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    staying on the sidelines ridiculous PT on $IMUC and another ridiculous PT on $TNXP by joe springer I see 25 still solid just another pump
    Aug 23, 2:15 AM
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    • whataday222: @PYB: Anyone and their dog can sling criticism. Mr. Springer backs his analysis up with analysis. And yours is??? LOL
      Aug 23, 8:18 AM
    • 683: Mr. Springer does back up his analysis and he does have "skin in the game," as they say.
      Aug 23, 9:52 AM
    • sheldond: Three stocktalks all mentioning one author.....someone having trouble taking responsibility for their trades? IMUC made me money! Binaryduh
      Aug 23, 11:54 AM
    • sheldond: Btw thanks for informing the world that you are on the sideline for this one....and this is how you identify an "alien" contrarian indicator
      Aug 23, 11:57 AM
    • sheldond: Name says it your some dd
      Aug 23, 11:58 AM
    • hatvani: You say staying on the sidelines on $IMUC, but hoping to it goes to $3-4 so you can get your money back. Which way is it?
      Aug 30, 10:25 AM