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  • forever5683
    a good news from $SRPT, why the sudden soar up????
    Sep 4, 12:57 PM
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    • cautionsvestor: Does filing an NDA really change the stock price much or is it already priced in? Most price targets were in the 40+ range
      Sep 4, 1:40 PM
    • forever5683: It will get it up if SRpT kept their words; accelerated approval is more likely will occur - that's what I think based on my knowings ??
      Sep 4, 2:27 PM
      • forever5683
        $MNKD any good news we can expect, other than 2015 earning report? that's what I thought....
        Aug 19, 1:18 PM
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        • forever5683: or they have been so quiet because there is nothing more to announce.
          Aug 19, 2:35 PM
        • DrGarnicus: They added their 2 cents today! yuk yuk yuk
          Aug 19, 4:40 PM
          • forever5683
            $MNKD the market estimated 2015 to see any profit; That's at least 4~5 months. It's obvious that MNKD could drop more with Ukraine issue
            Aug 15, 12:12 PM
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            • forever5683: More selling could added to MNKD in the next few 5 months; When the market is unstable, people tend to sell, no exception to MNKD.
              Aug 15, 1:24 PM
            • forever5683: Beside to it, the time for waiting 4 or 5 months could be tiredness when its future is uncertain. The 1st-inhale-insulin failed b4.
              Aug 15, 1:27 PM
              • forever5683
                $APRI another good news beside to its earning report. APRI enters into common stock purchase agreement with Aspire Capital, $22M
                Aug 12, 8:38 AM
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                • forever5683: only APrI has a right to cancel this deal, Aespire only has obligated to buy $20M in 2 yrs, and APRI has the control of timing of sell
                  Aug 12, 8:51 AM
                  • forever5683
                    $MNKD needs profit#s to prove it's worth to invest, will see til 1H 2015. 1st inhale insulin company failed; I take off MNKD.
                    Aug 11, 1:21 PM
                      • forever5683
                        $SRPT It will be BEST if FDA could approve SRPT to release Ebola drug to treat patient or fund again for their clinical trial.
                        Aug 5, 11:34 AM
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                        • forever5683: LOL, guess then you need to start reading all news and articles to keep you up on track. There is no FDA approved cure for Ebola neither.
                          Aug 5, 12:04 PM
                        • matratra: expect Mapp Pharma & a private company from CA, who experimental medicine has been usage at CDC in Atlanta for two patients.
                          Aug 5, 12:45 PM
                          • forever5683
                            $DRTX finally realized DRTX is worth to invest? Europe Partner commercialize the drug in 36 COUNTRIES, and there's more from ASIA soon?
                            Aug 5, 10:58 AM
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                            • forever5683: expect europe approval in 1H2015, then DRTX could sell the drug in western europe directly. The drug no need to be hospitalized.
                              Aug 5, 11:00 AM
                              • forever5683
                                $PLUG does anyone know what happened to the voting that was held in 7/23? regarding increasing 900M shares?????
                                Jul 31, 12:10 PM
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                                • LaGree: the amendment that was voted on and passed was an authorization for an additional 205 mil shares
                                  Jul 31, 1:31 PM
                                  • forever5683
                                    $DRTX $SRPT earning report 8/7: Although, there may be no revenue at this time; DRTX: $$$$ 3rd&4th; SRPT has conf. meeting 8/13, reassuring
                                    Jul 31, 11:30 AM
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                                    • forever5683: I also think DRTX is a easy target of BuyOut soon; or such sale profit is adorable that DRTX wants to take them all by themselves. : )
                                      Jul 31, 11:32 AM
                                    • forever5683: so if it's BO in any time, it's gotta be a good $$ to convince DRTX to sell. If DRtX could get a partner in ASIA as well, then it's $$$.
                                      Jul 31, 11:41 AM
                                      • forever5683
                                        $DRTX parter, Licensing, $80M in Upfront and Milestone Payments
                                        Jul 30, 9:08 AM
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                                        • forever5683: I still think this company would be Buy Out soon. Very good medicine, small market cab volume, easy to be bought by a big drug company.
