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  • Busting The Myth About Chinese Solar Panels [View article]
    I did not see LG Neon panels mentioned.
    They have great solar panel that is 18.3% efficiency. They have taken away a lot of market share in So. California from SunPower.

     Also the Korean manufactures like S-Energy are getting more traction with the new tariffs.

    Jun 18 02:08 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • SunPower...Has The Shine Faded? [View instapost]
    I just saw this news about SOL. It is a few months later than I thought, but it looks like the investigation for fraudulent anti dumping activity is public.

    I heard through some industry contacts that a lot of Chinese Manufactures can somehow "find" documentation to help get cleared of these type of investigations. So we shall see where this goes.
    Mar 27 12:45 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A New Direction For Options2Wealth (Part 2) [View instapost]
    I think 25% of profits is great.. The idea of being able to participate in a potential large amount of contributions to local San Diego school donations and other local non-profits is a big bonus. I look forward to learning where the contributions are awarded.
    I have a few other charity's that I contribute to, and I will encourage them to register with Donor Nation as well.

    Thank you KP for helping me learn about how to take a lot of the risk out of option trading.
    Mar 24 03:26 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Importance Of Diversification To Mitigate Risk [View instapost]
    Two Saws. In my opinion, when a new solar panel comes to the market solar project developers, investors, and buyers are hesitant to jump and buy the new thing out there.

    I have a solar installation company in San Diego, and have been in the industry for 7 years. We install about 250-500 KiloWatts of solar every quarter. I install Sunpower, Canadian Solar, LG, CSun, and Renesol panels. I tend to use these panels is because of a few reasons.
    -longevity in manufacturing
    -good track record
    -3rd party warranties, (Csun, CSIQ, SOL)
    -Reliable Supply

    When I bid new solar projects I know that the solar panels I use will probably have the supply available when the project is ready to be built. Some commercial projects take 6 months to a year before we break ground because of design and permitting. If I design a project with a "new" solar panel, when it comes time to build a project 3,6,12 months down the line, and I cannot get the panel due to supply, the project has to be on hold anf\d re-engineered with available solar panels.

    Sunpower has been supply solar panels for solar projects for over 25 years. Most solar project developers who use SPWR will continue to use them. Hyper X panels or other new technologies will take a long time to be adapted and will take a long time to be even close to a competitor of Sunpower or any other top tier solar manufacturer.

    Jan 6 03:46 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • SunPower...Has The Shine Faded? [View instapost]
    I am very tentative on SOL. I have heard very recent rumors they are being investigated for labeling Chinese solar cells as Taiwanese to avoid the Chinese tarrifs.
    Not sure if this is actually true how this will affect the stock price.
    Oct 21 01:00 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • My Blog's Credibility [View instapost]
    I have just started to try options trading over the last few weeks from following this blog. I started with about $7,000.

    I have made some blunders, but I am up way more than from buying and holding stock.

    On Positions I have open and closed I am up 89%
    I am still have
    SUNE OCT and JAN Calls

    SPWR May 18 '13 $23 Call $(162) Short -100%
    SPWR May 18 '13 $23 Call $(276) Short -100%
    SPWR May 18 '13 $23 Call $(162) Short -100%
    SPWR Sep 21 '13 $23 Call $221 Short 31%
    SUNE Jun 22 '13 $8 Call $2,513 Short 330%
    SUNE Jun 22 '13 $8 Call $99 Short 311%
    SUNE Jul 20 '13 $8 Call $2,822 Short 248%
    SUNE Jul 20 '13 $8 Call $881 Short 245%
    SUNE Jul 20 2013 10.0 Call $(47) Sell -9%
    SUNE Jul 20 2013 10.0 Call $35 Sell 3%
    TSL Jan 18 '14 $7 Call $(350) Short -34%

    Jun 17 11:24 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Portfolio Update 5/21/2013 [View instapost]
    Thanks KP.

    I have a San Diego solar sales and marketing firm called Re-Source Energy. We are focused in larger residential homes, and also project development for small commercial solar installations.

    I have installed a lot of residential Sunpower Panels over the last 5 years. They have a great product, but I have always been challenged by their higher equipment costs, and operational issues.

    Sunpower panels have always been about $.50/watt- $1.00/watt more than most other solar panels on the market. They started leasing solar to residential homeowners about 2 years ago. This really helped move the high efficiency solar SPR modules because homeowners could get them with $0 down and a low monthly payment. They took over the San Diego and Southern California market by offering the top of the line equipment at lower payments than all other lease companies in the market.

    Sunpower's customer service, delivery times, and payments to their installation partners started slipping significantly.

    I then solar my SPR stock at $7. ugh.

    They have since raised the lease prices over 30%. Their pricing is now in line with the other leas companies like Solar City, Clean Power Finance, and SunRun.

    I have never sold Trina panels, and generally I try to stay away from Chinese manufacturers because of declining quality of panels, and customer service.
    Jun 1 02:29 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Portfolio Update 5/21/2013 [View instapost]
    I meant WFR not WPL in the above post.
    May 24 05:49 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Portfolio Update 5/21/2013 [View instapost]

    Great call on WPL breaking the $7 resistance.
    Where do you see the price rising to if any. Do you feel it fight back to it's $15 single resistance from 2011?

    Also on Trina, where do you see it's strengths as opposed to other solar manufacturing stocks?
    I am in the solar industry and I know LG has been making a string push in the market. Do you see LG solar having any significant affect on their stock price this year?
    May 24 09:31 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment