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  • Is Apple Stalled On iPhone 6 Release? [View article]
    I think the market has really missed the boat with Apple. I feel the ship sailed right before the split. I'm in the dog house because I went to the wrong Apple Store and didn't get Snow Whites gold I 6+. I put an ordered in at 1:30 pm, and was told next month hopefully. Let me explain why the analysts are still sitting on the dock. First of all Apple missed out on the 2013 launch. They thought the i5C was going to sell
    3 to 5 over the i5S. Apple had to shut down the a couple of i5C lines at Foxconn and turn them into i5S lines. They lost over a couple weeks of production. This year that's not the case . Apple is adding four lines to the i6+ and two lines to the i6. Each line produced approximately 250,000 i5c units per line per week. Don't know yet about the i6 units....but I do know that Foxconn has been hiring every week for the last 20 weeks.... And I know they are not hiring for the new S5 of Samsung or the new Blackberry. These new hires were for Apple. China Mobile has been working on the launch of the i6 and i6+ for months. They have speeded up their 4G network for it, and are expecting record sales. In fact, they would like to have Foxconn's total output starting in January. It's going to be that big. I received this information straight from Hong Kong. All phones are sold out with record numbers ordering the i6+128. This translates into record margins. Post orders are already into November with China Mobile in Hong Kong. They are scrambling to pick up inventory for the launch in China. Like I said, this ship has already sailed. I hope you are not one of the poor souls sitting on the dock, watching Apple's big ass sail away. Good luck to all and Go Apple.
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  • Invest In The Millennials, Invest In Apple [View article]
    Great post. I couldn't agree more!
    Sep 21 12:46 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Invest In The Millennials, Invest In Apple [View article]
    Thomas, enjoyed reading your article and I hope that you follow your own advice. Buy some AAPL on a dip. Your young and you have lots of time to accumulate a large position in Apple. Make sure you watch it like a hawk and ask yourself when and why you want to sell it. Do the same with at least 9 other stocks in different sectors. Reinvest your dividends, and have a wonderful retirement. I'm 60, started buying stocks when I was 17. Had some winners, losers, and do nothing's. I have a fair amount of worries, but am glad to say, money is not one of them. Like Nike and IBM say, "Just do it!"& "Think". I think you will do just fine. Good luck and Go Apple!
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  • Doing The Math Again On Apple Pay [View article]
    plus one infinity circle,+Apples retail outlets.
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  • Doing The Math Again On Apple Pay [View article]
    one infinity circle,+ the retail outlets
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  • Doing The Math Again On Apple Pay [View article]
    Michael, Apple will be able to pay the rent, power, WSG, and property taxes on the new Corporate Offices + the loop,1
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  • Doing The Math Again On Apple Pay [View article]
    I get 6 billion. 4T x .0015 = 6 billion
    Sep 17 07:00 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • iPhone 6 China Launch May Be Delayed Until 2015, Apple, China Mobile Sell Off [View article]
    I believe Apple has been gearing up for China for months. The iP6+ was made for the China market. Cook and Company are trying to have the same opening in China as it's going to have in the USA. I keep saying that Apple's second quarter is going to be Apple's biggest yet. This is due to singles day and the Chinese new year. Both phones should be sold out for months in China and the USA. This market will be the mother load of all previous ones. You can bet on it. I am. Good luck to all the Apple longs!!! Go Apple
    Sep 17 12:45 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • iPhone 6 Release Delayed In China: Will The Launch Be A Bust? [View article]
    I think the author is kind of right, though he really doesn't back it up with known facts. Apple will have a demand problem in the 4th quarter. They will have a demand problem in the 1st quarter of 2015. They will have a demand problem in the 2nd quarter of 2015. I think they reach equilibrium in the third quarter, and still have a banner sales in the fourth quarter. This will be the mother load of all iPhone launches. Just ask yourself, why have you not heard anything from Foxconn since early May, when they started hiring over 100,000 new employees. What happened to the story about the new giga factory they were building in late 2011. It seemed to me,that's all you heard about Foxconn suicides, Foxconn hiring babies, Foxconn laying those babies off. Tim Cook putting out fires in Foxconn's new plant. think Apple will beat the 1st quarter iPhone sales record by over 18%. Good Luck to all the longs. Just remember Bears, winter is coming soon. It's time, it's time for you to find your cave and dream about all those phones being added to Apple's enterprise. Hope you wake up in a sweet and realized that it you still need to cover up those shorts.
