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  • Has Nokia Developed an iPhone Contender? [View article]
    I own Nokia stock and a E71 handset; it is great to use and is unlocked variety-cheap on a per month basis. Great for business travel using a laptop for E mail. With this new development it is timeto buy more Nokia stock. I Phone touch keys are difficult and everyone owns one and monthly costs are high.
    E71 fits easily in a front pocket with a wallet and is a great camera.The new deal with Linux and something with Microsoft and this is a REAL competitor.
    Aug 30 10:23 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Hun's Top 12 Value Buys [View article]
    Took alot of mining stock profits. Sold tech-Cisco....will sell into the labor day week end and relax for the 4 day week end.

    California has pockets of over 14% unemployment. Real estate rallied somewhat. My neighbor gave his million dollar home to bank and he is a dentist. Every tree in Los Angeles Forest is on fire and the air stinks like smoke.

    Southern California at its worst ...and no end in sight...might be better to sit market out for a while....
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  • PHEVs and EVs: Plugging into a Lump of Coal [View article]
    SO it is nuclear reactor power stations to supply electricity for grid to power battery cars or diesel hybrid -electric motor with new drive trains to motors at each wheel for city....
    Or solar every roof in the south western USA to recharge your battery powered 3 or 4 wheeled car for city and turbine diesel-motor hybrid for longer distance.
    Should we get started or debate this until we destroy our economy, make ourselves a vassel state of the oil sheiks, talk some more about abortion, civil rights, and health care..
    Lets make healthy cars, keep US dollars for ourselves, start a new technology surge in free education for chemical and physical sciences, free medical schools, free homes for physics majors and technology centers at all public schools with high salaries for the science teacher not the protocol for correctness group of feel good teachers who want to light candles and complain .....
    Aug 30 12:36 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Latest on Hybrids: Toyota Yaris for U.S. [View article]
    a hybrid hummer(diesel-microtur... with electric motors at each wheel) would be a big seller.
    Aug 19 01:45 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will the Clean Energy Economy Become the Next Internet? [View article]
    Honda makes the CNG car and it is available right now for $25,000.00 as a CIVIC. They do not make a "algae car". There is a lithium battery and a diesel hybrid in europe but no algae car. Infact there will be a microturbine diesel and electric with ultracapcitors before there is a "algae car".
    Where is the Honda and the Mini with a electric motor on each wheel??? It is all coming so start school and get a physics degree and have the government pay for it.

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  • How Were Canadian Banks Unscathed by the Crisis? [View article]
    Canada has the best banks in the world. They learned their lessons years ago.
    Now we have a president who is going to settle insurance claims, claims of petulant college professors, and silly police officiers.

    America what next? Thanks for our young men and women who keep us safe from terrorist while we fight like rich brats among the balance of powers....Pelosi... Obama...reid appears to have hidden and Dodd finally made sense.
    Energy and commodities....and a slump in August before a rally in NOvember????
    Jul 23 08:55 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Free Cash Flow Isn't Always so Free [View article]
    Thanks on WMI.
    Jul 5 10:00 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • How Rational Discrimination Affects Unemployment and Foreclosure Rates [View article]
    I live in California. We had home builders everywhere, we had mortgages of all types , we had a binge feeding situation of construction and selling of homes .
    Money flowed easily and like the" tulip bulb mania" it burst . Thank you Mr Greenspan -the flim flam man- and a Congress who was not protecting America.
    Now the banks will do numbers games. If there is money to be made that is business and it will be necessary to clean up this mess . We are in the "LOST DECADE" FOR AMERICA.
    Was this necessary ? I am invested in technology, metals and mining , KO, Ford ,power and food producers and Cisco. We certainly have enough homes, and we have an existing medical system so the next TRILLION DOLLARS spent is not going to produce but reduce our GNP.
    If the public demands preventative innoculations for various cancers which are now a reality, we might benefit from this entirely misplaced direction of assisting the economy.
    If at all possible force these funds into "job stimulation "through solar panel production throughout the sunbelt, fuel cells, nuclear power plants, rapid trains, hybrid cars- away from Detroit negativity-,wind turbines , de salination plants to produce drinking water, pipelines and nuclear power pumping stations, to move flood waters of excess to dry western states.
    America can do "economy changing" projects .
    Jul 5 09:29 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A New Bull Market for Uranium [View article]
    Great article Kristjan. I am long CCJ . Cameco is in the North American safety zone . Uranium One is not. So it is a logical investment.
    Why dicker over price? More uranium is necessary . Even the Obama fear followers over nuclear power cannot stop the international demand.I will buy more CCJ. The components of the piping for nuclear power plants could be a buy. But metals are produced everywhere. Maybe BHP and SGR are a buy.
    Also time to get into BHP and GMO as a back up.
    Jul 4 11:20 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 5 Landfill Gas and Geothermal Stocks for Your Clean Energy Shopping List [View article]
    Waste Management is almost a BUY. Yes there is potential among this group and I studied them intensely and went into coal. The political babble about dirty coal and I chickened out of coal. But is there any money left ? Who is going to buy the services of these companies?
    There is no money...except the mysterious 3 Trillion on the side line...hahahaha...So do you BUY FCEL -Fuel Cell ?? Or ORA Ormat?
    Who can provide power faster if the economy surges? And who is going to want anymore power production? No manufacturing economy and no governmental stimulus? Does health care require more energy than super trains and plug in electric cars? Oh yes and we have global warming-that calls for alot of air conditioners and electricity..So FCEL it is.Tapping into geo thermal areas is complex.Where was the press on Thermo , Utah??Isn't there a republican part of Utah? How close is it to Detroit?
    It will be politics, politics and more politics in this area.
    Northridge, California
    Yes the state is broke and Yes the Obama people sent the money to Detroit and GM.
    Jul 4 10:27 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Palm Pre: Gauging Success Will Take Time [View article]
    Waiting to buy NOKIA's new "unlocked" phone. Screw major telecoms monthly charges.

