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  • Apple Won't Buy Tesla - Really [View article]
    Everything about Panasonic's statements and body language screams "this factory is a mistake. We want to support our customer, but this is not where we want to place our bets." Nor should it be where they should place their bets.

    Panasonic should do exactly what we see here. Ramp their own business in a steady and controlled way, and make a nominal and tepid commitment to the customer's factory. Help the customer save face, but without taking risk and making a real commitment that would either cost a lot of money, or interrupt the growth of the core business in Japan.

    Who wants to give Tesla another $3 billion? And at what price?

    What hype will be on offer now, now that Tesla needs to finance yet again?
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  • Apple Won't Buy Tesla - Really [View article]
    Also note: Factory will not be fully operational until 2020. That could put Tesla behind the entire pack in the Gen 3 class car.

    This factory is just s massive risk. This move to vertical integration should terrify all investors. The company needs to finance, is becoming massively capital intensive, and is going into a new business that is not their core competency.

    Lets wait to see what the sweet deal Panasonic is getting for supporting this advantage. They have had all the leverage, now lets wait and see what terms that leverage yields.
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  • Apple Won't Buy Tesla - Really [View article]
    If this is true, looks like Panasonic will not put real money into the factory and Tesla needs to raise a ton of money all over again.

    Not much of a vote of confidence. Maybe Panasonic has more visibility on what real demand and risk will be than others do.
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  • The 'Apple To Buy Tesla Motors' Question Settled [View article]
    Peter finds it easier to accuse everyone who strays from the Tesla Book of Dianetics to be a liar. It is so much religion that it drips.

    The thing that is most notable about this discussion on the forum, is the other Tesla owners admonishing the guy who called this "SCARY" to please shut up and only discuss it with his Urologist or Tesla faith healer.
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  • The 'Apple To Buy Tesla Motors' Question Settled [View article]
    Peter, my friend, I just posted the discussion from the Tesla Motors Forum. Anyone can look at the thread and decide if this looks commonplace.

    Here is the link.

    Go ahead everyone, have a nice read for yourself.

    BTW, the word "SCARY" is the word used by the car owner. Thats not me, thats not Peter. Thats the dude who had the wonderful experience with his new $100,000 car.
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  • The 'Apple To Buy Tesla Motors' Question Settled [View article]

    I think I get it. A consensus is emerging. Can we all agree on the following:

    1) The car frequently reboots without notice and the screen goes dark while the driver is driving.

    2) Some people who are new to the Tesla experience find this "scary".

    3) The Tesla supporters on this site think this is acceptable and nothing to be alarmed about.

    4) People who haven't yet bought a Tesla should learn to expect this.

    5) Tesla supporters think that people who find the auto electronic interfaces shutting down on the road is a "big deal" are backward and alarmist.

    Is that about right? The problem occurs and reoccurs, no debate there. The debate is about whether this is acceptable performance for an automobile. Correct?

    By the way, all I did was post the actual current dialogue from your Tesla Motors Forum. It seems its the discussion of this issue in the open air that has everyone in such a bundle.
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  • The 'Apple To Buy Tesla Motors' Question Settled [View article]
    Thanks Peter,

    Is this "dirt"? Does Tesla find this kind of product performance acceptable or embarrassing, which one? Presumably it doesn't have any problem with it since it evidently happens all the time.

    I don't think its that well understood by people who don't drive a Tesla that the car puts its drivers through this ordeal. Most drivers who are not early adopter "beta testers" would not be happy to have their car reboot while driving.

    We expect more stability from our cars than we do from our computers and cell phones, at least the rest of us do. I guess when it comes to Tesla, that expectation is misplaced.
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  • The 'Apple To Buy Tesla Motors' Question Settled [View article]

    Yes the bogus Apple rumor served its purpose long ago and has now been supplanted by newer hype strategies. Still, its useful to think about the unintended consequences of the effort to publicly destroy the trading value of the patent portfolio by the declaration of unilateral disarmament we saw last week.

