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  • Is Hydrogenics A Good Investment? [View article]
    It is simple and obvious to understand hygs sells their products too low to make profits. They compete against heavily subsidized competition and hydrogen is NEVER mentioned by US government officials taking bribes from coal, oil, gas, nuclear and ice (internal combustion engine) vehicle manufacturers.

    The mgmt of hygs is doing nothing to promote the only remedy for climate change. That is managing a potential bankruptcy. Voters keep electing crooks taking bribes. Arrogant American hypocrites are sinking America. They know it all.
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  • Why FuelCell Energy Is Set To Soar To New Highs [View article]
    platts3 my comments are facts. Your mind reading is wrong.

    I'm waiting until 2 things happen before I invest in the right fuel cell stock.
    When the stock market tanks it takes all the girls and the piano player.
    Government subsidies to nuclear power prevent profits from FCEL.
    fcel has a great product but mgmt is too ignorant and arrogant to understand accounting.

    Bloom might go public.

    You don't know my strategy. I'm not short.
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  • Why FuelCell Energy Is Set To Soar To New Highs [View article]
    "is on the brink of becoming profitable "

    If you Mr. Guru had any knowledge of accounting you would know that tax credits are worthless for companies that always lose money. Competing against nuclear power getting an annual cash subsidy of $14,000,000,000 using bogus costs demonstrates the ignorance of the FCEL management. Diluting the shares by repeated financing has destroyed potential profits.

    With 200,000,000 shares FCEL needs $2,000,000 for $.01 per share. A $20,000,000 profit for $.10 per share. $10 share price is 100 X $20,000,000 ($.10) profit.

    Calling everybody ignorant should apply to all FCEL stockholders only. Using actual facts exposes a management of fools who actually pay themselves huge salaries by shareholders including POSCO who keep predicting profits that never happen. When the next stock market crash occurs FCEL will trade under $.30.

    Will the Dow hit 17,000 before it tanks? Probably. But if I owned FCEL I wouldn't wait for 17,000 to sell.

    I wonder why POSCO bought FCEL shares. Koreans aren't stupid like Americans.
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  • Why FuelCell Energy Is Set To Soar To New Highs [View article]
    Who will fire the CEO and CFO? They won't fire themselves. POSCO is learning the technology. When FCEL is unable to sell more stock to finance the salaries and bonuses for Arthur, POSCO will make huge profits selling this fuel cell in Asia.
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  • Why FuelCell Energy Is Set To Soar To New Highs [View article]
    Pray for Carl Icahn to own FCEL. If I was CEO I would stop all production to save cash, wait for the next big stock market collapse to drive FCEL to $.30 then buy back 100,000,000 shares for the treasury, then only start production when profits are created with higher prices.

    Trusting FCEL management is ignorant. They have either lied or they have no clue. They are trying to undercut prices from highly subsidized nuclear power ($14,000,000,000 annually). Tax credits are worthless for no profits to tax. Duh.

    After 17,000 is hit the market will top and drop with terrible economic conditions.
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  • Why FuelCell Energy Is Set To Soar To New Highs [View article]
    Renewable is free wind that keeps blowing, the free sun that keeps shining, and the free ocean that won't run out of water. There are plenty of rivers and lakes with fresh water to eliminate desalination cost. Being renewable can be understood by 2nd graders.

    The Indian Point nuclear plant is on the Hudson River. That would be a perfect place to build solar, windmills, combined with the water pressure to generate electrolysis hydrogen to power 133 FCEL plants scattered around NY to remedy the grid problems that exist now. 133 would replace the 2000 MW generated by nuclear power at that plant. Building 133 plants would take less than a year.

    FCEL needs to provide the accounting. The $14,000,000,000 subsidy for nuclear needs to be part of the study. This annual cash subsidy is huge. A tax credit for FCEL is worthless until their profits overcome the $846,000,000 loss they accumulated and growing every time they sell more deals at a loss.

    There needs to be an accurate accounting that compares the cost to drill and refine oil, then to use oil in inefficient internal combustion engines, and the health costs that we know to the penny for treating patients from disease caused by the poison from exhaust. These costs never end. Generating hydrogen by electrolysis using free solar and free wind can't possibly cost more.

    Let's not forget the cost of the BP oil spill and the cost of the Exxon Valdez oil spill because the sonar wasn't fixed for a year before the ship hit the reef. There are thousands of oil spills never reported. America is an ignorant swamp of hypocrisy electing an entire government taking bribes from oil, coal and nuclear power. Plato knew people were too stupid for a democracy.

    There is no health cost from the water generated by FCEL products. FCEL should use hydrogen created by electrolysis instead of using natural gas. They should only use natural gas if there isn't pure hydrogen available.
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  • Why FuelCell Energy Is Set To Soar To New Highs [View article]
    "the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Infrastructure Act for America was introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives."

    If this is passed (very unlikely because Congress is bribed by coal, oil, and nuclear power) it is only a tax credit which is worthless for companies losing money. They are competing with a yearly cash subsidy to nuclear power of $14,000,000,000.

    FCEL management keeps diluting the stock and then they blow that cash by pricing their product to lose. FCEL management has claimed they would be profitable for years. They are not to be trusted.

    There are 5 more nuclear plants being built right now. There is no good reason for this but their bribes to the Congress you people keep electing trumps legitimate business. The end for FCEL is in sight.

    I expected the Fraunhofer IKTS deal would create massive profitable sales in Germany if not most of Europe but nothing has materialized. I suspect POSCO intends to steal the FCEL technology. The Korean sales have lost money too. That's a way for POSCO to destroy FCEL. Koreans are very tough, smart customers.

    CEO Chip Bottone and his team are clowns. Its too bad because they own the best stationary fuel cell system on the planet. FCEL should replace the entire power industry but your American crime family government won't allow that to happen.
    Bridgeport, CT 06605

    Hurricanes, tidal waves, tornadoes, droughts, and floods cost money. Protect Connecticut insurance industry jobs with a total conversion to hydrogen power from gasoline, coal, and nuclear. Prevent 80,000,000 tons of poison from blasting into our atmosphere every day.

    June 17, 2014

    The Honorable Christopher S. Murphy
    United States Senator

    Dear Senator Murphy:

    Eliminate Saudi funding to the Islamic Rebels in Iraq by mandating all new vehicles made or imported into the USA be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Eliminate all production of (internal combustion engines) ICE. The only demand for oil would be for jet fuel. An American domestic mandate for hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles would force all foreign companies to export hydrogen only vehicles.

    Benefits of hydrogen:

    1. The price of gasoline would collapse. Revenue to Saudi Arabia would end.
    2. Hydrogen power eliminates climate change
    3. The ocean would supply the water for hydrogen electrolysis, which eliminates oil spills and enormous drilling costs.
    4. Insurance risk would be reduced from natural disasters and oil spills
    5. Eliminate poisoning our water from the fracking for natural gas.

    If the Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change is sincere there is no reason to delay the mandate to shift exclusively to hydrogen power immediately.


    Steve Miller
    Jun 24 07:30 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why FuelCell Energy Is Set To Soar To New Highs [View article]
    It isn't commercially feasible and hysr is almost broke. There are 400,000,000 shares now.
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  • Why FuelCell Energy Is Set To Soar To New Highs [View article]
    "Disingenuous?" Blatantly ridiculous. Americans are in a trance. They are liars and ignorant. The swamp of hypocrisy is bottomless.

    Trading securities in a market of psychotic, irrational weirdos would be a dumb thing to do.
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  • Plug Power: An Inconvenient Truth [View article]
    An investors dream with $1,000,000,000 in sales in the next 5 years? Is that for the 5 years combined or for the 5th year?

    Plug has one simple advantage that is known to its entire potential customer base. It can refuel in a few minutes compared to hours for charging batteries. Apparently that distinction is not important to the fork lift market. They sell their product for losses with no way to get a premium price for the fueling advantage. These are very simple facts that guarantee constant losses that destroy their cash.

    The brokers who keep selling more new stock to keep financing more losses by Plug get commissions to find ignorant investors. This is the standard psychotic mind set of American stock investors. This stock isn't worth $.10 per share. That doesn't mean psychotic Americans won't pay $10 per share. Betting baseball, football, and basketball games is determined by the score not by crazy ideas that Plug will sell $1,000,000,000 in the next 5 years.

    When this market finally tops we will see a more spectacular collapse than there was in the 1930's. Janet Yellin will destroy the dollar believing that printing money is the remedy. Talk about a psychotic person who has no clue, I recommend Janet for the top prize. America is doomed by voters who keep electing a crime family taking bribes they call free speech. Isn't fantasy land wonderful?

    Anybody invited on CNBC better be bullish or they won't be invited back. A. Gary Schilling proved that fact. Prices are never too high for the Wall Street professionals. With all the cruddy news this year they blamed the weather. Coca Cola blamed the weather. I've never considered the weather when I drink any beverage. I love soda but its terrible for health so I almost never drink soda anymore.
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  • Plug Power: A Short Squeeze In The Making? [View article]
    "On the positive side, Hyundai (OTC:HYMLF) launched its first hydrogen fuel cell powered SUV in California on June 10. Although the lack of infrastructure and the high cost of building hydrogen-fueled cars are serious constrains, "

    A serious constraint? Was that a joke? Does the owner intend to push the vehicle?

    Tell us specifically what the high cost is. You don't have a clue. If they gave the vehicle away for free its worthless without fuel.
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  • Plug Power: A Short Squeeze In The Making? [View article]
    Tell us what fuel cell cars cost to mass produce.

    No car is worth anything when there is no fuel for it.

    You are an ignorant jerk. Thanks for calling me a nut case. Now I have a legit reason to expose your unlimited stupidity.
    Jun 19 09:33 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Plug Power: A Short Squeeze In The Making? [View article]
    h2o is water. When you're dumb and ignorant calling anybody a nut case adds another level of ignorance. Electricity is created by solar and wind.

    Free water, free wind, and free sun is a no brainer that you are too dumb to grasp.

    Competing against subsidized nuclear power at $14,000,000,000 annually is more stupid. Electing an entire government taking bribes is more stupid.

    Dumb would be a compliment for you are in a deep trance.
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  • 4 Terrific Reasons To Buy FuelCell Energy On The Drop [View article]
    FCEL and Bloom Energy compete against the highly subsidized, dangerous nuclear power industry that is given $14,000,000,000 annually from Obama for the bribes Obama receives. Energy is strictly political. There is no free market. American shareholders and management of both companies are too ignorant to grasp accounting.

    The future for FCEL ends when they can't dilute their shares any longer. Free market ignorance has no bottom.
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  • How Low Can Plug Power Go? [View article]
    Banking on the never ending ignorance of shareholders and management will be rewarded. There is no reference to the suicidal risk of climate change wiping out the planet's food supply. The media never mentions the droughts in CA, TX, and OK where crops will not be harvested in 2014.

    The idea that magic optimism will, will will prosperity with a magic wand and make food appear regardless of the weather is the all-American ignorance that stupid mismanagement never matters. Will optimistic will trump mass ignorance?

    Selling hydrogen fuel cell products and service at constant losses financed by diluting the stocks into oblivion is the remedy to paying exorbitant salaries to executives who never tout the only remedy to prevent disaster. We American citizens keep electing a government taking bribes from coal, oil, nuclear power, and ICE vehicle companies.

    The claim that hydrogen fuel cell power is more expensive than the highly subsidized, dangerous nuclear power ignores accounting. Even if a complete conversion to hydrogen for all power began today it might be too late. If the government actually intended to go green they would begin today, not tomorrow.

    The only remedy that would make stockholders super rich from hydrogen would be to join a 3rd party to eliminate the crime family taking bribes they call free speech. Energy is political it will never be a free market. The free market is too stupid to stop the 80,000,000 tons of daily poison belched into our atmosphere from tail pipes and smoke stacks. If all cars were powered by batteries the poison would come from smoke stacks instead of tail pipes. No one needs to be an engineer to understand that.

    Stay short because the entire market will head back to test the 6000 DJI low. There are 49,000,000 Americans on food stamps now who consume very little. That number expanded from 26,000,000 in 2006. Not one economist but me recognizes that fact.
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