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  • Save Your Marriage Advice

    One of the problems that many marriages in crisis face is not being able to deal with conflict in a manner that doesn't result in explosive fights or hurt feelings. When you don't deal with conflict well in conversation you end up attacking each other. Dealing with conflict in a way that actually works begins with talking in a calm manner. When it comes to save your marriage advice, you can never get enough advice on how to deal with high intensity conversations without causing a huge problem in the relationship, and that's what this article is about.

    Before you have any conversation you need to know what you are expecting the outcome to be. Do you want an answer to an issue? Do you just want to allow yourself, and your partner, to express what you are thinking and feelings so that it's out in the open? If you have an end result in mind before you begin your conversation it can help you to keep the conversation headed towards that outcome instead of just going anywhere it wants to go.

    Do not use blame in the conversation. When it comes to save your marriage advice you will often hear that blame should be avoided at all costs and that's because it's absolutely true. Blame does no good for your relationship; it only causes more hurt feelings and more anger. Always remember to avoid blame when you are having a conversation with your partner.

    Take time-outs during the conversation if you have to. You can't force yourself or your partner to continue talking when hurtful topics come up because if you do you can cause reactions that go against what you are trying to do, which is have a calm conversation that can help you save your marriage. The conversation won't feel so calm if someone feels cornered and angry, so if one of you feels that your emotions are taking over your calm approach then take a break until you have relaxed and are ready to continue on with the conversation without reacting in a negative way. Just don't take too long.

    Do not head into the conversation with the attitude that you are right. This is so common when it comes to arguments because we all believe that we are right and we are ready to defend that belief. Of course, defending ourselves usually turns into attacking our partner. It's better to go into the conversation with an open mind.

    Do not interrupt when your partner is talking during a conversation. If you interrupt then you are sending the message that what you have to say is much more important that what they have to say, and how can you expect to save your marriage if you send that message? Both of you have things you want to say that need to be heard, and both of you should listen to the other person's message. When you feel yourself starting to interrupt stop and take a breath, this will help you interrupt your thought and refocus on your partner.

    An important concept to understand when you want to save your marriage is that you and your partner are never going to agree on everything in this life. You are two unique individuals with different experiences, opinions, and beliefs. Even if they are just a little different it can cause issues if you don't accept that fact that you are not going to always agree. So during your conversations try to see things from your partners point of view. If may give you a better perspective on where they are coming from and allow you to listen to them the way they want to be heard.

    The last save your marriage advice I have for you is to watch your words during the conversation. Do not use words that block progress such as 'always' or 'never'. These words can bring the conversation to a halt. For example if you say "I will never understand why you feel that way" then you are telling your partner that there is no hope for you to ever understand their feelings or need regarding that issue. This can be detrimental to the relationship. Watching your words can be easier said then done, but it's important if you want to have a calm conversation.

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  • Relationship Advice Tips For Women

    Relationship advice tips for women can be found anywhere, especially from friends. They are always first in line to dish out relationship advice when they think is best, but not always is their advice what should be followed. If a couple is having a problem, perhaps it could be said that one of the worst things to do is ask a friend for relationship advice. People that know you are not always likely to be truthful in seeing a fault for a fault no matter whose side they are on. Often friends will stick up for only the one they are friends with, giving an unfair advantage to that person.

    When relationships are on rocky ground one of the best ways to get the help needed may be consulting with a counselor or someone who neither of the two know and get help from a fresh unbiased opinion. People that are unrelated and unknowing to the couple can look at the entire situation from outside of the box, rather then inside. Those that are familiar with a couple tend to make a judgment based on past mistakes or situations.

    When couples forgive one another, the mistakes of the past are to be just that, mistakes of days long gone. If a person has forgiven they need be careful to not pass future judgment on past mistakes. Unless the issues are related to abuse, cheating or some other major issue, however complaining about lifeless issue is wrong.

    For example an argument is over cleaning house, if forgiveness has been given you cant bring up being sick of fighting over it, it's not fair. If forgiveness was granted, keep it granted. Often this means people will have to stop trying to change the other one. If an individual is set in their ways and things are not changing then you are facing a lifetime of living with the same issues, perhaps if it is unbearable, splitting up before years are lost is the best bet.

    Relationships are one of the hardest things to manage in life. It will mean that more often than not one person or the other will have to be the better of the two, believe me the better person varies on what day of the week it is. The better individual is the one who forgives and does not harbor or dwell a problem. It is wise to try to be the better person even if your partner is as well. Treat them as you want to be treat, that is perhaps the best relationship advice people have ever heard.

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  • Relationship Advice For Getting Back Together

    If you live long enough you're probably going to experience the pain of an unwanted break up. Love is wonderful, and at the end of the day is the only thing that really matters, but when love has gone wrong and lovers are separated, it can be the most difficult and saddest of situations. However, you must take heart! There is a shiny ray of hope that your relationship can be saved, and not only saved but be made better then you ever could have imagined! Consider for a moment this relationship advice. A break up is an opportunity to create an amazing relationship!

    Growth and change are rarely easy, but if you have the fortitude to meet the challenge, it can be the most rewarding experience ever, and bring you a much better understanding of what is means to love another person. To begin this process, you must be willing to stop focusing on the other person and begin focusing on you. Whatever happened to break you up, even if you think it was completely their fault, you still need to focus on yourself. You won't want to, you're probably thinking "Yes, but…" right now, but the truth is that you must. This is the best relationship advice possible, so stop your mind from protesting and give it a chance.

    All relationship problems begin with needs that are not being met. That is not to say that all the needs someone has are reasonable or should always be met. That is not to say that relationships with certain expectations. What you must do is uncover what your unspoken needs and expectations were when you were together. Don't just answer of f the top of your head! Spend some time really thinking about it. Write down the list, and you';; probably be surprised how long it it. Once you see it, ask yourself, how much the other person understood about this list. Then you can try to guess what their unspoken needs and expectations were. Now you will begin to have a new prespective, and gain some very valuable information.

    If you have taken this relationship advice seriously and have really taken a good look at yourself, you are not ready to proceed to the next step. Getting back together and learning how to stay together. Fixing a broken relationship does take time, and there are very specific steps and insights that you will need, so whatever you do, do not make the mistake of rushing back and pleading your undying love and devotion too soon! We humans react very predictably to certain behaviors, so take some time to study the dynamic of reconciliation so that you will win big at this game of love, and can confidently create the relationship of your dreams.

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    May 21 1:14 AM | Link | Comment!
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