    Buy a SIM card and 02 (British) minutes. Resist the herd. Nokia E75 is a start---new N phone is due out....this June.
    Jun 7 12:02 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Irrational Pricing in Crude Oil [View article]
    I sold Valero weeks ago. Another management joke. CEO could have bought CNG producer, lithium battery producer and lithium mining shares and directed his company to the future.

    My mining shares -TCK , Stillwater etc are OK. Commodities producer share 's will hold value unless some must sell them to raise cash. China's auto buyers will buy gas from BP and China Petro companies. USA integrated oils will decline slightly as hybrids are mandated on us.

    Oh yes, Chinese like some Coca Cola and hamburgers. buy KO and YUM. I own KO.
    Jun 6 11:59 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Countrywide Charges: Yes, They Could Have Kept Housing from Imploding, But They Weren't the Only Ones [View article]
    If mortgage origination was controlled by licensing , auditors ,federal auditors or boards and each individual mortgage was filmed and recorded at its conclusion for later investigation as in my industry ....this gigantic event would not have happened.

    Now it is time to follow Mozillo/Money trail to Congress and Wall Street and New York and build a new JAIL. This will surpass Watergate and Nixon
    Jun 6 11:31 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • GM's Use of Bailout Money: What Else Aren't They Telling Us? [View article]
    Demotroit is going to get FAT along with GM, B.Frank(who is already fat) or fatter. Obviously the democratic party will own the transportation industry- except for Ford.

    GM, UAW-Autopart companies will be told what to build.

    I own BP(buying more)and a small amount of CVX(not buying)and F-Ford because Congress will force HYBRID cars on the USA . Internationals oils will do well and Ford is nimble enough to survive by designing , strategic plans and the trust of American car shoppers.
    Jun 6 10:40 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • California's Economy: Disaster Developing [View article]
    Perhaps the US Treasury will bailout California with the help of Canada and its banking system. And if Canadians come to San Diego for vacations instead of Cuba.
    Also we need to follow the Russian Model of supplying Oil and CNG and raw materials to the world.We sent our industry somewhere decades ago and stopped offshore drilling which was offensive to the population of Santa Barbara.
    As a native of San Diego, California I remember Convair and General Dynamics, also GM made cars in the San Fernando Valley, another company made air planes in Long Beach area, San Francisco had shipping and fishing,we made tires and so forth.
    Then everything with manufacturing became offensive although it was part of the Golden State's success along with agriculture and education and medicine and research. Oh yes, Chevron , Occidential etc produced oil and refined gas products which we bought.
    You know the rest.
    We send our dollars to the middle east. No one graduates from our schools. We have loads of social services. We have a mall on every block. But our air is cleaner. I do not go to the beach because highways are crowded, and I have to work to pay a mortgage .
    The economy is out of balance. Terminate all state government elected representatives who have a 2 nd job or corporation. Cut salaries for state employees back to 1987 levels.
    Sell off schools -do not rebuild them. Move children into the vacant malls and use computers from Apple and other Silicon Valley companies. Place best teachers on line, fire the rest.
    Bring oil and gas exploration companies in and drill everywhere. Sell oil and CNG to the world. Make deals with drillers and a new refiner to supply a portion of revenues to California transportation Fast rail -TGV- from Silicon Valley to LA via the Fresno, Merced, Visalia , Bakersfield to Burbank route(or Lancaster or Ventura).
    Confiscate Bill Gate's fortune before it is to late and he gives it to Bangladesh, Burma, Pakistan or some crazy place.
    CAlifornia allowed Microsoft to make a fortune. Now take it from him- his Vista software sucks....
    Oh yes, sell legal marijuana once a year in California. A Pack of ten joints for $400.00 US Dollars. That will supply some treasury money.
    Outlaw social spending for 5 years. Only spend for construction of drilling, refining, natural gas exploration, require car manufacturers to supply CNG engines made in California for their cars sold in California.
    Make all students work for 2 years in a California agency(prison or schools or medical care or teach science and business and alternative energy) or 2 years of mandatory military service and/or 2 years of working in state run compressed gas/hydrogen service stations.
    We are not thinking. Oh yes. Put Nancy Pelosi on a far away island with SEC enforcement officiers and investment banks staffs and senior board members and the Fannie and Freddie people for 3 years of education(Gitmo-comes to mind).
    May 17 06:53 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment