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  • ceristeare
    Investments made early this winter already paying off: $CYNAF, $CYTK, $IGXT, $NWBO, $SGYP Long.
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    • Navy: $NWBO It seems silly to see this one selling off this morning. My favorite spec.
    • ceristeare: Big run last 2 weeks, someone knocked it down this morning to the tune of 200k+ shares. Short interest at 24% up 4% in February NWBO naptime
    • russleehowe: NWBO You've got to love this little baby. Up 40% in last 2 wks. Profit takers today, but long term prospects are awesome, as the kids say.
    • ceristeare: Thought I had missed the boat on this one. Got in at the share offering. Then it tanked along with IMUC.
    • ceristeare: Hopefully they have successfully over engineered a successful treatment program. + or - 250 mil mcap is normal at this point, news anytime?
    • FatCat_Banker: Should have a DMC ruling literally any day. Analysts upgraded the stock after Friday's profit taking. I'm long. Hoping for a big bounce soon
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