                                          Jul 30, 9:15 AM
                                        • forever5683: Partner in Europe, Europe approval expect to see 1H2015.
                                          Jul 30, 9:33 AM
                                          • forever5683
                                            $SRPT WBB Securities upgraded 'BUY' (7/29/14) Needham upgraded "Buy" (1/21/14)
                                            Jul 29, 11:10 AM
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                                            • D-struction: LONG
                                              Jul 29, 7:06 PM
                                              • forever5683
                                                $DRTX have a confidence in this drtx
                                                Jul 28, 2:43 PM
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                                                • forever5683: hope they announce BuyOut news before the earning report. Only $340 Market Cap, such small volume, should be easy. We never know?
                                                  Jul 28, 2:46 PM
                                                  • forever5683
                                                    $SRPT A lot of folks and articles were misleading about 144wk data.These kids at age12 should be at wheel chair & most of them wont make
                                                    Jul 24, 11:28 AM
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                                                    • forever5683: Even cold medicine or antibiotic drug doesn't work 100%;Parents and White House want this drug to help these kids. No big or any side effect
                                                      Jul 24, 11:33 AM
                                                    • forever5683: FDA will let this drug pass. While it can slow down in-ability to walk and improve kids life expectancy, It can be studied more&improve
                                                      Jul 24, 11:36 AM
                                                      • forever5683
                                                        $PLUG voting TOMORROW 7/23 whether to increase 900M shares more. After $100M stock offer, seems PLUG still would need $$$ to get it going?
                                                        Jul 22, 10:51 AM
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                                                        • forever5683: @Armster this isn't like stock offer, but with the increase in shares, guess they could do more stock offer. wonder how it goes tomorrow
                                                          Jul 22, 5:09 PM
                                                        • Arnster: wow
                                                          Jul 23, 12:33 AM
                                                          • forever5683
                                                            $PLUG: off-road machinery, BLDP: on-road machinery ; Another short and gain opportunity again on Japan's subsidy $20K of $70K fuel cell car
                                                            Jul 21, 10:36 AM
                                                              • forever5683
                                                                $DRTX began shipping the antibiotic to distributors this week; This is good, they sell the drug while they can be bought out soon.
                                                                Jul 18, 10:02 AM
                                                                  • forever5683
                                                                    $DRTX $SRPT $MNKD $OXGN $PTCT $ICPT all bio stocks pinched by Yallen comment regarding bio stocks today.
                                                                    Jul 15, 11:42 AM
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                                                                    • forever5683: $OXGN someone is keep buying this when this dips. And unusual trading activity after hour since last Friday, buying; watch closely OXGN
                                                                      Jul 15, 11:45 AM
                                                                      • forever5683
                                                                        $OXGN !!! guys get some while it's cheap. : )
                                                                        Jul 11, 4:43 PM
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                                                                        • forever5683: That wonders me for every stock out there. Say, if it's $3 today, then $5 on next day, I would say it's cheap.
                                                                          Jul 11, 6:32 PM
                                                                        • forever5683: $ACHN would be my good simple example.
                                                                          Jul 11, 6:35 PM
                                                                          • forever5683
                                                                            $SRPT we waited and heard the clinical progress news today; I believe this was the only one risky part of SRPT, now it's over, and now SRPT
                                                                            Jul 10, 1:21 PM
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                                                                            • Domitian: Really trying to find it's way back to $25 right now. Wish I had had the free cash to average down this am. Bought in the last dip at $25.
                                                                              Jul 10, 2:27 PM
                                                                            • forever5683: what a recover ~
                                                                              Jul 10, 3:15 PM
                                                                              • forever5683
                                                                                $SRPT 144week weak report is not really a big deal. (#1) SRPT will file its NDA this year anyway. (#2) There are pressures on FDA from
                                                                                Jul 10, 10:40 AM
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                                                                                • forever5683: AND most importantly children are dying from it. If the drug approved to be some what helps to slow this disease, then it's worthy.
                                                                                  Jul 10, 1:28 PM
                                                                                • forever5683: I am confident with SRPT with the way the SRPT planned three other measures to provide extra and enough data to support their drug for NDA
                                                                                  Jul 10, 1:29 PM