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  • Retirement Strategy: How Dividend Income Grows To Staggering Levels By Reinvesting And Compounding [View article]
    Umm, I'm a young investor (26, three years out of university) and I invest in DGI stocks - if it doesn't have a history of increasing dividends and doesn't have a product line I don't see being around for the next ~4 decades, I DO NOT invest in it.

    I also have a taxable account investing in MLPs to provide me with monthly income or money to invest in 'growth' stocks.

    My take-home income: investments >> school debt >> the rest - it's a no-frills life but I don't wanna be left without a chair when the SS dance stops...
    Aug 18 07:27 AM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Coke chooses caution, sees too much risk in swallowing all of Monster [View news story]
    Which is why cereal companies (NYSE:GIS) are diversifying into on-the-go snacks and yogurt (the latter proving more growth than the former).
    Aug 17 04:36 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Dividends Matter, But Not For The Reason You Think [View article]
    I find I learn a LOT from this website, granted I haven't been investing from the late 60's...

    I don't think target is a good example with regards to dividend-growth investing.

    I too look forward before I invest in my (dividend-growth) companies - do I expect MDT to be producing healthcare products 10 years from now? (...Undoubtedly yes) Will KO still be providing beverages 10 years from now (yes). And so forth - I like to invest in fields that I KNOW will be around, producing tangible products.

    Retail has been undergoing a transformation for the better part of half a decade (and not in a positive way). I personally won't touch the field - too much change and variability. There are better (safer) fields I put my money. Your P&G reference is a good one, though. People will still need to consume their products 10 years from now - it's on management to grow the company in a profitable manner.
    Aug 17 01:37 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How A 2-Sided Dividend Portfolio Can Achieve Both Dividend Income And Growth [View article]
    None of the products/companies you reference are known to me.

    (I'm too young, or....!)
    Aug 9 01:48 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dividend Growth Investors - Mind Your Own Business [View article]

    Income can be generated in many ways, like you say. But consider the retired person living off of investments:

    Retiree A. who sells stocks to generate income took a 20-30% hit in 2009;

    Retiree B. who lives off dividends received 7%+ RAISES in his income during this time period.

    I don't like surprises - I like consistency. BRK might generate better returns than my KO/PG, but the latter have a history of reliability (in more ways than one, in this case). Until this changes, I'll stick with my quarterly checks.
    Aug 9 09:56 AM | 13 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What Happens When Berkshire Hathaway Pays A Dividend A Decade From Now? [View article]
    I would kill for BRK.B to pay a dividend...still can't forgive him for taking away HNZ
    Jul 29 08:43 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kinder Morgan misses by $0.01, beats on revenue [View news story]
    "Kinder Morgan, Inc. (NYSE:KMI) today reported second quarter cash available to pay dividends of $332 million, up 13 percent from $294 million for the same period a year ago, and remains on track to meet or exceed its published annual budget of $1.78 billion in cash available to pay dividends. For the first six months of the year, KMI reported cash available to pay dividends of $905 million, up 12 percent from $807 million for the same period last year. "

    I'm going to lean towards 'meaningless' as well...
    Jul 16 05:18 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Enterprise Products announces two-for-one stock split [View news story]
    It doesn't matter 'how many average investors are doing that'. I just pointed out a simple fact - don't get defensive.

    Take APPL pre-split - I know I didn't have that kinda cash to pump into one company just to write covered calls (I still will not weigh APPL at 30% of my portfolio...).

    Maybe not the same here, but the small fact still does exist.
    Jul 15 03:01 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Enterprise Products announces two-for-one stock split [View news story]
    And makes options more feasible for the average investor.
    Jul 15 09:37 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 3D Printing Is Not The Next Industrial Revolution [View article]
    You're not talking some jobs, you're talking millions of jobs....
    It's kind of scary to think about. In the blink of an eye (relative to time obviously) you've not only done away with human tinkering/manufacturing, but you do away with freight transportation. In another blink you've now done away with manufacturing businesses, retail stores etc, because 'consumers' can print anything they want in their home. What you're left with are a handful of software firms...and....what happens when the exchange of money stops?

    I don't know much about 3d printing but the more automated the world comes, with an increasing population, eventually our own intelligence catches up to us, I think.
    Dec 27 05:03 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Most Dividend Investors Never Succeed [View article]

    Your comment doesn't make much sense to me; I don't think you thought the entire concept through, as well as your word choice.

    DGI, dividend-growth investing, is not the investing of $1,000,000 at 3% base yield and growing from there.

    DGI is a process that spans over decades, not one single ($1M) purchase. Your goal is to buy dividend-growing stocks, reinvest, rinse, repeat. When it's time to retire, sure, your portfolio might be worth $1,000,000, but it is yielding significantly more (say 6%).

    It's pretty easy to prove to yourself. Make an Excel spreadsheet. You can factor in your choice of growth rate (say 6% over 40 years - I think a little low but the outcome will surprise you) as well as the growth rate of stocks (as you are reinvesting dividends, after all). You can make a spreadsheet with extremely conservative numbers and still convince yourself that you should be able to retire. And the best part is your savings are just that: yours. This doesn't even factor in a spouse's savings...
    Dec 26 11:35 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Will The U.S. Suffer Japanese Lost Decades? [View article]
    You'll have to point me to the journal stating 'everything in the universe expands and contracts' because I'm having a hard time finding it. The universe is having an even harder time finding it, you know, expanding at an ever faster rate since its birth into existence..
    Oct 26 09:38 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Low wages at fast-food chains in focus [View news story]
    " I started with 0$... never took a food stamp or a government benefit program."

    That's impressive; just do tell how you managed to provide shelter, food and clothe yourself on $0 and no help...
    Oct 19 10:02 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • "The end of the potash world as we know it" [View news story]
    At ~4.8% dividend...POT a buy here?
    Jul 30 08:11 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • I Am Joining The Bears In The BlackBerry Bush [View article]
    "Biggest mistake I made was not buying some cheap, soon to expire, out of the money puts as downside protection!"

    Yes - kicking myself right now - oh, well. Out of the money calls set at my entrance point (14) to leverage break even.
    Jun 28 12:56 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment