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  • There's no clear trigger behind the latest selloff in Apple (AAPL -3.4%); shares are now down 9% from their Tuesday high. Some speculate Texas Instruments' (TXN) addition to the NASDAQ 100 (QQQ) is playing a role, as index funds will need to sell some Apple to rebalance, but that can't explain why fellow large-cap index members Microsoft (MSFT +0.9%) and Intel (INTC +1%) are up. With Apple still up 43% YTD, perhaps a breather was inevitable.  [View news story]
    I bought $AAPL at 580 on close What a great buying opportunity prior to earnings Go $AAPL go !
    Apr 17, 2012. 12:56 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Too Far Too Fast? [View article]
    You said: "I am going to buy the April 20th 525 strike price put options on Monday at about $1500 per contract" I replied Ok I will sell it to you as I sell PUT to $AAPL bear (You buy PUT so you make money downside right? So I'll sell it to you as I expect a rise next week. Thats all You can insult me talk about my hair my picture or the fact that I am new etc ... I just say THANK YOU because I make money on people like you buying my PUTS and being wrong as you say you could be So thank you again to put your money on my account Honestly ...I love people like you
    Mar 3, 2012. 12:08 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Too Far Too Fast? [View article]
    I wont blast you at all. I will sell you the PUT you wanna buy Monday . I make money with people like you ( $AAPL bears ) and your money goes directly in my account. Why would I argue with you? Why would I make you change your mind? Your putting money in my account being wrong. You were wrong last time 30$? And you'll be wrong next week. But hey dont change your idea ... I make a fortune on people like you since 2009 Thanks a lot again
    Mar 2, 2012. 11:56 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Headed For Pullback, Short Term Of Course [View article]
    Hi Mike, what you say about $AAPL make sense its a good article. I dont agree on everything but you know your subject very well and I must admit that this question of a pullback is a big worry. EVen if I make gains and we reach new high of the year as today I am happy but always got this pullback in mind We had a big bullback on panic (or hedgies tactic) recently as you remember, and $AAPL dropped from 526 to 490. This gives a good idea on the maximum drop on panic.... So this is where I disagree with you , I dont think it can go as low as 460 or 470 so when you talk about those numbers I dont listen... For me the worst scenario would be a drop to 490 But even a drop to 500 is a big pullback . Imagine a trader that buy today at 525 and tomorrow its 500 That kind of pullback worries me ... Buy 525 and -25$ is a -5% drop if you buy a call and then you got a -5% drop it is gonna be really hard on your portfolio. And you'll have to wait til it comes back and if the option is too close you can loose a big part of the premium and then you wont be in the mood to buy other calls....

    So this worries me ... small pullback . More than big pullback at 460. The bollinger band is ok and where at the top since january 1. The idea to sell covered calls as it is exactly like selling $AAPL in advance at a better and higher price than now . The only thing is that you limit your gain you wont have more if it rise more than expected... but its still a gain a decent gain.... ANd if there is a pullback you'll be happy that you sold calls. I dont trade this way though and the way I trade is more dangerous. I admit I lost money expecting a pullback in $AAPL since the 500 level... And the exemple you gave about last summer are good I remember this hard summer we had a lot of trouble with Greece and Eurozone this summer and economy. Those down movement this summer were following the Dow and the nasdaq and sp500 dips... And the fact that the market is stronger helps $AAPL.. So if the market becomes weaker I would be more nervous for $AAPL as so much people makes tremendous gainbs on it that if the market becomes weak they will cash it in sometimes to compensate other stock in the red zone.

    So where I disagree with you is just that its too large to talk about 600 now When you say $AAPL will be 500 before 600 I disagree in that exageration. I would reply $AAPL could be 550 before 500 for instance... I dont think of the 460 level BUT I fear a drop at 510 one day after I buy more $AAPL at 525...

    But it is always interesting to talk about $AAPL with different point of view... So I will conclude a pullback coming yes anytime anyday from now on but a pullback at 500 THATS LOW ENOUGH lol bye for now Phil
    Feb 28, 2012. 02:55 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • $AAPL Trade [View instapost]
    $AAPL simply BUY 490-500 and SELL 510-520 Obvious 526 is too hi too soon and 490 too LOW (strong buy)
    Feb 18, 2012. 02:12 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment