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  • A Stock That May Rally $20 In 3-Months [View instapost]
    It's kind of funny that Steve is nowhere to be found. One would think he would debate/dissect the iHub post if he TRULY IS QUALIFIED. It is also possible that Steve agrees with it and knows his days of pumping AMRN are gone.
    Oct 13, 2013. 02:28 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • A Stock That May Rally $20 In 3-Months [View instapost]
    "there" should be used instead of "their".

    I understand that non-English speaking people get confused, but there is no excuse for English speaking persons, esp. "professional" persons to not know how to use the English language.
    Oct 1, 2013. 07:41 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • A Stock That May Rally $20 In 3-Months [View instapost]
    "You're" instead of "Your". "You're" is a contraction for "You are". Ex: You are comparing AMRN to ARNA.

    Your is a pronoun showing possessive nature. Ex: Your AMRN stock is stuck in the mud!
    Oct 1, 2013. 07:39 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • AF Backtracking, AMRN Will Be Approved On Time [View instapost]
    "Fish oil has become less important to docs, not more."

    So this is why TEVA has sought to invalidate GSK's Lovaza patents and why BASF has purchased Pronova and why a state of the art manufacturing plant is being constructed in France?
    Sep 26, 2013. 11:52 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Explosive Bidding Situation Setting Up For Amarin [View instapost]
    Rydad21, it's a matter of semantics. When one states their "opinions" over and over and over AND deletes any messages that run counter to said opinions AND shoots out foul language to those who offer differing "opinions", it kind of becomes a blur between "advice" and "opinion".
    Sep 23, 2013. 02:42 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Explosive Bidding Situation Setting Up For Amarin [View instapost]
    Steve, I think your article heading should have started with "Implosion" and NOT "Explosion". AMRN acting very, very weak into Adcom runup. Maybe, just maybe there will not be any kind of approval and then buyout. What will you tell your readers? Will you apologize for all the bad advice?

    I doubt it but I thought I would ask.
    Sep 23, 2013. 11:56 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Explosive Bidding Situation Setting Up For Amarin [View instapost]
    It seems like AZN has wasted 3.5-5million if I understand the logic being written on this thread. Why on earth would a company spend that kind of money if the drug they are purchasing is dead on arrival into the market?

    I'm not asking this to be contentious...I'm just curious why executives from a BP would make this kind of decision given they have the same info and brains as the people of this thread. It doesn't make sense to me.
    Sep 19, 2013. 02:32 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Note From Aegis On AMRN Situation [View instapost]
    Rydad21, by no means is AMRN a safe play. It is bounced around daily like a ping pong ball. It has a management team that is hardly transparent and changes directions every couple of months. It's one thing to invest in a company for its promising product but another to realize that the management team in place makes one bad decision after another with regards to getting the product into the market.

    If Anchor is approved and management does another GIA, this stock will suffer. A solid partnership is required to give AMRN the working capital and resources to make Vascepa a success. So far, this GIA approach is failing. After 7 months, the product has finally broken over the 5k scripts a week.

    You and others may say the above is negative but I say it is realistic. It's all too easy to promote grand future events as so many people on this board do. When these future events do not occur, then excuses are made and new time lines created.
    Sep 14, 2013. 02:14 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Note From Aegis On AMRN Situation [View instapost]
    The biggest telltale sign that AMRN is going to GIA for Anchor, if it is approved, is the change in their 1st qtr CC communication that they plan to partner and not GIA to the 2nd qtr CC that they once again have their infamous "3 options".

    Unlike some people who believe the entire pharma industry is clamoring to buy this company and will spend untold billions for it, I think AMRN management is finding that BP is calling AMRN's bluff. BP is more than willing to wait, if they indeed do have any desire to purchase AMRN.

    If Anchor is delayed or rejected, then this company is toast.

    Disclosure: I am long shares but not very hopeful based on management's previous decisions and communication.
    Sep 14, 2013. 12:34 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amarin Update After CC [View instapost]
    Danbury, great summary and speculation. Your post should probably be bookmarked and returned to 8 months from now. Having been through the GSK/HGSI buyout, I also see similarities. I give your scenario a 40% chance possibility. Hope you are correct!
    Aug 11, 2013. 04:44 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amarin Update After CC [View instapost]
    My point to you, Steve, is that most of those analysts who have factored in Anchor have already dropped their price targets.

    Not only have they dropped their price targets but they have more than once, or even twice, lowered their revenue estimations. At one point, over 100m was estimated for first year sales. Then this number was dropped to the 80m level, then the 60m level. I believe most analysts are expecting somewhere in the 40m level.

    But I am sure you are well versed with what the analysts are doing and you do not need me to tell you this.

    People here confuse me being short the stock versus being long but critical of management. I do not "bash"! I question and question again versus continuously accepting only what "good things" are being written/said. Too much stuff being written by unknowledgeable people who fail to do their research before writing SA articles. (And I am NOT referring to you, Steve) Yes, I will question these people and their bogus" estimates if they seem wonky.

    Not so very long ago, management said "no way GIA with Anchor" (paraphrased). Now it sounds that GIA for Anchor with the puny sales force is a 50/50 proposition. There is no way a GIA with 275 sales reps is going to unlock the supposedly revenue upside for Anchor.

    Everyone is saying, "it is all about Anchor". What happens if management does not put the pieces in place to unlock the Anchor revenue? Is everyone then going to begin saying, "well, it's really all about Reduce-It while Marine & Anchor are the preliminary stages"?
    I hope you see my point.

    I just want management to put the pieces in place even if it means giving up a slice of the pie. Create stability and certainty with WS and shareholders. Generate positive cash flow with revenue sharing and bring Reduce-It to a successful finish.
    Aug 11, 2013. 04:34 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Amarin Update After CC [View instapost]
    Mr. Pirate, you nailed the conference call and the current AMRN debacle. Thank you for telling it like it truly is.

    Steve, at some point you have to revise your numbers. Even the analysts have been downgrading their numbers. There is just no way a BP is going to offer even half of what you are suggesting without a strong catalyst. Revenue numbers are paltry, at best. Management did their best to create a positive view, but they basically told us nothing. No guidance, no update on how Anchor will be marketed (if approved), barely a drop in spending.

    How does a small company spend over $52 million in a given quarter? I don't get it. Where exactly is the money going? Until they turn off the spigot, AMRN will be facing another secondary within 8 months time.

    I understand that management does not want to give the company away, but at the rate they are going there will not be much of a company left to do anything with. A partnership can be a win-win! Management needs to remove the uncertainty and do it quickly.
    Aug 9, 2013. 03:25 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amarin: Slow And Steady Wins The Race [View article]
    Please stop with the "unhappy", "anger" and "fear" talk, trying to analyze my state of mind and trying to guess my cost basis. You couldn't be farther from the truth but this seems to be the usual M.O. of the hyper longs. Discredit and discount!

    Who is talking about conspiracy theories? I am making the basic statement that management made some bad decisions on the financial front and it has come back to bite the shareholders in the rear-end. If my theories that management will continue to screw up are "conspiracy" theories, then so be it. All I know is that management said "no GIA" in the first qtr CC and as of late they have talked of GIA. AMRN may have a great product but they do not have the exposure that a large BP has.

    Regarding your response on the loan and my lack of knowledge in biotech financing: I am happy to do the math for you to show you that diluting at roughly $10-11 for the same number of shares diluted in early July would yield more than what was borrowed and recently diluted. Having more money and no $140 million debt seems financially sound to me. But then, I'm just a disgruntled, unhappy long with a large cost basis and I am not thinking rationally.

    Sure, BiotechWill, I'll buy what you are trying to sell me. No problem.

    And please do not tell me that dilution was not feasible because they had no revenues. AMRN diluted in late 2011/early 2012 when it had no revenues.

    I'll be happy to rescind everything I have said about management if they begin to make decisions that will lead to shareholder wealth. But based on recent statements re: GIA for Anchor and with continued silence, I have little doubt that it will be same same.
    Aug 8, 2013. 01:55 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amarin: Slow And Steady Wins The Race [View article]
    Dear BiotechWill,

    There are a myriad of things that could lead to cash burn being worse. The first that comes to mind are the bonuses. They you have continued selling costs, marketing, inventory, increased salary costs. We'll find out if I am correct or not correct in a couple of hours.

    The "inexcusable excuse" is the blowing off of a legitimate question with a BS answer that provides no insight. As an example, WS will inquire about guidance,;if not they should. One will get you ten that JoeZ & Co., will say something like "it is difficult to forecast remainder of year revenue because of "this or that". In other words, JZ will politely tell WS to "bugger off".

    Please answer the following questions:

    1) Why is it when someone is critical on this management team, they are labeled as a "basher" or a "short"? A lot of people like to create fluffy excuses for the lack of transparency and boneheaded financial moves of management. I'm of the opinion that JoeZ and Co. are paid quite a bit of money and they aught (sp?) to make sound decisions that do not boomerang back onto the Co. Entering into restrictive expensive loans and diluting when the shares are at a 2 1/2 year low are "boneheaded" decisions.

    2) Why are you writing an article that predicts AMRN will eventually go up BUT over on the YMB a couple of days ago you told someone that if they are not happy with the stock they should sell because, if they don't, it will inevitably lead to losses? (paraphrased)

    You cannot have it both ways. The logic does not hold up. If the disgruntled long holds and will incur "inevitable losses" then how will the "happy" long see gains? The only way I see it is that these two longs live in parallel universes OR you are shooting a certain something out of both sides of your mouth.

    If AMRN is going to "win the race with the slow & steady" approach, how will the "disgruntled" long lose money and how will the "happy" long make money? Please explain. You brought up logic in your response to me, so please explain this apparent illogical equation.

    This talk is "not ridiculous". I was "bashing" management back in December for their loan shark loan. Look where it has gotten us 7 months later: dilution at 2 1/2 yr lows. Had management diluted at $10 or $11 a share when it hit $12.50 in early Dec., we'd have enough money in the bank and not $140 million debt.

    I guess I'm just tired of you "happy" longs always telling people "6 months from now" or trying to convince everyone that everything is A-Okay. It almost makes me believe that you and SR are somehow tied to a public relations firm that is trying to hold the wolves at bay for AMRN.

    I guess we'll see in a few hours if AMRN management "saves the day" and lays out some sort of plan or if they maintain their usual opaque-like cloud and keep things secret.
    Aug 8, 2013. 01:00 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amarin: Slow And Steady Wins The Race [View article]
    PapaBear, it will be cash burn among other issues, ie stonewalling WS. A company just doesn't turn off the spigot on the drop of a dime. Cash burn will probably be worse than 1st qtr. When mgmnt is grilled, get ready for the inexcusable excuses.
    Aug 7, 2013. 11:32 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment