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  • Uni-Pixel's Noteworthy CFO Interview  [View article]
    "Ultimately, there is no news and only speculation"
    That is precisely my point.
    Rather than leading with "There are only 2 reasons IMO" wouldn't an objective analyst speculate on more probabilities than just those which support a long bias?
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  • Uni-Pixel's Noteworthy CFO Interview  [View article]
    On Friday's PPsS spike.
    Why is it that there can't be a third reason other than technical breakout or positive information leak?
    Maybe a negative information leak with large shareholders pumping up the share price in order to be able to sell at less of a loss prior to a disastrous 3Q report?

    Wouldn't an evenly balanced analyst want to consider all of the available facets of a company's share performance or lack thereof?
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  • Uni-Pixel's Noteworthy CFO Interview  [View article]
    Thanks Matt,
    I think I've got it. Atmel told it's customers that Atmel would complete the current contracts. When UnXL took over the XSense line Atmel assured customers that CIT would stay on board long enough to ensure that customers would receive the same product they had become used to. After the contracts are complete UnXL is on its own to renegotiate with existing customers.
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  • Uni-Pixel's Noteworthy CFO Interview  [View article]
    What does, " Programs restarted in Q2", mean? There were contract renewals with UnXL's non revenue producing former customers and with the legacy customer inherited from Atmel or that all which came before UnXL's take over of XSense manufacturing and delivery to the legacy customer can be discarded as irrelevant?
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  • Uni-Pixel's Noteworthy CFO Interview  [View article]
    "Revenue through Q3 and most of Q4 should be legacy Xsense sensors"

    If most but not all of UnXL's revenue in Q2 was from the same source that you project will provide most of the revenue for Q3 and Q4 how do you account for a quarterly rise in revenue from that source from less than $1.36 million to an average of more than $3 million per quarter for the remainder of this year?

    "version of the final product envisioned for late 2015 or early 2016 that combines the Atmel tech with all of the UNXL material science."

    You are postulating that perhaps UnXL's failed spray on catalytic ink process might be compatible with Atmel's lithographic manufacturing lines?
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  • Uni-Pixel's Noteworthy CFO Interview  [View article]
    Let me get this straight, you are saying that catalytic ink will be produced in house by UnXL from materials purchased from outside suppliers and the ink coating will be applied in house on film obtained from outside suppliers, is that correct?
    You anticipate that the costs of purchasing/transporting the raw materials and the labor/manufacturing costs of combining the coating and the film will be less expensive and more efficient for UnXL than buying the pre-coated film currently being used to complete Atmel's contract with the existing customer, is that correct?

    Per this statement-
    "As far as revenue goes I'm expecting somewhere between $8m and $10m for the full year. This assumes in the neighborhood of $2-3m in Q3 and $4-5m in Q4."-
    with revenues for the first half of 2015 which were all from the second quarter, coming in at $1.36 million and no announced of new 3Q customers or increased purchase orders what leads you to believe that 3Q revenue from the current customer would have increased 50% to 120% and will again increase 100% to 66% from Q3 to Q4?

    "Additional gross margin improvement will be realized once the combined sensors are ready for the market in early 2016 and as more units are sold into the market."

    I'm not sure what you mean by "combined sensors". Are you referring to the product UnXL will manufacture using CIT's catalytic ink formulas deposited on PET film in the Colorado plant or are you anticipating that UnXL will contribute a concoction of their own devising to the end user offering?

    Does "early 2016" indicate a belief that UnXL will not master the complexities of the Atmel coating/printing/plating processes until the end of this year?

    Oct 5, 2015. 05:17 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Uni-Pixel's Noteworthy CFO Interview  [View article]
    Matt, a cople of points of clarification, if you don't mind?

    "Someone is buying close to $10m of product from them in 2015...must be someone wants it?"

    Is this statement a projection of UnXL's expected revenue or is there, in fact, a buyer or buyers who will be purchasing around $7 million to $8 million of UnXL products in Q4/2015 ?

    "You can't argue against the fact that UNXL would be able to produce the film in house cheaper even if they used the same machine then it would be to buy it from CIT and may a markup?"

    When you say, "UNXL would be able to produce the film in house" are you addressing UnXL's ability to manufacture PET substrate or only the coating of catalytic ink onto a PET product purchased from an outside party ?

    How does 'servicing' the touch screen market at a substantial loss per unit translate into a positive for UnXL? Wouldn't market share of 1% to 2% with any negative margin per unit, be it -80% or -5%, ultimately be a path to ruination?

    Oct 1, 2015. 11:18 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Uni-Pixel's Noteworthy CFO Interview  [View article]
    "#1 The company really needs to be serving a large market.

    #2 The product needs to be something that's really useful and can be differentiated in the market.

    #3 The CEO needs to be a leader - somebody thoughtful, decisive, and with a bias for action."

    #1 'Serving' as opposed to being in "a large market". UnXL is NOT serving any portion of the touch screen market. How can they be said to be impacted or have an impact on a market when they have no customers in that market?

    #2 The yet to be produced XTouch has NO use at this time nor apparently in the future and does not stand out in any meaningful way (other than being produced at negative margins) when compared to its competition.

    #3 The most thoughtful and decisive action the CEO has taken is to reduce his commute by moving the company to a higher tax less business friendly state in order to reduce his commute. The other decisive decision, helping Atmel off load their losing division was probably not given as much thought as how the move to California would allow the CEO to conduct his personal life away from Backwater, Texas.

    UnXL has failed to meet any of its own CFO's metrics for a successful business.

    The one positive in your recent offering is that you are coming to grips with the high probability of total UnXL failure within the next six months.
    Sep 30, 2015. 12:06 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why It Will Take Years For Uni-Pixel To Reach Production, If Ever, Meanwhile Executives Will Still Get Rich  [View article]
    Chris Hoffman:
    "7. Investors do NOT know if UNXL is attempting to improve yields from 10% to 50% or from 70% to 90%. Anybody who claims otherwise is speculating. "

    From 1Q CC:
    Jeff Hawthorne-"However, the roll-to-roll plating process still requires modifications and adjustments to hardware, geometry and chemistry in order to produce yields at our target production levels. To this end, we have teams pursuing several parallel development paths to improve the roll-to-roll plating process."

    *****in order to produce yields at our target production levels****

    From Developmental Update CC:
    Jeff Hawthorne- "Having achieved roll-to-roll pilot production capability, we are now focused on ramping overall product yields. We are also using the pilot line to scale hardware, processes, and manufacturing procedures, and to validate product quality criteria for volume production.

    The pilot production line gives us the ability to collect data on hundreds of sensors. We are using the data to identify and resolve challenges, and this helps us improve overall yield. Resolving the yield issues will involve understanding how the process equipment and process vary over longer periods of time such as weeks and months."

    ****and this helps us improve overall yield.****

    In the Q1 CC UNXL has roll to roll capability and is seeking to improve yields.

    In the "Milestone" CC UNXL has roll to roll capability and is seeking to improve yields.

    I agree with the speculation assignment by Hoffman above and note that it extends to the CEO of UNXL.

    In the weeks between the CC's the only apparent change was in the manner of presentation.
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  • Uni-Pixel Still Struggling To Advance From A Lab Experiment To A Sellable Product  [View article]
    Per Chris Hoffman's offering.

    CH:"The CEO hasn't been around long (only a few months), but so far he has kept every deadline regarding manufacturing updates and progress, and I expect that to continue. "
    The number of deadline manufacturing updates is 1.

    CH:"you can ship something from NY to Korea in about the same amount of time as you can from China to Korea... i.e. in under 2 days."
    At the same cost?

    CH:"While there are definitely benefits of being 'nearby', they are overblown. The true benefits lie within vertical integration, which O-Film does not have."
    From Walker's Tutorial:O-film’s success makes visible a developing aspect of
    the ITO-replacement business
    A vertically-integrated sensor & module-maker is in a much better
    position to profit from ITO-replacements than a film-only supplier,
    or (even worse), an ink-only supplier."

    Unipixel has no vertical structure.

    CH:" Previously, the(Walker) report stated that UNXL was the only company using a truly additive process,"
    Except for this part:
    " O-film technical details
     ADDITIVE process with little waste
     < 2 µm line width
    < 10 Ω/□
    Randomized mesh design (one method of eliminating moirés)
    Top surface of embedded metal line is blackened & sealed
    Embedded metal reduces haze and eliminates peel-off
    Producing > 1.5M touch sensors per month (size not stated)"

    CH:"5b. UNXL will have no issue competing with these prices. at $1.50 per diagonal inch, a 7" tablet is $10.50 for the module. Sensor is typically ~50%, or $5. UNXL should have no issue selling it at $3 for that size with significant margins. "

    Jeff Hawthorne, "ITL’s(ITO's) film price has recently dropped to around $3 per square foot. However, the actual finished cost of its touch sensor ranges from $12 to $20 per square foot depending on the size." Four 7 in sensors per Sq/ft would be $3 to $5 each depending on screen size.

    I'm not sure what the price advantage is. If we add shipping costs from New York to Asia it seems the price would have to be much lower to engage overseas' customer interest.

    CH:"2. UNXL is no longer picking 'samples',"

    Jeffery Hawthorne:
    "The pilot production line gives us the ability to collect data on hundreds of sensors. We are using the data to identify and resolve challenges, and this helps us improve overall yield. Resolving the yield issues will involve understanding how the process equipment and process vary over longer periods of time such as weeks and months."

    With variable yields I imagine that indiscriminate untested samples would not be sent to prospective customers

    CH:"they have a fully working production line. Hence their CC recently. "

    "Jeffrey A. Hawthorne

    Yes. Hi, Rob, thanks for your question. As your developed processes you go from lab based to a pilot production and then ultimately to full production. At the very – since we just now achieved pilot production capability, typically the yields are going to be low, there will be variable. "

    Doesn't the above and his other comments regarding time difference variability as well as yield changes due to uncertain maintenance indicate that Jeff Hawthorne is very much aware that the pilot program is not fully functional?

    Regarding question of decreased Kodak staff-
    "Jeffrey A. Hawthorne

    I’m not aware of it. I mean, all the team members that we have been interacting with over the course of this project, there’s been no change."

    The liaison consultant from Kodak to UNXL was let go in April 2014. Maybe Jeff had no interaction with him.
    Jun 27, 2014. 09:33 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Uni-Pixel: Convincing The Kibitzers A Short Squeeze Is On The Horizon  [View article]
    "I don't know about you, but if I took pictures of say an iSomething 5s when management wasn't looking, posted them online along with an article saying the product is a total flop and doomed to fail, I have a feeling my mailbox would be a little more full the next day with documents containing the words "civil action" and "plaintiff".

    And yet Seth didn't receive any of the above as far as we know.
    Are you more visible or just confusing reality and expectations?
    Jun 13, 2013. 09:50 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Unipixel Investors Thought They Saw Bigfoot.  [View instapost]
    ":or photoshop might not have been used, it could just be a guy in an ape suit, the top two lines are different colors, and it SEEMS the demo (when it was on youtube) generated a random color each time the person touched the screen. :"

    Then there's the problem of the company having copped to broken lines being expected due to the age of the demo unit.

    If UNXL says there are breaks in the lines and Seth says there are breaks in the lines, Who're gonna believe?
    Jun 5, 2013. 06:17 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment