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    $DATA $NOW $SPLK call buyers hitting cloud names
    Apr 4, 10:26 AM
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    • nclsamy: Any options activity on $FEYE lately? Thank you.
      Apr 4, 10:40 AM
    • TFCAB: yes.......2100 Apr 55C just went off for $600K
      Apr 4, 10:58 AM
    • D-struction: Is it finally time to go long these names?
      Apr 4, 11:01 AM
    • TFCAB: not for me..........i'd wait for a firm need to call a bottom
      Apr 4, 12:28 PM
    • D-struction: This NASDAQ slide has me a bit worried. Buy when blood is in the streets but this is emotional, not technical.
      Apr 4, 12:33 PM