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  • Jasper85
    Jan 14, 4:43 AM
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    • Hannanmel: at the moment I only have phot should I get trtc
      Jan 14, 10:01 AM
    • LightingGuy1023: Not a lot of buzz out there on $TRTC makes me nervous. I'm trying to sell at .35 then re-enter once it drops again
      Jan 14, 10:48 AM
    • Shawnafrost: Hannanmel: You should get more $PHOT and $MCIG and hold them!
      Jan 16, 4:12 AM
    • Hannanmel: Not a great week for phot but I'll stay in I have high hopes if you don't have the guts to ride it out sell now
      Jan 16, 8:08 PM
    • Jasper85: Think long term people, where will this be by Christmas ? :) Rocky ride!
      Jan 17, 4:31 AM
    • jheffer44: What will happen to PHOT if they triple their shares?
      Jan 20, 3:13 AM
    • Jasper85: Do the math, why'd you think PHOT is dropping like a rock? Medium term dip for the GIFT program, all in this program want to make money.
      Jan 20, 3:31 AM