• Victoria70
    $FH Alan Brochstein: I was very impressed with how you handled Dan Ravicher! Great Job! Any news on $VRNG?
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    • superdaemon: Yes kudos to you Alan. You are a real asset to the discussion group. Thank you for your insights.
    • Alan Brochstein, CFA: Want some news? Willie Waffle is long now, saying his idea of fair value is now $3.40--$3.50 http://bit.ly/ST7K6G
    • superdaemon: Don't worry Alan I feel a sudden unexplained shift in position coming on as soon as he books profit tomorrow :-)
    • Alan Brochstein, CFA: It's funny - he is now less negative on the USPTO - the guy is the legal expert who gets every single legal call wrong
    • superdaemon: ha! The stock price will become desensitized to DR's mood swings. I'm just glad he's not announcing every time he has bad Mexican food.
    • Victoria70: Alan, DR is an legal expert and he wrong AMAZING! Do you have any idea when JJackson will finalize this case? $FH I want a T-shirt made.