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James Peartree

James Peartree
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My mother a ceramist and father a chemical engineer. I graduated in mechanical engineering but went on to get a degree in architecture since we still did not have industrial design in Quebec, my career wish. Started off with Bombardier Research Dpt. as a junior designer, later becoming chief designer at Sno*Jet, authoring 25 snowmobile models (including the legendary Thunder*Jet racing sled ) in 5 years. After our best racer was killed, I went to Finland to help develop the first unbreakable injected cross-country skis with Karhu, later building the Cowansville QC factory. I later worked for green energies with IREQ, a research branch of Hydro-Quebec where I also designed all 500 of the heliported service modules for the ...More
  • Description: CEO. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Alternative Investments, Developed International Markets, Emerging Markets, Tech stocks
Hi-Tect Corporation hi-tect corporation Our is a California non-profit devoted to promoting and teaching solutions to housing for severely exposed areas to natural disasters. Our original Archimede patent and others still not expired are now of public domain and applied to saving lives and property in projects that can suffer ...More
Hi-Tect Corporation We are a non-profit group financed by its members, donors and select sponsors. Although not complete until 2015, our blog has a slideshow tab with many photos of our past projects and illustrations of our future projects. Our main tool is an application that runs inside Microsoft Excel; it allows NGO’s and ...More
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