    Back in the mundane world of cars and reboots while driving, I post an excerpt from a thread from the Tesla Motors Forum. Its always interesting to see how the tribe shouts down anyone who violates the vow of silence and posts reports of problems online.

    mikets | JUNE 19, 2014
    I just got my model S a little over 2 weeks now. While driving home today, something mildly scary happened. I had parked the car with the air suspension set to "very high" to avoid scrapping on the curb. So after I pulled out from the parking spot, I used the "big iPad" to set the air suspension back to "standard". I noticed the picture of the car on the "big iPad" had no wheels (i.e. the car was displayed with just the wheel wells but no wheels on it). And the display was not responsive. Tried to dismiss the "Control" screen but nothing happened. I was already on the road driving. I was just thinking could the computer be hung? Sure enough, the "big iPad" display went black, then the Tesla logo came on as if the system was rebooting. A few seconds later, the main dash (i.e the display that has the speedometer) also went black. I thought "oh shoot, I hope the car is still functional/drivable while it is rebooting". Luckily, it was. After about a minute, everything came back to normal but it sure scared me a little when the screens went dark on me. Now looking back, the problem might be brewing for a couple of days when the GPS on the "big iPad" refused to highlight my route in blue after I set the destination. At first, I thought I must have accidentally changed some settings. But no matter how I looked around, I couldn't find any setting about not highlighting the route. After this rebooting incident, the blue route came back. So the system must not be well for a couple of days and today it finally gave up and rebooted.
    Any Tesla technicians care to comment?
    BTW, is there a way to manually reboot the system myself? Next time I see something weird going on, I would want to reboot the system on my own terms, not auto reboot while I am driving.

    DTsea | JUNE 19, 2014
    Maybe you should CALL the service center.

    MODEL - S | JUNE 19, 2014
    ummmm....yeah, mine did the same thing yesterday. After driving for a few miles I parked and sat in my car and the screen went black. The dash was still on then it reset itself. It was very weird and it has never done that before. Car ran fine.

    redders | JUNE 19, 2014
    You were scared by this???? You either need to get out more, or shouldn't go out at all. Stay in your house and be afraid, be very afraid...

    This has happened to me a few times. Just like it does with my computer. Choices that were available to me:

    renwo S alseT | JUNE 19, 2014
    If something "Scary" happens, why do you run to this forum to post it? Any rational person would call their SC to address their fears.

    MODEL - S | JUNE 19, 2014
    It can be scary for new owners. Tesla is a whole new experience.

    EdwardG.NO2CO2 | JUNE 19, 2014
    Perhaps I should have only included your comments at the bottom of a list of posters I am annoyed with but I assume you don't argue with the need to be more charitable and less demeaning with new posters who we want to enjoy and continue being part of the forum. They are important if we want a strong forum!

    FranknWC | JUNE 19, 2014
    I had a few of the problems you had. I'm at the US Open in Pinehurst, NC 2 30 amp chargers in Pinehurst and 2 in Southern Pines. We lost in your words "when the GPS on the "big iPad" refused to highlight my route in blue after I set the destination" I called roadside service and did 2 reboots with them on the phone. Why not.

    Tom M | JUNE 19, 2014
    Reboot in manual -- push and hold in both 'wheels' on steering wheel for a few seconds -- system will re-start.

    carlk | JUNE 19, 2014
    Thank you op for the "clarification" but did you ever call SC after everybody suggest you to do that and, if not, why? Not scared anymore?

    GLO | JUNE 19, 2014
    All you need to do is reboot the computer. Just like a laptop. Easy.

    TeslaBlue | JUNE 19, 2014
    Am I only one who thinking this is a problem regardless scared or little scared or not?

    I even complain when my iphone gets freeze with 3rd party app and blame to app then leave a review as "not stable and this is a problem!"

    I haven't get any problem with factory app with iphone and I expect Tesla should be the same.
    If any condition can cause stack overflow or unexpected condition from factory SW should be a bug and need to address.

    I hope next version come out more stable because I'm expecting my blue MS85 in Aug.

    SCCRENDO | JUNE 19, 2014
    I agree give the OP a break. I rebooted both screen while driving and she got a little nervous. If you drive an ICE and the screen suddenly goes black how calm would you be. This is a new experience. Let's welcome OP to the club and provide reassurance.

    I had the centre screen go wacko on me the one - after the update to 5.9 I think it was, and it is stressful because you have no idea if the car's kaput or not. Of course you realise after some time that the centre screen and reboot doesn't affect the essential car features and core systems, so it drives just fine.

    GeekEV | JUNE 19, 2014
    I've had a number of weird glitches like that lately after the 5.11 software update. Learn the reboot sequence, it almost always fixes weird things. But, yeah, I could see where that would be scary if you're not used to having to having your car computer hang up on you. But it's benign because the main driving systems are separate from the displays. But I hope they fix these soon. Do call and report such incidents so they know what's happening.
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  • Apple's Declining Advantage Is Undeniable [View article]
    Yes, the ROIC argument that Trainor puts forward is absurd given Apple's capital structure.