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  • 3 Reasons Apple Pay Will Drive Apple's Stock Higher [View article]
    Like most Analysts, they ready don't know what a forest looks like. Too many trees in the way. Apple pay will be huge or better yet, a huge deal. What most people are missing is Apple will be driving the car when all is said and done. Once established, Apple Pay will be driven by the hardware and the software, not the numbers on a card. Don't think Apple hasn't turned every stone over to see what's going to happen five years down the road. Do most of the analysts think that Apple hasn't thought this through? How much does a bank make on their credit cards. How about airlines? I have had an Alaska Airlines Visa for years. Been rewarded very handsomely by free trips to Europe and lots of upgrades. I love flying business class. Love that Bloody Mary before take off. How hard would it be for Apple to sponsor one? In fact, the questions the analysts should be asking is ...... What would happen if Apple startles it's own bank five years down the road. By then, they will probably have over 400 Billion in cash. A trillion $ cash stream in Apple Pay and oh yes, their very own Apple Credit card with all kinds of awards on it. Let's see, could you use it to buy a phone in China? Yep! How about an iTunes card for the kids? Yep! How about setting up that lease on that new Tesla that you've been drooling over? Yap! The possibilities are substantial and the best part none of this is priced into the stock yet. I think Apple Pay will be the driving force behind Apple for many years to come. Good luck to all the Apple Longs. Still adding to my position and I really don't need to,.....but I feel that a lot of people haven't price any future into Apple in the last couple of years. It's still the cheapest Stock
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  • Apple Pay: The Next Big Thing In The Mobile World? [View article]
    How that I had time to remember, I didn't need a new phone.
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  • Apple Pay: The Next Big Thing In The Mobile World? [View article]
    Apple wallet came along at the right time. I believe most i6ers will use it often. I know Snow White will.

    I told her that it was too bad the i5S won't have it. She said that I needed another phone so she needs a new one. Great I tried to surprise her on the 19th but I couldn't get on Apple's site this morning. Tried later in the day and I'm already on a waiting list. It's already sold out! Snow White asked me what time I was getting up on the 19th. I said I think the line are going to start forming on the 17th. Great, what time do you want me to wake you up on the 17th? I told her that she is going to have to pay someone to wait for her. She reiterated that they will be waiting for me and not her. I reminded her about our conversation last year that we both decided that what ever Apple came out with this year, we were going to wait for the i6S. She said that since she spends most of our money, I believe it to be over 99%, that she had to have Apple pay. "Don't you want our future to be safe and not have to worry about identity theft. Buying me the i6plus in gold with 128 ram will definitely take all your anxieties away because of identity theft. Remember the Smiths and what they had to go through? It was terible what they went through. Did I say in Gold?
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  • Apple Pay: The Only Wallet With Potential To Gain Widespread Adoption [View article]
    Blejsmith, it's the one that's an eighth the size of Apple's. It's still the one wallet that's 10 X the size of all the rest. I'm waiting for Gulfstream to sign up. I'm eyeballing a G5 for my trips to Hong Cong. Just kidding folks, Snow White would never let me use her phone.
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  • Apple: Finally A Buyable Dip [View article]
    It's only a little over 12.5 seconds of Apples cash flow
    Sep 4 01:51 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Finally A Buyable Dip [View article]
    If I were Mr. Cook I'd offer a reward of at least in the 5 to 10 million $ range, foray information leading to the arrest and conviction of the hacker. Let's say 7.5 million cash. That should send a clear signal to all the hackers that if they mess with Apple, Apple will make it very tempting for any people they know to turn them in.
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