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Watching the markets from other dimension : An astral view of markets

Market prognosis without the fluff, nonsense and jargon. A to-the-point plain language set of timely indicators to Trade, Buy, Sell assets and markets and vital world events, based on all occult, metaphysical and physical sciences, arts and techniques that can decipher the cryptic and still in "future". There are many windows to look into future, besides the typical overall analysis and technical readings & various other more occult or esoteric disciplines. Specialized in international economy and "esoteric sciences" whereby we study not people but large collectives, cities, countries and nations etc.
  • Description: Independent trader. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: ETFs, Forex, Options, Stocks - long, Stocks - short, Tech stocks
atstralguide Exclusive FORECASTING SERVICE for Investment Experts, Managers and large players There is nothing like an overall grip on the markets or particular assets by knowing them inside outside. However that can take nothing less than 10 to 20 years of real hands on experience for an average investor. Technical ...More
Financial Markets Astral guide A deeper, subtle view of the markets from higher points and profounder depths of subconscious of collective, that actually drive economy, people and their actions. We will be posting Keys to the future and discuss factors that drive the markets or will conduct the future course in very short term to long ...More
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Cover your positions. Greed may cause injury. Mar 14, 2012