    A reasonable debate can be made about whether Android will eventually narrow the gap in ussage and ecosystems over time. I think the IOS advantage is durable and that Apple will remain an aspirational brand. I think the long term upgrade path from cheap Android phones will remain in tact.

    Someone could fairly debate that point and the risk of Apple losing this advantage needs to be fairly priced into the stock. And I think it is fairly priced in. But its worth debating.

    But when David gets in to this ROIC nonsense he really loses his credibilty and shows confusion. Someone most have told him that ROIC discussions were cool or something. Obviously ROIC is an important metric in many capital intensive industries. Its a waste of time here.

    The other element that his discussion of price disparity ignores is the importance of phone selection as a fashion statement and indicator of affluence. And thats true in Asia just as much as it is in the U.S and Europe. Arguments about price performance are more important in computer hardware, but less in consumer items that reflect class and personal image. Think jewelry, autos, clothing. What is the price performance of a Tiffany necklace or a Michael Kors bag? The answer is it doesn't matter.

    Now, why would those branding differences erode? Well, if there were a killer app not available on an IOS, that might start to matter. But is that really likely? No it is not.

    In terms of major changes in apps, I would say IOS is getting stronger, not weaker. There is a chance that digital payments will be a major advantage for Apple, and that android will fall further behind. Imagine if the advantages and low cost of Bitcoin epayments were swept into the IOS platform without all the sloppiness and taint that Bitcoin has. Every retailer and consumer would like to eliminate that 1 to 2 percent swipe fee of the credit cards. But no one in their right mind wants to rely on this sloppy Bitcoin currency.

    What if a comparable technology were free and easy for all Apple users.... Well don't you think that might be of some value to the Apple ecosystem?
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  • Apple's Declining Advantage Is Undeniable [View article]
    The error of David's argument is demonstrated by the fact that android users upgrade to Apple far more often than iPhone users switch to Android. Android is an entry level platform, and users aspire to Apple products. Thats not likely to change because of the ecosystem advantages Apple has and is likely to maintain.

    The superior network effects of the ecosystem and the far greater use of the iphone in online access and ecommerce demonstrate that Apple is far from losing its position as an aspirational upgrade, even in markets where low cost is more important.

    Given how much time using handsets and tablets most people spend, the difference in price turns out to be not that important on the cost/ value curve.

    In tablets, you would have to be nuts to buy a Kindle over an ipad except for media consumption. The decline in the ereader market shows that users need a general purpose device, not just a media device. Kindle tablets are just not competitive in terms of functionality and applications. Its almost hopeless.

    Apple is slightly undervalued. Its not a screaming buy as it was in the 400s, but its a good value given all the pluses and minuses, in a market where there are not very many good values left.
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  • Is Apple's iPhone 5C/5S Strategy All Wrong? [View article]
    Well done article. I agree with this argument. But further, Apple is currently engaged in the final stages of a negotiation with China Mobile and negotiations on price is no doubt front and center. China Mobile will demand and Apple will need to give concessions in that negotiations. It makes no sense for Apple to start from a lower price, and then still have to make those concessions. This is not the time to drop trou in the negotiations. The final price concession must come last.

    The fact that analysts are up in Apple's grill about this, and that they are all shocked and disappointed with Apple launch pricing simply shows that the analysts don't know anything about running a big company or negotiating pricing on a high volume consumer product. Thank God they are on the sidelines rather than in the game.

    I think Apple will do just fine in China. But if they don't, they can adjust later and get more aggressive. I think that will work. But if doesn't, and if China really needs dirt cheap product, then let it go. Lots of big tech companies have thrived in the rest of the world while refusing to get bent over in China.

    Hang in there Apple. Keep your eye on the ball, not on the crowd.
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  • What iPhone 5 Discounts Could Mean [View article]
    Its just so hard to be bearish on the stock at this valuation. The market has been puking it up for so long on the same tired news. Ok, we get it, June and September quarters look weak. Its so surprising that this isn't fully discounted at this point.

    If this company does one thing right, the stock can move 10 percent in 3 days.

    But its been going down so stubbornly, its hard to have conviction in buying it before the June news and September guidance is out.
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