of the alternative, renewable energy sources are ready for prime time or not.
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  • Segway and GM's Puma Addresses the Problems of Tomorrow  [View article]
    IF PUMA is 'for real' then it has to be at the blessing and direction of the current (new & improved) US Government. HOWEVER, when reviewing the wisdom and track record of the US Congress, the manufacturing and marketing effort of the PUMA endeavor may as well be lead by Buck Rogers in order to be a near-term profitable product for bankrupt-leaning GM.

    The PUMA story appears to be what it is: a story reflecting the desparation by Government Motors (GM).
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  • $200 Oil Is Coming While We Waste a Perfectly Good Crisis (Part 3)  [View article]
    Rahm Emanuel's comment regarding not letting a good crises go to waste was referring to self-interested members of the political class who regularly play in the political sand box at the taxpayers' expense . . . and was not referring to patriotic individuals, successful businessmen or distinguished statesmen with foresight.

    The need of implementing a transitional plan into multiple energy sources (oil, coal gasification, natural gas, geothermal, solar, nuclear) at reasonable market rates to the masses should have been engaged in upon oil trumpetting a market price of $147/BBL . . . as though a global war had been declared. For it will be a break down on a global order for facilitating cheap transport of food stuff to many highly populated areas that will become evident to the shortsighted individuals who just so happen to occupy political positions (of national leadership and oversight).

    The false political leaders will still be selling dreams of hope and change; touting more power should be given to government . . . all the while remaining silent about or preventing the powerful free market forces being unleashed in order to function in an efficient and effective manner.

    And although, after a few trillion dollars being spent and a national deficit becoming recognizably unsustainable, the people are belatedly catching on. It is most unfortunate that the awareness will be of little consequence in preventing the pain and suffering that we will all be exposed to by not already having implemented plans for our not so distant, future energy needs.
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  • Enough with the outrage: "If you want to be angry about something, get pissed at a media culture that goes beserk about bonuses one week and forgets all about them the next. And be worried, quite worried, about a society for whom anger is a form of entertainment."   [View news story]
    Media culture? It is the media culture that presented the tour buses driving to the AIG executive bonuses recipients homes . . . and failing to mention the tour was organized and funded by . . . yep . . . ACORN.
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  • Oil Prices, Global GDP, and Net Oil Exports  [View article]
    As the number of net oil exporters diminish how likely will it be to experience an economic energy war (of sorts) and what will the likely significant aspects look like in macro and micro economic considerations.

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  • Majority of Americans Support Ethanol  [View article]
    Taking the article (Majority of Americans Supporting Ethanol dated July 20, 2008 by Tim Phaehn) at face value, it would have been most appreciated to have been provided, most importantly, the questions presented in the survey contracted by Renewable Fuels Associate . . . primarily to determine whether the survey questions were center-balanced.

    It would also have been reasonable that all of those participating in such a survey also had an acceptable base-line knowledge of economics and global alternative markets of ethanol & methanol.

    Had the participants' level of competency been rated average or higher, I would bet the survey respondents supporting ethanol (derived from a food source) use in the US would be a percentage equal to or lessor than the current approval of the US Congress:
    n i n e p e r c e n t

    t h i n k a b o u t i t
    Jul 20, 2008. 10:59 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Betting on $1000 Gold in September  [View article]
    In regards to US politics &/or AU:

    The central issue just may as well be that if the US higher education is truly the envy of the world, then why hasn't a political scientist or commoner been able to determine an effective manner in which US Congressional representatives act in the best interests of the nation and its citizens; having the conviction and fortitude of not selling their souls to lobbyists, special interest groups and big dollar contributors.

    But, on the other hand, shameless & devious deeds of the past coupled with spineless inaction of the US Congress should pay huge dividends with gold in the coming months and years ahead.
    Jul 19, 2008. 01:54 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Putting $1T Subprime Mortgage Losses in Perspective  [View article]
    It is quite evident there is a continual assault on civility in America as evidenced by the number of thoughtless individuals blindly hurling insults with little regard in supporting their position with substance.

    Does nothing more than underscore how the Ward Churchills have had the ability to exist in the world of education.

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  • Pessimism and Doom Our National Pastime: Flashback to the '70s  [View article]
    Perhaps it is time for the United States to require a minimum of three years civil service to a federal, state or local government agency in order for the whiners clinging on to shallow and hollow positions to whither away.

    Perhaps those who know not what they know not is due to not paying an equitable share of taxes necessary to fully support entitlements, fraud, waste and abuse.

    Or, perhaps Ben Stein's latest book (How to Ruin the United States of America) is not fully appreciated and understood.

    If all else fails, be aware that economics (in action/play) trumps perceptions (real, perceived and political).
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  • Government's Inflation Statistics Not Fooling Everyone  [View article]
    The article (Government's Inflation Statistics Not Fooling Everyone by Tim Iacono) may truly be rated as 'quite good'; however, it is most appreciated to have hanson001 give such a rare transparent view of a government bureaucracy in operation - specifically BLS.

    From a former federal employee to a current federal employee, it is near impossible to find an appropriate avenue to share pertinent information supported by taxpayers' dollars.

    A lot of information and experience is being forever lost due to lack of transparency in bureaucratic operations. . . which leads to ever more tax monies spent in questionable ways.

    Thanks hanson001.
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  • And You Think Today's Gas Prices Are High?  [View article]
    The US standard of living will naturally find a new, lower equilibrium point for having the pendulum swung excessively past the point of moderation in the western capitalism system.

    Absolutely fascinating times in the history of the US being at the crossroads: Energy & Politics (leaning socialist, more and higher taxes as well as more entitlements at lower quality levels, more waste, fraud & abuse facilitated by bureaucratic environment, battling the environmentalists' ghosts, continual growth of the North American Forum with open borders and clemency of current illegals, weakening of the US military complex, Middle East powder keg).
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  • Sirius/XM's 'Chinese Inspection': Leaving the Merger to Rot?  [View article]
    One can only begin to fathom all the fraud, waste, abuse, deceit, and artificial economic factors that will be created with a nationalized health care system when thinking how easily the DOJ & FCC have handled the XM/SIRI merger situation.
    Jun 29, 2008. 06:03 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment