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  • Cummins (CMI +2.3%) CEO Norm Linebarger is scheduled to appear tonight on Jim Cramer's CNBC show to discuss the national move to use more natural gas in transportation vehicles. UPS plans to increase the number of natural gas trucks in its fleet to 800 by the end of 2014, from 112 now, using engines developed by Cummins and Westport Innovations (WPRT +0.8%).  [View news story]
    "existing gas stations" is not the market that CLNE is playing in. CLNE supports fleet vehicles (UPS, taxis, waste haulers, FedEx, buses, etc. because CNG takes too long to fill the big tanks at a "gas station". They are fueled overnight at their home stations. In addition, CLNEs big focus is on the 8 million class 8 trucks that deliver over the road.....thus their build out of the LNG stations with Pilot/Flying J. In addition, when consumers finally catch on and buy pick-ups and cars that use CNG......they'll be able to tap into their home natural gas lines and pump their own fuel in their garage using small compressor stations being developed by GE and others. 2013 won't be a boom year but it is the year that some of the larger Class 8 engines are coming on line and CLNE has stations in place that will allow early adopters a place to fuel.....coast to coast via ANGH.
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  • FedEx Lowers Its Guidance ... Again  [View article]
    If they treat all of their customers like they recently treated me, I can understand why they are having problems. Their web site quick quote for shipping golf clubs from Fla to Mich was $37.10 and cost of their golf shipping box was $10. Drove 2 hrs. (round trip) and when I got to their location, they wanted $55 and $20 for the carton. When I mentioned to the clerks and the fedex office, they really didn't seem to care. Clubs will travel with me, other "stuff" being shipped USPS to make room in car. You can tell a lot about a company by how they treat their small customers.
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  • Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE +4.2%) is initiated with a Buy rating and $15.50 price target at Ascendiant Capital, which says CLNE has become more vertically integrated and is becoming a one-stop shop for the emerging retail natgas market. CLNE's results are primarily driven by expanding fuel sales and the buildout of natural gas highway fueling infrastructure.  [View news story]
    What astounds me about CLNE is that so many people are so short sighted with regard to the impact that LNG fuel will have on potential of US achieving energy independence. Think about it, while the other major world economies continue to send money for oil to the middle east.....the US buys fuels within the US.....keeping those $s circulating in the US vs. sending 10s of billions of $ that only benefit the foreign oil providers. CLNE & Cheniere are the two purest plays on what should be explosive growth of domestic LNG trucking and the LNG export business.
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  • Clean Energy Fuels - When Is The Right Time To Buy?  [View article]
    NYCNEWYORKBANKER: My comment had to do with CNG in a Box being a threat/risk to CLNE. The buses, waste haulers, local UPS, taxis etc. don't generally fuel from traditional filling stations and yes, CLNE is in that space and will continue to support/expand fleet support where possible. (Why would Waste Management want to pay the retail markup at a "local service station" vs. fueling where they park the trucks at night)?

    Also......GE & others are working on providing affordable CNG in a box for home fueling (compressing and pumping CNG from the household gas line). The technology is available but it needs to be made idiot proof or there'll be garages exploding all over the place. (LOL) As far as retail operations are concerned, once the "consumer" car and truck market expands enough, CLNE (and assume T/A and others) can easily add CNG fueling capacity to their LNG stations. Consumer vehicles fueling overnight in their garage is going to play havoc with the "gas station on every corner" concept we've all grown up with.

    khb800: TA is not the industry leader.....they are a distant 2nd place vs. Pilot/Flying J (CLNEs partner). I'd rather partner with a company that has only nat gas as it's product.
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  • Clean Energy Fuels - When Is The Right Time To Buy?  [View article]
    Slight disagreement with your comment about CNG in a box. It is CNG. CLNE focus is LNG. Two different animals and not a threat (risk) to the CLNE ANGH business model.
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  • Microsoft: A Sleeping Giant  [View article]
    Purchased a Windows 8 equipped laptop yesterday. Spent 90 minutes setting it up and decided that it's going back to the store this morning.

    Can you say "New Coke" (or maybe Edsel)?

    A lot of people will make the transition to the new OS but there are going to be many others that will look at it and toss their cookies. As a word to the wise, if you need a new computer, make sure you test drive Windows 8 before you buy. For those of you that like what you see, go for it. For those of you that see a 50% rise in their blood pressure, MSFT will allow OEMs to continue to sell Windows 7 equipped machines until October, 2014 which should be long enough for MSFT to come to their senses and reintroduce a "traditional" Windows product.

    Talked to IT guy from Fortune 500 company and asked opinion of the software.....he said they'd only transition if they wanted to destroy the company. Said it's OK for tablets/phones but has no place on a desktop of laptop used for business.

    Shares of current long position in MSFT will be sold tomorrow and short position opened.

    As for MSF Investments stating that "Berkshire is sniffing around Microsoft"........dogs do that to mailboxs before get the picture.
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  • Microsoft: A Sleeping Giant  [View article]
    Took a ride on a Win 8 laptop last night and I liked it about as much as I liked "New Coke". The laptop is going back to Best Buy this a.m. and shares in MSFT will be sold tomorrow. Word to the wise.....if you grew up with Windows equipment and find yourself in the market for a new computer, make sure you do a test drive before you buy one with Windows 8 installed.

    If you're part of the I Pad/I Phone/Android world, you may like it.

    If you are a traditional Windows user, MSFT will continue to allow OEMs to sell Win 7 until October 2014. Thank God for small favors.

    Long MSFT until tomorrow a.m. Short position thereafter.
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  • Prospects Look Bright For Clean Energy  [View article]
    anacondal: CNG at the local gas station isn't CLNEs market focus. As far as the CNG in a box concept, it's not going to be as big as you might think. GE is also working on a product that will allow a retail customer (read you or me or the guy down the street) to pull his Dodge pick-me-up into the garage and fuel it from the household nat gas line. There will obviously have to be retail stations for refueling on the way to grandma's house 600 miles away but local travel will be fueled in your own garage.

    CLNE knows this. That's why the 8,000,000 class 8 trucks going up and down the freeways is what they see as their future. (Those 8 million trucks average about 100,000 miles each year). Do some rudimentary math......let's say 2% adoption rate per year for 5 years......800,000 LNG trucks on the road, doing 100,000 miles per year. That's a lot of LNG......too much for the relatively small number and small capacity of phase I of CLNEs LNG stations. Their America Nat Gas Hwy is a the minimal investment necessary to support the beginning of the transition from high cost high polluting diesel to cheaper cleaner LNG. As the volume of the nation's LNG class 8 trucks grows, so will CLNEs footprint. This is gonna be something truly wonderful to watch (and profit from) as it unfolds. As hink241 points out above.....the two tractors that FedEx is testing are engines that have the oomph to pull the heavier over the road loads that many of the carriers have been waiting for. I don't know how long the test is going to run but I'm betting the next press release is going to be about FedEx contracting to buy XXX number of LNG tractors.

    CLNE is the pioneer.......and I'm betting that they are smart enough to make certain that their lead in this space is maintained.
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  • Clean Energy Still Bleeding Too Much Gas  [View article]
    FedEx Freight Debuts New LNG Tractors in Dallas

    FedEx Freight has begun beta testing two new tractors powered by liquefied natural gas-only engines. The Dallas LNG tractor test is part of a large-scale sustainability initiative by FedEx Freight to integrate responsible environmental practices into daily operations. “FedEx Freight has a long-standing commitment to minimizing environmental impact, and natural gas—a cleaner burning fuel than diesel—has the potential to translate into lower greenhouse gas emissions,” stated John Smith, Vice President, Safety, Fleet Maintenance and Facility Services for FedEx Freight. “We are proud to be the first fleet to receive these new tractors fitted with natural gas-only engines that are powerful enough to meet our long-haul needs.” The new 12-liter engine is designed to meet the size and power needs of Class 8 trucks. The tractors will be used as part of the carrier’s regular linehaul operations and are expected to log nearly 1,000 miles per day, fueling at Clean Energy's new Dallas LNG truck fueling station on America’s Natural Gas Highway®. The extensive use will enable the company to quickly and thoroughly test the new engine’s ability to meet the needs of day-to-day operations.

    CLNE's into CNG primarily for fleets of vehicles that stay in a somewhat limited area.....refuse haulers, taxis, buses, etc. It is helping to win over state, municipal & fed govts because it's cheap and a lot cleaner than diesel & gas. Get the gov behind it and it will help to speed adoption in personal use vehicles. CLNE is not likely to be a significant player in the CNG retail (cars) space for a lot of different reasons. But it currently helps benefactors like T. Boone and CHK because it will eventually build volume. CLNE will get it's payout and long term benefit in LNG.....translated to AMNG highway. The fairly small number stations of phase one of AMNG hwy and their relatively small capacity (read pumps) a small footprint (read minimal investment) necessary to fuel the class high hp class 8 trucks just now coming to market in what will be small numbers for the short term. Once the adoption of the LNG trucks begins to ramp up, so will CLNE continuation of building out more truck stops and adding more capacity at previously built locations. They build them, manage them, service them and supply LNG from contracted suppliers as well as from two of their own plants. All of the crap about CNG and your neighbor's Ford pick up trucks is ain't CLNEs market or interest. If you drive up and down the interstates/toll roads and look at the infrastructure in place to support the 8 million diesels currently operating......and you imagine that 150 stations with 4 pumps is the extent of CLNEs are sooooooooooo wrong.
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  • Chesapeake: Another Comeback Story?  [View article]
    Scooter-pop: was there an answer to any of my questions in your response?
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  • Chesapeake: Another Comeback Story?  [View article]
    Kim......have there been any studies made that would project incremental expense to the driller if the suggested regs. were enacted? Also, what is the economic benefit of the 60 pad sites for the 99 sq. mile Arlington, Tx. area? Which of your list of 10 would the drillers support vs. object to? Who would enact those regulations? Local/state/feds? Are any of the 10 objectionable enough that there would be litigation if enacted? Are they draconian to the point that it would make a driller pack up and leave? Where do the politicians stand with respect to your list? Not disagreeing that regs may be needed but what are the potential consequences if they were passed?
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  • Chesapeake Energy (CHK -1.2%) has been given permission to frack for natural gas just one mile away from First Energy's Beaver Valley nuclear power station in Shippingport, Pa. State regulators say there are no required setbacks specifically relating to a required distance between unconventional wells and nuclear facilities.  [View news story]
    lol......with all of CHK's other problems this year, they really don't need to be mucking about anywhere in the vicinity of a nuke plant. Not smart.
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  • NatGas Drillers Need Clean Energy Fuels To Boom  [View article]
    "Most of the company's stations are located in the northeast near plays like the Marcellus Shale. There is also a cluster in southern California. It seems to be absent in major plays like the Bakken, where flaring is common, but that should just spell opportunity".

    Although CLNE has a modest number of "retail" stations (CNG), the primary focus of the business model is LNG via ANGH and building/maintaining/s... CNG to their contracted fleet operators. (which includes state & local govts.). By year end they should have +/- 75 LNG stations built or close to completion with another +/-75 planned by YE 2013 which coincides nicely with the ramp up availability of class 8 LNG engines.

    Station in a box concept is for CNG....not LNG. The reason you won't see semis pulling up to station in a box is that numerous technical & "physics" issues will keep semis on LNG, not CNG.

    As far as retail CNG is concerned, GE is also working on an "in home" version that will allow a consumer (you & me) to plug into in home natural gas lines to be able to refuel our vehicles at home. Although there will be retail CNG stations, it would seem illogical to assume that they would be as plentiful as gas stations are now. After all, why would I want to pay a middleman for fuel I can tap into directly at my home?

    And BTW, although CLNE isn't planning on offering CNG at their LNG stations initially, once there is sufficient demand, those LNG stations can easily be configured to pump CNG.

    To address another question above, nat gas prices could triple from where they are now and LNG would still be less expensive than diesel. And that assumes that diesel prices remain flat.....which with all the $$ uncle Ben and the rest of the world govts. have been printing is almost an impossibility.

    As far as capital needs, CLNE has the capital necessary to build out the first 150 stations and has many if not all of the longer term LNG supply contracts in hand for fuel that they can't supply through the two LNG plants they own.

    About the only thing that can keep this train from leaving the station is something called the Federal Government.

    Long CLNE.
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  • Virginia Votes For Natural Gas Transportation And Clean Energy Fuels  [View article]
    Missed this on the first read. Michael said: "The infrastructure created with the Pilot agreement does not support passenger vehicles, only long-haul trucking. Big mistake in my opinion - they should have put CNG refueling pumps in all urban Pilot stations".

    Currently there is not enough demand to warrant the cost/effort to equip the LNG stations to pump CNG. From CLNE web site they state that the LNG stations will not "initially" offer CNG. You probably know this but CNG is pretty much a function of letting LNG convert back to its gaseous state. Once the demand builds, Pilot/Flying J can/will easily supply CNG from LNG.
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  • Prospects Look Bright For Clean Energy  [View article]
    Randy......Although CLNE does have some public access stations, from info on their web site and annual report, most of their attention seems focused on LNG (ANGH) and their CNG fueling stations for fleet operations mostly built on private property. Not for certain but it appears that CLNE recognizes that once the retail market (cars) starts to gravitate to CNG for fuel, companies like GE will have equipment for taking household supply of nat gas and compressing in your garage for fuel. Trying to "own" the retail customer for nat gas is going to problematic. On the other hand, LNG for class 8 trucking is all about location and their partnership with the US largest truck stop operator (Pilot/Flying J) would appear to position them to be a very big player in that space over the long term. As an fyi......they do not initially plan to offer CNG at their Pilot/Flying J stations but they do mention that LNG stations can very easily be configured to pump CNG once retail demand warrants.
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