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  • Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO -4.2%) falls hard after announcing a $10M direct placement (price is $3.90) with "one healthcare-dedicated institutional investor" who also received warrant coverage of 40% (exercise price $4.29) for a term of five years.  [View news story]
    The vaccines seem to be the wave of the future-been actually waiting for the price to come down, hard, to buy more. The upside is that another investor thinks its worth the wait and investment-a large investment at that.
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  • Thrilling Thursday Finish: 1,565 Then Bust  [View article]
    PHIL is still long aapl> guess I should've voiced some reservations, but he is so often right on the mark that I held my opinion. Whenever I hear the rant of higher & higher especially from gs & Cramer i get very, VERY leery. Same thing happened with gold & silver, google, u name it. Everyone climbs on the band wagon & beats the drums. ThAT'S when I play the short card!! Same with Fb-no way. It's already wearing thin with teenagers. Aapl got swept into "faddom"-almost religious the way people carry on about it. Life is interesting, isn't it?
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  • Thrilling Thursday Finish: 1,565 Then Bust  [View article]
    Best wishes Phil on your big 50!! Enjoy that 1% cruise-u've earned it & thanks for the laughs!
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  • Thursday Thump: Delusional Systems Kick Back In  [View article]
    So glad that their are people who do what I do-I'm a People's Pharmacy fan also. They have the most interesting & informative experts in so many different formats that I have to stop what I'm doing & just listen. I have some of their books also. I agree that too much sitting is very damaging as the lymph does not get circulated throughout the body to pick up the dead cells & get rid of them & which also causes the obesity problem. I have been doing yoga since my back injury, consistently, as it keeps me out of pain. A Dr. got me hooked on a pain killer, which he gave me like candy after a whiplash injury. I stopped cold-turkey after suffering black-outs etc.Now I swim, do weights 2x aweek & yoga every other day & walk 2 miles a day. So far so good-thanks for sharing your experience. Nice to know there are others who do something to keep healthy & keep learning!!
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  • Thursday Thump: Delusional Systems Kick Back In  [View article]
    The difference? Simple, HFCS & sugar! That's the easy answer. Practically everyone I know is addicted to sugar. We are supposed to eat no more than 6 teaspoons per day. If you drink soda, you get over dble that in most brands in ONE can. I read that the average person eats 40-50 pounds PER YEAR! I was astounded, but don't doubt it. Anyone that uses cake mixes, or bakes sweets can tell you how many cups of sugar are called for in recipes. I've been halfing the sugar in everything & noone notices. Regular flavored yogurt is loaded also. It's no wonder we have an epidemic here with diabetes. I have a single fusion between 5 & 6-they took a plug from my hip to fuse it. Thankfully it wasn't from a cadaver as they weren't checking for aids back then, or hepatitis. But staying away from hospitols, surgery & RX's as much as one can is the wisest move most of the time. We have some very virulent bacteria now that are picked up there like MRSA & a new strain that is even worse not to mention c-diff, which I experienced. Not fun. You seem very knowledgeable on medical matters-are you trained medically, or self-taught? The more everyone knows the better, but most people just trust their Doc's which I've learned can be fatal!
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  • Thursday Thump: Delusional Systems Kick Back In  [View article]
    Wow, I Haven't seen such a horrendous indictment of our medical system, ever! However, I know many friends who are managing their health problems and though some have shunned the "canned care" of their advisors, many are doing just fine being monitored and on maintenance RX's. I myself had a cervical fusion over 30 years ago as I was losing nerve and muscle control on my right side. It has been successful and I have a very active lifestyle. I have 3 bulging discs in my low back (from the same accident), but have not had surgery as the success rate is not sufficient to warrant it. NONE of this was through the insurance company's as I was covered under worker's comp. EVERYONE has the option of saying "No" to any suggestions from the medical professions & make their own decisions and I personally recommend a second opinion before anything major is pursued by the highest qualified medical professional you can find. I still believe we have a good system in place, but many do not take responsibility for maintaining health, or looking for the proper course of action.
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  • Thursday Thump: Delusional Systems Kick Back In  [View article]
    Well bully for you! I presume you are still employed with income that increases occasionally. Do you know any retirees? And as for everything being "free" in the healthcare realm, that is total fallacy. Any new RX drugs that someone needs is NOT covered under your system & if you need heart stents, or anything of an immediate need, well, good luck with that as the waits are horrendous. We have many friends of retirement age in NO Ontario & saw exactly what they went through with your "marvelous" Canadian healthcare system. As bad as ours is purported to be, many of our friends lived longer lifes due to quick, responsive & competent care that is not available in many areas of Canada. But I've only been going to Canada for over 30 years, half of which we were property owners, so what do I know!
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  • Thursday Thump: Delusional Systems Kick Back In  [View article]
    I did call it "fascism" especially when the Patriot Act got pushed through. It made me understand the whole Germany spiral & how that mess in Europe got started. One guess what that started for me?
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  • Thursday Thump: Delusional Systems Kick Back In  [View article]
    NO, the government programs were involved as they bought the paper ie mortgages from the lenders. That is why Fnma, FMAC & Gnmae are in for billions of losses part of which has been covered by the Feds. The rest is still on the books & it is hundred of billions of dollars. The conviction of Lee Farcus in Central Fla, the founder of Taylor, Bean & Whitaker, a mortgage broker in Ocala shows how he orchestrated his scheme with a Orlando bank to rip off a huge amount from the Feds program. He's in jail, just a little fish in a big pond that got caught, but the government buyers of those loans knew exactly what was going on as they got HUGE bonuses for all this great business they got! Most have resigned, but they should have been prosecuted too for they knew the loans were garbage without the normal standards imposed by the GSE's, which at one time were strict. The Feds knew all this, from the top on down & never put a stop to it, they were too busy keeping their hands in the till!!!
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  • Thursday Thump: Delusional Systems Kick Back In  [View article]
    Well said, Phil. "No man is an island unto himself," even though the male ego has many illusions and apparently delusions if you believe that rant? by Josh. I am personally very grateful for "the little people" who can fix my plumbing, rewire my house and bring me some food on occasion & the many millions more who try to live out their lifes with honesty & dignity doing their jobs, whatever it might be. What would we be without the barbers & hairdressers? It would be like we live in caves!!!
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  • Thursday Thump: Delusional Systems Kick Back In  [View article]
    The 2008 debacle was called, Irrational Exuberance & most homeowners were thrown out in the street after they took Greenspun's advise to take "variable rate mortgages" that rise year after year. I was a real estate broker & watched in horror when 0% mortgages were given to people with no jobs, or assets. If you ever go to big city's, there are people HOMELESS all over especially veterans who have fought for this country. Are you saying we should turn are backs on these people & not give them anything? It was ALL government orchestrated-the war, the easy money. The only ones "bailed out" were the banks and company's who felt the impact of the sudden implosion. Lets hope we have learned something, anything from all of this THAT NEVER HAD TO HAPPEN to begin with and shouldn't have.
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  • Thursday Thump: Delusional Systems Kick Back In  [View article]
    Canada has done just "fine" under austerity????Have u asked any of the citizens that live there how they are doing? They can't affford to pay their electricity, or heating bills anymore. Food, gas, all essentials are sky high& the banks are like ours-pay absolutely nothing for savings ie austerity.
    And housing has been going up in this country with only a six month inventory on hand for most in demand areas!! Your posturing is so full of holes it looks like a target for gun nuts. Get real!
    Feb 15, 2013. 11:50 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Trend-Topping Tuesday: Too Tough To Turn The Tide?  [View article]
    Yikes, that's why they just keep going up! I knew there was a reason-thanks again for elucidating the obvious! LOved the "Greenspun" cartoon-I could NEVER believe anyone could take that man seriously-he was such a joke & still is!
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  • Wednesday Wheeee! Oil $95.50 And Falling  [View article]
    LOve it-have to be crazy to not believe Phil. I don't know BUT things r looking mighty "frothy" to me & I can't believe that there won't be some hiccup & people will be grabbing their $ & running for the exits. I am surprised, however, that since the profit margins have been set so low, that more company's aren't reporting better earnings. I know that with accounting there r plenty ways to "adjust" the books & tweak to meet "expectations" but my inductive reasoning says, "why aren't things looking even BETTER than they are? Could it be they r running out of tricks? I'm staying long for now, but with hedges in place.
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  • For the Eighth Consecutive Year, Amazon Ranks #1 in Customer Satisfaction During the Holiday Shopping Season 
    We were mailed Amazon Hawaiian coffee, supposedly Kona & also a box of assorted tea. Both were the most horrible tasting stuff, basically undrinkable & unpalatable. It was so bitter it tasted like arsenic was in it. We're saving it to have it tested to really see what is in it. Would I ever order anything from them? Never.
    Dec 28, 2012. 06:25 PM | Likes Like