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  • Thrilling Thursday Finish: 1,565 Then Bust [View article]
    Best wishes Phil on your big 50!! Enjoy that 1% cruise-u've earned it & thanks for the laughs!
    Mar 28 10:45 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Fiscal Thursday: To Cliff Or Not To Cliff - That Is The Question [View article]
    Boy, these conversatons are childish no wonder this country is going down the tubes. Phil, as usual, is 100% accurate; keep right on voting for the "tea-drinkers" & stop bitching when the u know what hits the fan! And, by the way, GOOD LUCK!
    Dec 21 10:48 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Mariano's Is A Breath Of Fresh Air For Roundy's [View article]
    Interesting article since it seems the retail food market is under so much pressure. We have neither WFM or Mariano's here in the No climes, but we have Cub Foods which is SVU supplied. Your article & all the comments were interesting & noteworthy, but I have one concern that was not addressed ie the change in demographics & the buyer's change in preferences. We have a natural foods co-op reasonably close to us which is expanding & growing very quickly and it is expanding their bulk foods offering everytime I go in. I hate Wal-fart & like Costco, though it is only in the large city's & I do not like the gigantic sizes they offer. As the population ages, smaller quanitity's seem to be the desired aspect of shopping & with natural foods it most certainly isn't price that is the deciding factor-quality seems to trump everything. So I would hazard that the Mariano's that your wife is so fond of may just predict where some of the larger grocer's are falling short & maybe be a good value with growth potential. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
    Oct 8 06:23 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 3 Relatively Risky Trades You Could Put On Now [View article]
    Hey, lighten up! These r just investor's "opinions" & of course, u have to do your own due diligence. I for one appreciate a myriad of opinions that maybe, & often are, contrary to my own so therefore open a door I hadn't considered. Getting paid for contributing? These SA contributors take their own time & energy to share their thoughts which I find enlightening & yes, sometimes amusing. Everyone has their own investing strategy's & preferences, but it is always prudent to keep learning & have an open mind. Discounting others efforts is not what this forum is about.
    Feb 8 08:35 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Thursday Thump: Delusional Systems Kick Back In [View article]
    Well said, Phil. "No man is an island unto himself," even though the male ego has many illusions and apparently delusions if you believe that rant? by Josh. I am personally very grateful for "the little people" who can fix my plumbing, rewire my house and bring me some food on occasion & the many millions more who try to live out their lifes with honesty & dignity doing their jobs, whatever it might be. What would we be without the barbers & hairdressers? It would be like we live in caves!!!
    Feb 16 10:25 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Thrilling Thursday: The Appleconomy Reports Tonight [View article]
    This commentry is almost as amusing as the Daily Show-did u really expect Obama to clean up ALL the mess left by GW in four years???? That is just plain not inductive, or deductive reasoning. GW & his gang went on a rampage & a massive bubble in housing led by GReenspun, which was probably all orchestrated by the banks, led to the first 4 trillion to help save the economy from total collapse. I haven't liked everything Obama has done but things are still back on track. At least we are not paying for two wars which were kept out of the budget by GW-check your stats!!
    Oct 26 10:08 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Surveying 14 Silver Stocks [View article]
    I am also very much in favor of call options with some caveats. (1) Make sure there is vol associated with the options picture. With the low volumes the market has been exhibiting many options are not suitable. (2) Be sure you don't pay too much. If u do, you'll never get your money back even though the option may move in the money ie the stock price hits your strike price of the option. (3) Never chase an option-make your offer between the last price & bid & wait. Inevitably when I make an offer the price starts escalating, but I put my offer in & wait. If I don't get the the call, or put, I go back to square one & rework it, BUT I never chase! (4) Make using your money worthwhile. On UUP, for instance, the options never move but a few cents. Why bother? My last trade I bought Slw 35 calls with a May expiration. It was inexpensive when I compared earlier expirations; go out as far as u can to give yourself more time for the stock to move. I just sold it when I had made over 300%. (5) For the last point, don't get greedy & take your profits when YOU are happy with them. Could it have kept going up? Yes, but they also go down just as fast. Just remember "Pigs get slaughtered." Anytime I say to my myself "should I take profits" I do. I've learned the hard way; now I take my profits & go on to the next ones.
    Jan 29 12:30 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Bakken Oilfield: TransCanada Keystone XL Project May Bypass Federal Review [View article]
    MY laugh of the day-do you really think Buffet needs the $ from the RR's? Get serious. As we speak new rail connections are being built in Superior Wisc @ the Murphy refinery. Have u ever heard of earthquakes? Pipelines leak, we just don't hear about it. Not worth the risk when there r alternatives available-water is way more valuable than oil-sorry, can't live wo water for long, but there r alt to oil.
    Jan 24 10:49 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO -4.2%) falls hard after announcing a $10M direct placement (price is $3.90) with "one healthcare-dedicated institutional investor" who also received warrant coverage of 40% (exercise price $4.29) for a term of five years. [View news story]
    The vaccines seem to be the wave of the future-been actually waiting for the price to come down, hard, to buy more. The upside is that another investor thinks its worth the wait and investment-a large investment at that.
    Apr 18 01:03 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Thursday Thump: Delusional Systems Kick Back In [View article]
    The 2008 debacle was called, Irrational Exuberance & most homeowners were thrown out in the street after they took Greenspun's advise to take "variable rate mortgages" that rise year after year. I was a real estate broker & watched in horror when 0% mortgages were given to people with no jobs, or assets. If you ever go to big city's, there are people HOMELESS all over especially veterans who have fought for this country. Are you saying we should turn are backs on these people & not give them anything? It was ALL government orchestrated-the war, the easy money. The only ones "bailed out" were the banks and company's who felt the impact of the sudden implosion. Lets hope we have learned something, anything from all of this THAT NEVER HAD TO HAPPEN to begin with and shouldn't have.
    Feb 15 03:31 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Thursday Thump: Delusional Systems Kick Back In [View article]
    Canada has done just "fine" under austerity????Have u asked any of the citizens that live there how they are doing? They can't affford to pay their electricity, or heating bills anymore. Food, gas, all essentials are sky high& the banks are like ours-pay absolutely nothing for savings ie austerity.
    And housing has been going up in this country with only a six month inventory on hand for most in demand areas!! Your posturing is so full of holes it looks like a target for gun nuts. Get real!
    Feb 15 11:50 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Thrilling Thursday: The Appleconomy Reports Tonight [View article]
    What happened to the comment on the public land leases? Obama has instituted the "use it ot lose it" & 28% more public land is actually being tapped. I cannot understand anyone doing investments when they cannot understand plain simple mathematical principles. Or is EVERYTHING FOX says gospel? As usual, Phil is right on & actually uses statistical data to back up his hypothesis & as he says over & over, you hedge your bets & make money in up & down markets. If the oil comapny's are backing Romney, it's probably a candidate you don't want to vote for-afterall they won't survive at all without their billions in subsidy's & profits, right?
    Oct 25 01:03 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Friday Fade - March Goes Out Like A Lamb (To The Slaughter?) [View article]
    Don't be fooled by Phil-he's no gambler. He has more moves than a Vegas stripper & makes money for his devotees. I know as I have subscribed to his services & learned an amazing amount in a very short time. He's a master of his craft & does it in relatively easy to understand explanations though it does take practice. Ever hear of an "iron condor?" A "butterfly double spread?" I could go on, but I'm sure u get the drift.
    Mar 31 11:10 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Monday Market Movement: Ship Of Fools Sets Sail [View article]
    And what do we get out of it??? Lower gas price?? Yeh, right, dream on. Lets just continue to ruin the earth & the environment so the oil company's can keep making their billions-it really helps us bunches!! The old saw goes,"If people don't remember history, they are doomed to repeat it." And the beat goes on, & on.
    Mar 29 03:00 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Monday Market Movement: Ship Of Fools Sets Sail [View article]
    Right on-most definately always informative articles from Phil, but he has lost his sense of humour which is ez to understand with what's going on. Hopefully, he WILL FIND it again!
    Mar 13 10:59 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment