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I apply a common sense and moral attitude to investing. I haven't been convinced that rapid trading can beat a 'Buy & Hold' approach to the market and manage my portfolio keeping long term results in mind. I believe "Brand" is the trickiest item to evaluate as it is, by definition,... More
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  • Will Pilgrim's find Brazilian Pride? (PGPDQ)
     Smart Brief says Pilgrims Pride may be sold to Brazilian meat giant for as much as 2.5 Billion.
    For shareholders such as myself, this is sweet music indeed. The Brazilian deal, if finalized will represent a price 5 times higher than current market value.
    I bought Pilgrim's back in December (@$1.1) thinking the government won't let this food producer go under - the result would be firing thousands of employees.
    This "Obama Play" has proven a wise move (though credit goes to ellkell and other's for bringing the idea up).


    If PGPDQ doesn't get sold, I plan to keep holding this stock. As the economy is being restored, there's no reason Pilgrim's value won't get restored with it.
    If you recall, there was a huge spike in grain prices late last year, which is what threw PGPDQ to the brink of bankruptcy in the first place. 
    The price of grains has since dropped considerably which is why I still like this company going forward.
    Good stuff. I'll be happy to see the acquisition go through and happy if it doesn't.
    Kudos to Clinton Rivers for picking this company up from the dirt. Some gutsy moves on his part have made the difference, no doubt. 
    Tags: PPC
    Sep 03 12:55 PM | Link | 1 Comment
  • Good bye Bill... and good riddens..

     Associated Press reported that Google Inc. is developing a new operating system for laptop computers. The new operating system will run through Google's web browser, Chrome. Google plans to introduce the operating system during the second half of 2010. The new operating system is being designed for 'netbooks'. 

    Could we actually wake up someday soon to a world where a free and reliable operating system is available to everyone?
    I believe this is the beginning of Microsoft's end. This evil empire has made millions of PC users miserable for so long. Microsoft have become synonymous with bad products, bully tactics and cynical use of their monopoly to unfairly rob citizens of their right to a free and competitive market and I for one will be sitting front row cheering while watching their demise.
    How just is it that hard working Google will be first to drive the stake into the giants heart.
    I can't help but recall Steve Balmer's (Microsoft Co-Founder) words from only a few years ago:"Google's not a real company. It's a house of cards." - well, Tim - Ber Stevie... the house of cards is coming down.. right on your head!
    Vive la Google!

    Jul 22 9:15 AM | Link | Comment!
  • Google taking "Big Brother" one step further... a buying opportunity.

    One of my friends runs a web site that runs Google AdWords on it.
    Last week he got an e-mail where Google was pointing out a "slight" change in their privacy policy.
    From now on Google will present ads that aren't only textually targeted but also behaviorally targeted.
    This means that when you arrive at any site that runs Google ads, Google may show you ads based not on the sites content but on your browsing history (!!)
    Google give the example that if you enter a lot of sport sites (And Google has you cookied and knows it) they may now hit you with a sports ad, even if you're on a financial blog.. I'm sure a lot of us can think of "less graceful' examples of this service.
    This, to me, means two things:
    1. Google is testing the limits of privacy - though they claim that data collected in Non PII (Personally Identifiable Information), making a connection to the actual person is pretty easy. Given that last year Google sold out a couple of Chinese journalists for the sake of greed, it makes sense that we will soon hear of others busted by the feds in cooperation with Google.
    2. Google ad revenue will go higher. There is no doubt this kind of advertising will be far more effective, so expect more revenue increases for this giant.

    As the market is no place to have a conscience I'm long on Google and continue to be so.

    I just wish they'd loose the "Do no evil" slogan... that's kind of ridiculous by now..

    Tags: GOOG
    Apr 11 6:30 AM | Link | Comment!
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