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  • How To Fight The Fed  [View article]

    May I suggest an alternative interpretation?

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  • China stocks gain following another cash infusion  [View news story]

    The next big regional or world war won't be conventional for long. The "losing" side will resort to cyber IMO. Excess capacity by transferring from a butter or lack of butter economy to a guns economy won't do the trick either short or long term. Those days are long gone even if the combatting nation states stay conventional due to robots, AI, etc.
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  • How To Fight The Fed  [View article]

    Please don't leave out the PBOC.
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  • China stocks gain following another cash infusion  [View news story]

    The scary thing is that London, NYC, So Cal, and Miami high end property markets are detoriating too.
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  • China stocks gain following another cash infusion  [View news story]
    I agree that many do not know that other countries also do what the Chinese do including US markets by our Treasury Dept and Federal Reserve. It is called the Plunge Protection Team.

    With that said, artificially stimulating equities in the short term only postpones the day of reckoning and it will make the correction only worst.
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  • Ignore The Sirens Of The Stock Market  [View article]
    change is the only constant,

    It is difficult to understand anyone's justification for writing or saying anything. It is akin to knowing their innner thoughts, which I don't know.

    If I were to opine and recognzing that it maybe wrong or way off base, I'd say the title opening and concluding paragraphs provide the reason he wrote it and the body paragraphs substantiate his reasons.

    He doesn't trust equity markets over the mid and long term. He is cautioning investors to not buy stocks because a CB went NIRP. It is more important to watch what bond markets are doing.
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  • Ignore The Sirens Of The Stock Market  [View article]
    change is the only constant:

    The author shouldn't advise you because he doesn't know your risk tolerance, how much money you have invested in stocks, bonds, type of equities and bonds, your knowledge about options, how much cash you have to invest, debt, etc.

    He did discuss or infer getting out of equities, however. I think that is sound advice at this time.
    If you miss a short term upswing and fundamentals return to a more positive signal you can always buy back in without experiencing a signifcant downside. On the flip side if the fundamentals continue to detroriate markedly and therefore commensurately stock prices you can't get that back if you are mostly in stocks over the next couple of years or longer.
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  • Alphabet Q4 Earnings Solid Across The Board  [View article]
    Excellent article on revenue y/o/y comparisons.It was short and to the point.
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  • That Didn't Take Long  [View article]

    You said, "Wiki is a good source b/c it has to cite all references that support all the facts/claims made, otherwise it is ignored/flagged."

    Unfortunately, many readers of Wiki also agree with you. There are many critics of it's site, however due to naivete. I'll supply a link that supports not relying on Wiki.


    Another site from Business Insider recognizes and asserts that speculation was rampant in the German stock market.


    With that said a reasonable inference would be to short the mark since the private German CB was also attempting to monetize it's debt while real wages were actually decreasing. Are you telling me speculators wouldn't see that?

    From the book Economics and Politics in the Weimar Republic by Theo Baiderst he too writes that speculation on the mark caused hyperinflation.


    You can choose to believe that the hyperinflation that occurred during the Weimar Republic was mostly due or a significant contributor to printing money but the real causes are more complex than just reparations and printing money as you assert.
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  • Microsoft Suffers Revenue Decline In The December Quarter  [View article]

    You may very well be right regarding the IFRS. It has been discussed that eventually the US will also go that way. I can recall that the US would also go metric and that hasn't happened so only time will tell.

    As far as the metric GAAP vs non-GAAP or adjusted earnings I agree with the author with a nuance. My nuance would be if the adjusted earnings reflect a large difference due to a non-recurring and a real one-time event.

    I do not consider currency a one-time event, for example. The dollar is the reserve currency. Investors need to realize that. A non-recurring event would be shutting down a plant or a long term cylce that was prevalent has now turned such as McKesson recently mentioning that their generic sales will not be as robust as they were the past 4 or so years.
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  • That Didn't Take Long  [View article]
    Wiki is not an accurate source for many subject IMO. Contributors are not edited for their accuracy.

    If you want more info on speculation in the 20s you will have to do it by using your favorite search engine. I would suggest Weimar Republic, Inflation, Speculation.

    I've provided an authoritative link. Ellen Brown is one of the most respected authors on the fractional reserve system. Her knowledge is light beams beyond most economists. She is lawyer and has researched extensively on fiat currency.
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  • Microsoft on the hot seat in Iowa  [View news story]
    What about hacking?

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  • That Didn't Take Long  [View article]
    The inflation caused by the Weimar's CB in Germany wasn't because of the printing press as you assert. It was due to rampant speculation by a privatized German CB in the 20s and foreign speculators.

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  • Week In FX: BOJ Shock To Pressure Central Banks  [View article]
    To date most of the companies that I follow have reported down revenues y/o/y and improved ops earnings or at least better than loss of revenue and of course improved EPS but net income on GAAP basis are almost all below y/o/y or slightly better. This has been happening for part of 2015 and appears to be occurring going into 2016. Companies can't continue to improve margins without losing key personnel IMO. Cap budgets are cut or diminished as a percentage of reveunue but buybacks and/or dividend increases occur.

    In short financial engineering and not fundamentals is causing this market to appear good when in fact it is in need of repair. Given the recent B of J action, when will China and the ECB act?
    Jan 30, 2016. 07:00 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kimberly-Clark Looks Ripe For A Fall Off Of Earnings  [View article]
    As a former holder of UL, I think they are the better buy. They are not experiencing the currency headwinds that CL and PG are. The margins are also improving. Of course on the downside the divided payment is also reduced due to King Dollar.
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