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  • Sprouts Farmers Market: Be Patient Until Insider Sales End [View article]
    And my point is they have not diluted ownership with the secondaries, meaning they are are sufficiently financed for the time being....something you never mention.

    You think there is a mathematical methodology to their selling, a step down function. I doubt it but who really knows?

    The price may never reach $27 and/or Apollo could be finished why wait.

    A more important analysis would be who is buying and why. We all know who is selling. That's what makes markets.
    Aug 16 08:42 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Sprouts Farmers Market: Be Patient Until Insider Sales End [View article]
    Is it not a positive that SFM continues to expand the number of its stores without diluting existing shareholders? Apollo's "dumping" of shares is a little hyperbolic in tone.

    Apollo is distributing its original ownership and the new owners seem ready and willing to snap up those shares. Apollo is an investment company and, as such, they should always be looking to free up cash in order to fund their next project.

    Apollo is making some pretty good capital gains on its SFM investment as it sells off some of its initial ownership. The disastrous collapse of Whole Foods this past winter, the leader in this space, should prompt a prudent investor to take some profits off the table. With Walmart and other large grocery chains bending to the demand for organic produce, more competition means smaller margins. Competing with WMT in any category has driven plenty of companies into the trash heap.

    No, this is a prudent move by Apollo and it is not the death knell you raise for Sprouts. Apollo has not given up on Sprouts, at least not yet, and they still hold a pretty good chunk of its ownership, even after these secondary sales.

    Yes, maybe a potential SFM investor should wait a little until the dust settles on this growing business. But do not wait too long. The market has spoken and caught the big boy grocery vendors somewhat by surprise. They have been fairly slow to move in and as they do, it will be the leader WFM that gets its share hurt the most.

    Sprouts is still in the background, a small entry in an expanding market, and has yet to hit the geographical expansion limit that a WFM or WMT has.

    SFM bears watching and I would be dipping my toe in today.
    Aug 14 12:02 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Investors Should Buy Southern Company Instead Of Duke Energy [View article]
    Are your payout ratios based on full year earnings?

    A greater than 100% payout ratio is not sustainable and I would claim that neither company's payout ratio is low enough to merit any sizable future increases in dividends.
    Jun 30 11:59 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Sirens Of Ziopharm [View article]
    I am asking why you "threw in the towel" on ZIOP and what error you made in staying invested in ZIOP through the Phase 3 pali trial that failed. Were you fooled by something that ZIOP reported to keep you invested? Did you miss something on your own as an immunologist?

    If you dropped out after the pali trial, you certainly lost quite a lot of profit than if you had dropped out before the trial, even though you made some "cash."

    I am trying to understand your motivation for turning on ZIOP as an investment, continuing to follow the company's progress and then showing sarcasm and hostility in your Seeking Alpha articles and responses to the questions arising from your articles. You state that ZIOP is not telling the whole story. What could they be making public without revealing any technological breakthroughs that might be fodder for its competition?

    "I am betting that will happen" i.e. that ZIOP will put out PRs that tout that they are progressing in reducing tumor size in skin, breast and brain cancer. But you disclose you no longer have a financial interest in ZIOP, which tells me you have no bet.

    I infer that you would be short but you think the market will be fooled by ZIOP (with misleading future PRs) into thinking they have something that works in those diseases and will bid up the stock's price. Are there not people with your knowledge and skills that would debate those PR's?
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  • The Sirens Of Ziopharm [View article]

    "I just couldn't wait around another four years while Ziopharm again transformed itself into a "late-stage" oncology company."

    Why couldn't you?

    Would not it be more informative and more of a compelling argument if you began by detailing where you went wrong with your bet on the pali trials and how that relates to your new outlook on Ziopharm's IL-12/ rheoswitch trials and results?

    Otherwise it appears from your last two articles on ZIOP with sarcastic comments like "ZIOP has saved more mice from cancer" that you are looking for retribution.....and if you really believe what you write, why are you not short?
    Jun 15 04:19 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dr. Salk's Gift To Humanity [View instapost]
    There is a basher over on the XON Investor Village message board, harassing bullish posters about the RheoSwitch. Could you shed some light on how RheoSwitch came to be, who, besides yourself, was involved, who you all worked for at the time, how it was intended to be used initially and who bought the rights to the intellectual property?

    Or if you would like to post this information/historical, technical or both, yourself and set this basher straight, that would be even better. He is a self appointed expert on the Rheoswitch, Intrexon, and the history of its discovery and sale. He talks as if he were one of the inventors and I know he is not. He is just an egomaniac with an axe to grind. Someone like yourself should put him in his place.

    You can find his latest rant at the URL below.

    If you cannot comment because of legal non compete language, I understand.

    Matt Fox
    May 20 06:23 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Investing Is A Do It Yourself Art [View instapost]
    "There ahh no fuchah facts."

    Since I cannot speak and hear Boston that much anymore down here in CT, I try to write the Boston accent when liberal blogging is allowed.


    Matt Fox
    Jun 22 11:46 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Should You Avoid REITs, MLPs And Utilities In This Market? [View article]
    One thing that fixed income vehicles, such as bonds and preferred stocks, usually do not have is the potential of increasing dividends and/or interest payments. Utilities, REITS and other higher yield stocks not only have that capability, they have a pretty good history of increasing dividends, which usually adds to both long term capital gains and yields over time.

    The good news that brings about better employment, more disposable income and greater demand for capital, i.e. higher interest rates, also means better margins for those higher yielding companies. That gives them the opportunity to pass some of that profit growth on to shareholders in the form of higher dividends and interest payments. You will not get that from a bond or CD.

    Money market funds will have to go a long way before they can compete and MM yields lag the market as well.
    Jun 5 12:05 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment