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  • IMF head Lagarde tells The Guardian her agency has no intention of easing the terms of Greece's bailout package. Greeks need to help themselves by paying their taxes, she says, adding she has more sympathy for poor African children than Greek ones - interesting sentiments from one who was part of the regime that oversaw hundreds of billions transferred to financial institutions in the aftermath of the GFC.  [View news story]
    58 years of tax cuts and the federal debt to match? Yeah that's how we got in our situation. This is why financial advisors have careers.

    Hey Terry after you figure out how much of your money you get to keep after

    Federal tax
    State tax
    Property tax
    Gas tax
    Sales tax
    Corporate tax
    Cigarrette tax (if appliccable)
    and coming soon to a theater near you- consumption tax

    Explain to me how we aren't overtaxed through the system over and over and over. Tax cuts are cuts from overtaxing
    May 26 01:22 PM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The U.S.: Stuck In The Slow Lane For How Long? [View article]
    Im being sincere when I ask this. How in the world would we have explosive growth due to developing nations with rising middle classes?

    We are a country based 70% on consumption. We need housing to really bottom not stagnate, get the 53 million people off of food stamps, get interest rates back to lucrative levels (slowly) so the retired have a shot at avoiding poverty(1-so they can pay their bills on their achievements in life and 2-stop having to work so late in life or get supplemental crappy jobs filling positions that the lower class should be in)---

    0 interest rates are pointless at this point, they are not stirring up demand for loans anymore, but banks are definitely back in business and are making plenty of money-this gets a lot more complicated so I will leave it there on how many things have to fall into place for this to work, but zero is definitely not working. Maybe it is more that the fed has put a time limit on zirp til the end of 2014 so there is no rush to go out and get that loan. People all over(that could) rushed to get that 8k tax credit for housing, start to slowly raise rates and it may actually help demand based on anxiety of missing out or cause america(the procrastination center of the world), to make a decision and move on with the recovery.

    -stop shipping the crappy jobs overseas or bring them back so the unemployed can bring some value to the economy, cut the corporate tax rate huge(since it is really just a tax on us anyway), get rid of the obamacare fear, so companies arent afraid to hire, and stop government spending, regulation, and overreach, before we could ever have another round of explosive growth. There is a few hundred other things that need to be changed before we can have a real recovery and not a fake one. Having the lowest job participation rate in 30 years is not not a recovery.
    May 12 06:31 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Personal Income Growth May Go Negative In 2013: Here's How [View article]
    Every company used 2008 as an opportunity to lean up and as an excuse to lower/freeze pay to help the company stay profitable "or else". Now that there is little job growth and many extra people to fill the jobs, theres no ambition to pay up to keep people when there is so many out there in line. Companies' balance sheets and profits are the strongest they have ever been while the incomes of the average person are pathetic and dont pay for anything. This is not sustainable, especially with healthcare continuing to rise and gives companies that pay benefits even more leverage on not increasing wages. There will be no "middle class" in the future at the rate things are going. Manufacturing has been replaced by outsourcing and robots. While many jobs need to be outsourced many do not. If we made iphones here they would end up costing 900-1000 just to make a profit after labor healthcare etc, but in the midst of global growth, companies continue to outsource the work leaving out the middle class wages. The more and more people pay for other peoples healthcare through their(my) premiums the less wages I will make in absolute terms after the company technically raises my wages thru paying more of my healthcare.

    With the way Obamacare has it set up, perfectly healthy people can cancel their insurance and just pay the fee, this may be off the subject a bit but my parents pay 5k a year in premiums. Put in Obamacare, raising the payers premiums, and then you have the payers who can cancel their insurance and pay the fine(NOT TAX) and save money. It will be done and done to the limit. Who will be left to pay the premiums and hospitals? Doctors will not work for free thats for damn sure. I cant seem to figure out why the public is letting socialism take over this country as we all continue to go to work, live our lives, try to feed our families, and save a buck.

    It's hard to believe in the days of the iphone, computers, electric cars and what not that the U.S. can become a 3rd world country but our government is jamming failure down our throats. If this keeps up there will be a day of reckoning, and I am far from a doomsdayer, but how could this countrys' people let it get this way

    1 in 7 on food stamps, 55% get some form of govt entitlement, 36% corporate tax which is just another tax on the consumer for govt spending, corporate profits at all time highs while incomes are shrinking and paying for less, govt debt with no plan to stop, rediculously worthless government that does nothing but spout rhetoric of the other party and twist words, easy money policy around the world without restructuring or using any progrowth policies. We have 15 trillion in infrastructure needs and we havent touched them. The only reason new homes are picking up is because the rich are still getting richer, (along with absolute prices being cheaper in mortgage payment terms because of ZIRP)

    Im paying $200/mo less on a house that is 15k more than a house I bought 6-8 yrs ago. It's decieving to say this economy is good and anyone that says it is blind. I dont need the facts from the bottom of 2009 when everything came to a hault. That is not true growth, that is readjusting from a crisis and resuming at a lower rate. realtytrap came out with some disturbing stats on how many foreclosures are yet to come and how the process is manipulated and takes forever(vie government). the housing supply being bought up is being bought up by investors at an all time high percentage. While yes it does deplete supply, they will also be dumping them back on the market as rentals or as flips flooding supply again one way or another. So no, housing has not bottomed, it was manipulated.

    Wow, there's so many things that could be talked about its fking disgusting. Europe is even worse structurally, their ltro's and bailouts do nothing with the different policies and ways of life they have over there. Bailouts dont do sh-t with 25% unemployment and no reforms. Merkel gets plenty of flack for not being a bailout monkey but shes right, its like giving a heroin addict more heroin on national heroin day, its not gonna stop. Before anyone decides to tell me im gloom and doom, optimism is garbage and not fact. Its hope, like QE beggars Our public needs to put an end to this and stop being a bunch of zombies, just as much as investors need to stop jamming the stop market up peoples' asses with qe this and that, rumor cue HILSENRATH. Bernanke has already tried saying politely it is on the government and they have done what they could, and now I have a feeling, because its an election year, he will be forced to do qe and have his hand forced. The market is a joke, the gubbmint is a joke, and our future will soon too be a joke. BUT, we will just keep doing what we were doing yesterday so we can pay our bills and let the socialism of the entire government continue to rape us, until the day comes when there 75% lower class and 25% upper. Just a bunch of welfare gettin', mcdonalds pushin', clothes washin' psychos taking back the country from the outsourcing greedy cocky crooked lying bastards that ruined the country over the last 40 years.

    This was one of Thomas Jeffersons biggest fears and it is happening.
    Jul 26 10:51 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Greece Will Drag Down Europe And Refuse To Leave [View article]
    They rallied because of rumors not because the countries are fixed. Are you kidding? People rally on bailouts and bailouts will not fix the problem. The last LTRO lasted how long? Europe hasnt even begun to deal with its troubles OPEN YOUR EYES. German bunds are the safe haven over there so of course they go up. Did you post the greek bond numbers? Things dont go down or up in straight lines.

    Monti was on Itilian tv preaching eurobonds and how Merkel will give in for the better good of Europe. Eurobonds meaning Germany will agree to taking on all of these countries debts through higher yields on their own debt. He is pumping the situation and trying to calm the unrest that is mounting, contagion even. One thing people forget is that all of the idiots running the countries in Europe that are in the most trouble dont have a say in Eurobonds getting passed. EUROBONDS ARE NOT A VOTING SITUATION. it is not up to Portugal Italy Ireland Greece or Spain where Germany and other better off countries put their money. Monti was trying to put his country at ease from this disaster hence Itilian yields dropping.
    May 26 12:45 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The U.S.: Stuck In The Slow Lane For How Long? [View article]
    Too bad it wasnt a range closer to zero and not the 5 year highs so I could make a freakin long term investment in a big company and sleep at night.
    May 12 06:55 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How do you blow up a (London) whale? In the case of JPMorgan Chase (JPM) - which sees $2B in mark-to-market losses and counting - apparently by trying to "hedge" against credit stress by writing protection, and get the whole market playing against you. Despite uncertainty about further losses, Doug Kass is buying the dip though many are more cautious. And don't bet against a resurgence in the Volcker Rule and bank breakup talk, and more downgrades ahead.  [View news story]
    Well it isn't like this should be a surprise. After all there was only 13,800 MAY WEEKLY 41 PUTS BOUGHT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May 10 09:14 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold: The Fate That Awaits Once Fed Stimulus Ends [View article]
    Not really sure why they are waiting to see if the fed will do more qe if needed down the road because they have already said numerous times that they will be there to accommodate if needed in the past couple meetings. The only surprise should be if they decided to never do qe again. I am starting to think the "smart money" has smoked a little too much pot and have forgotten the fed already said they will be there to step in.
    Apr 22 06:21 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Westport Innovations Is Weakening - Take Profits And/Or Short It [View article]
    IT'S NOT A FAILURE IT IS A WIN! Anytime the government decides to not stick their dirty rotten greedy hands in business the better. They have absolutely no business in business and subsidies of business and need to let the free market decide what is best. That way when nat gas engines do become a boom, it was based on good businesses doing good business which will in return be great for shareholders and the public whether you are an investor or not. The free market is a hell of a lot better at business than an overeached government pushing for socialism, and attempting hints of communism here and there, by spending taxpayers money, (and money they don't have) on what they want and not whats good for the people.
    They pushed electric cars and a lot of money was wasted in some form or another, and the people that need to save money on gas the most, are people that can't afford them.
    Mar 27 09:40 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Where Did The Risk Go? 8 Domestic Factors That Can Roil Stock Markets [View article]
    When we hit the debt ceiling we hit the debt ceiling. Last year was an extension for this year and we are already proving we could not make that last. Our country is bankrupt and im not sure how much longer we can get away with it just because we are the United States. The government hasn't made any attempt at cutting spending so why would we get another extension or avoid another rate cut which we have already been prewarned for?
    Mar 26 10:49 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Corn Yield Estimate Likely To Drop Further [View article]
    If a field is a total loss, and the farmer still gets paid, that doesn't mean there's anymore corn in the system because of it. The insurance is there for the farmer. We will still be facing one hell of a shortage in this years crop, no matter what the farmer gets from the government/insurance company.
    Aug 5 11:47 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Evidence Mounts That Deflation Is A Greater Risk Than Inflation [View article]
    I get a little confused when deflation is discussed. Deflation is bad but deflation of our inflation would be good wouldnt it? Hear me out before all you economic experts lash out at me at not understanding how we need inflation to grow, because I do but enough Bernanke is enough.

    We are at a point where middle class income is roughly 50,000 per year. With just one kid, a mortgage at less than the average % of income, 2 modest vehicle payments, and your normal bills...cable internet utilities gas groceries garbage etc...What is left? You are strapped leaving any extras to end up on credit cards-car repairs, time off work for illness injury etc, broken furnace...the list goes on.
    So how do we need inflation right now versus the deflation of inflation?
    We have inflation on things we consume and deflation on things we own. How is that beneficial in anyway? Yes I understand that true deflation is bad, but is deflation of the inflation really all that bad?

    Since the middle class is "supposed" to be the foundation for this country's success, you would think they could live comfortable by going to work everyday, saving not wasting, and come out ok.
    While this may come back to "corporate greed" which does have a big part in it, things are priced rediculous to even get by these days on middle class income.
    New truck 37,000 dollars. 1994 same make and model was 19,000
    ok while people will then come and say thats the unions fault for driving up wages, they need those wages to live comfortable because of every other hiked price so thats a tie. Thats almost 100% inflation on real time things yet wages have not increased worth a damn to make that up. trucks, tv's, services, all of these things have been highly inflationary yet wages have not had a real increase for years.
    I am a firm beleiver in you get what you get if you dont like it better yourself and make more money....Thats fine for the individual, but as a whole, the u.s. economy needs to be able to afford these things and if prices increase yet middle class wages do not, and the middle class is/was the majority, there needs to be a different distribution of the profits. Not an Obama "spread the wealth" by any means but if you dont give the people driving the economy the tools or funds to buy what the guys at the top are selling, the country will never succeed. Ill take some deflation after 15 years of Bernanke because the spread of my paycheck to what it can buy is disgusting. All of my investing and trading aside, (because theres always the risk of losing it and can not count on it as a weekly check)

    So while I do have 2 incomes, my job and the market, and have taken steps to better my life financially, me and my wifes normal incomes beat most as a majority to the country, by that I do not mean I make millions but more than a high percent of the nation....If you look it up it doesnt take much...Yet we dont spend a dime on anything extra, have our vehicles paid off and have no kids.... If I figure in the cost of a kid including daycare and 2 vehicle payments(which we dont have) we are strapped.

    I live the leanest and most boring possible lifestyle you could imagine and I just dont see hoe inflation will help me
    Jun 6 11:05 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold: The Fate That Awaits Once Fed Stimulus Ends [View article]
    Well I guess we aren't in a capitalistic country anymore because I can't do a thing without being regulated.
    May 17 07:31 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold Is Still Golden [View article]
    You forgot to mention one thing. What if some of these euro drowning banks dump their gold on the market because the ecb will not be doing anymore stimulus? Yes it can and could happen and could push gold even lower. If you plan to take a large position in gold of any form please scale in and monitor the Euro crisis more closely, as we are not the only country with a lot of gold. If a country dumps their gold on the market for a last chance at funding their debts, and it has been mentioned recently, there will be even lower demand short term.
    May 16 08:51 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: The Pullback Might Be Worse Next Week [View article]
    agreed. retail on my galaxy is 599.95. when I asked (after I threw it in a dumpster and lost it) Iphone is a status thing in a lot of places. Apple is it's own enemy and the only one. Apple will fail when apple fails itself not some other company beating them. Droid already has market share so what
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  • Today In Commodities: Impending Correction [View article]
    Agreed. I like how everyone says stay away from nat gas and coal when they are at lows. I wish I had chances to get in everything at the lows and here it is right in front of us. I'll take some aapl at $7.00 please. They seem to think nat gas can go below 2.00 at some point this year. I think the price of a gallon of compressed nat gas is around 2.50 or so. It will be attractive at first but if the whole world starts using it, will there really be that much of a glut in the system? Prices will then go up because of demand and because so many rigs have shut down nat gas for oil drilling.
    I haven't been around forever, that is for sure, but that's how diesel started out wasn't it? As an alternative fuel and is now getting harder to find, having to dig deeper and more dangerously to get it, and it's getting even dirtier than it is now.
    Common things I hear is we have 100 years of it in storage and we are burning it at the foil fields to get to the oil. If everywhere starts to utilize this energy, or even just the transportation industry, we will end up having the same issues as we do for diesel(long time away)
    I think nat gas will continue to go lower as we strain for more oil in light of higher oil prices and the threat of war is still around, (when is it ever not around)...Of course, everytime the dollar goes up oil goes down, we could fix the obvious problem instead.
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