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  • Jumpin' Java: A Follow Up On Coffee Holding Company  [View article]
    You're a little confused I'm afraid. The "Coffee Borer" is not "known as Rust;" they are in fact two separate issues. The "coffee borer" is a worm that actually eats its way, i.e. "bores", into the coffee bean, causing damage to both appearance and quality. The "rust" is a fungus that affects the trees, the leaves specifically, causing them to wither and fall off, thus damaging the tree's food supply and greatly hindering its ability to produce cherries.
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  • A report ordered by Congress formally concludes that the FDA should limit the amount of salt in restaurants and package foods to lower the risk of heart disease. Sources indicate that the report is the jumpstart legislators need in order to initiate a comprehensive phase-down of the use of salt in the $600B food industry.  [View news story]
    This report is from April of 2010. Why is is 'news' now?
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  • Starbucks And Commodity Costs: What Analysts Are Not Aware Of  [View article]
    "As can be seen in the below graph, one pound of Arabica beans sold for 27 cents in 2002 compared to 292 cents in February 2011."

    Only if "27" is some sort of code for "49."

    Coffee hasn't traded in the 20s since probably the 1960s
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