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  • CWG0816
    Please tell me someone else is seeing $MSTX too. Or Is this a dream? Positive pre earnings movement I hope.
    Mar 20, 10:22 AM
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    • riffat: I had to sell and move on....At this point, waiting for 2.25 seems too long, especially in light of all the MJ goodies at the candy store...
      Mar 20, 10:37 AM
    • CWG0816: Yes I understand completely, hard to live with the opportunity costs. This is one of my longs so I have to be patient. Good luck!
      Mar 20, 10:48 AM
    • Daniel5150: Up 15% so far..$MSTX. Nice day so far shaping up.
      Mar 20, 10:51 AM
    • zzx375: $MSTX I remain optimistic especially given the market niche they are targeting.
      Mar 20, 11:14 AM