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  • GM halts certain Cadillac sales; No fix for recall yet [View news story]
    It appears that GM has gone from neglecting to respond to the clearly obvious to attempting to idiot-proof the vehicles. Twenty years ago, most drivers had the door, trunk,house and perhaps an office key along with the remote on their key rings. For the past ten years or so, people have been adding all sorts of stuff and today they can put 3-5 oz. of weight on their key ring. As soon as GM learned of this problem, it failed to act and for that, it is guilty. The fact that society has changed how it drives, that the car key ring has evolved into an everything ring, is not GM's fault. HOWEVER, GM learned of the changes and found that the old ignition system did not work with the changes, and then hid what it knew and then allowed more accidents to happen without making the changes, well, that is wrong and GM will pay dearly. Failing to act on that change, to create an ignition switch that supports the changing function of the car key ring is GM's fault.
    Now the company has determined that if someone has their knees high enough to hit the ignition switch, the engine could turn off. I wonder where this will end.
    At some point, we are going to find all sorts of possible driver caused issues that are going to create a recall nightmare.
    Jul 20 12:18 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • GM's Woes Too Quickly Discounted: Recall, Culture Issues Will Negatively Impact Stock [View article]
    Just look at Toyota
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  • GM's Woes Too Quickly Discounted: Recall, Culture Issues Will Negatively Impact Stock [View article]
    A bit of history here:In l986, GM launched the new H body series, and a new 3.8 fuel injected engine with a new transmission. The trans performed so poorly that dealers were given extra transmissions to reduce wait time. The dealership I sold for still had to wait list customers. The engine had a PROM issue that caused it to stall out. I do not recall if there were any deaths, but it took a while to get that mess fixed.
    Quality control was a joke, and for those of you around in l986, the upstart Honda was being made in Marysville,Ohio.
    From the start of the '86 model year, until the start of the 88', the trouble plagued 3.8 engine, along with transmission and other poor quality problems cost GM dearly.
    I would have thought that as soon as this ignition switch issue surfaced,GM would have moved quickly to fix it and while the labor costs are far more than the part, a speedy resolution would have preserved a better reputation.
    I understand that the ignition switches were designed for a few keys. And today, I have seen what some people attach to their key rings. A whole lot more than the ounce or less than we had back in the mid 80's, but times changed and everyone knows that multiple fobs,and remotes and you name it go on key rings that go into the ignition switches.
    History, at least for GM , repeats itself as far as how it handles defect issues.
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  • Krystal looks to step up into the burger war [View news story]
    I am going to break steep with the previous comments. I discovered Krystal Burgers in Gainesville, Florida in the late 60's. After moving to Jacksonville,I continued to enjoy this square burger with the onions and the steamed buns.
    When I moved north, I had to do without.
    Every time I went home to visit my family I made a stop for a Krystal Burger. Now, I get to enjoy them in Atlanta when I visit family there.
    No other chain around my current home town offers the product. It is afterall, considered a southern tradition.

    I know they are not the healthiest product, but every once in a while, I enjoy eating some less than health food meals.

    I hope Krystal will find its way to Maryland.
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  • GM recalls reflect company "living on the brink of disaster," bailout leader says [View news story]
    Dear Sugarsail1. While you are correct that the ambulance chasers have taken control of this issue, a little integrity can go a long way to instill buyer confidence and support for the product. Lets face it, the so called 50 cents part is more like $80 by the time the dealer warranty claim is paid.
    However, since perception becomes reality, the reality is now that GM is greedy, careless and mean. Why else, as the lawyers are saying on the cable shows, would GM have refused to fix this issue as soon as it learned about it.
    Also, there is perception that the new GM head has given a giant hall pass to those in the leadership chain that allowed this ignoring of the problem to continue for more than a decade.
    For those of us who remember how GM handled quality and safety issues in the mid 80's, its whatever Yogi Berra said it was, all over again.
    May 26 12:03 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • GM recalls reflect company "living on the brink of disaster," bailout leader says [View news story]
    Where do you get your numbers from? Defective only because the lawyers got into it. Nobody used to carry a quarter pound of junk on a key ring. Used to be a few house keys plus the car key and a key fob. Now, everything but the kitchen sink on the keys. Just watch when someone plunks down the load at a cash register while trying to get their bank card out. Add labor and you have a $80 repair. Still trying to determine exactly how many lives and would love to learn how heavy the load was on the key ring. As noted in other reports, the switches were only designed for a few keys.
    May 23 10:37 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • GM recalls reflect company "living on the brink of disaster," bailout leader says [View news story]
    Does anyone remember the following in GM history? The launch of the "H" body cars with the 3.8 fuel injected engine that kept stalling? The transmissions that kept failing with enough frequency that the company allowed dealers to keep extras on hand(without charge) so that cars could be put back on the road sooner. And let us not forget the windows that suddenly dropped into the door panels due to a problem with the clips that held them in place. And the drivers side door arm rest that would come off if you pulled the door closed too hard.(screws were too short)
    That faulty 3.8 fuel injected engine would plague GM until the launch of an amazingly well made and long lasting 3800 Series II engine. However by the time the transmission issues and the engine issues were resolved, the damage to GM was done. The "H" body launch began with the l986 model and it was not until the l988 model that the problems were fixed. Recall that during that same time, Acura was launched and Honda and Toyota were growing. GM knew about these issues and while it took time for the big fixes, lots of damage was done to the image of the brand by the small problems. The factory could have held up release to replace the fault clips in the windows and the door handles that fell off because the screws were too short. Same mentality then as with the ignition switches now.
    May 22 02:08 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Nordstrom To Close Lloyd Center Mall Store In Portland, Ore., And Vancouver Mall Store In Vancouver, Wash. [View article]
    This is why I like Nordstrom over Macys for the long term. Company is not afraid to close stores that are under performing. Macys just puts a coat of paint and the min. amount of money and then keeps cutting store staff which in turn results in less service, to make the numbers work.
    Feb 20 01:09 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Big Three look to incentives to clear dealer lots [View news story]
    I am not certain why anyone would NOT expect a large inventory at this date. Record snows, cold temps, ice storms into Dixie. Lets get real here. On the Positive side, older cars that were totaled either by accidents or trees will have to be replaced. Don't laugh at this, because a record number of accidents have been registered in the states with bad weather. The fiasco in Atlanta tallied several hundred accidents, most involving more than one vehicle.. Auto insurance companies are still trying to get a handle on all the claims. Body shops in several large cities are looking at a 45-60 day supply of work.
    Feb 9 12:53 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • General Motors Company declares $0.30 dividend [View news story]
    Nice touch! GM still needs to resolve the supply issues on the new Corvette. It is finally making a product that the public wants to buy, and without rebates!(who could have predicted it) GM has stated before it does not want too much capacity but there is a happy medium. GM needs to lose the arrogance and get the product into the hands of the consumers. One strong flagship car that is right for right now would do wonders for the company image and the bottom line. Listen to the consumer!
    Jan 14 05:24 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • McDonald's looking around for new ketchup supplier [View news story]
    I no longer order soda with my Papa Johns pizza, due to the selling out to Pepsi. I would really like to know the terms of the deal Papa Johns got to dump Coca Cola.
    Oct 27 10:02 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • McDonald's looking around for new ketchup supplier [View news story]
    because, as we have seen time after time, there is no law against stupidity. There is a difference between other brands and Heinz. I will have to bring my own ketchup with me when I go to MacDonalds. OR, I will go to burger king,where I can still get my favorite Heinz.
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  • Retail watch: Apparel sellers suffering from crowding out effect [View news story]
    Macys is still challenged in several markets by over population of its stores due to the merger. In the Mid Atlantic region. The Federated stores did not have the customer income of Macys. Those stores still do not have the customer income to qualify as Macys. Macys stores are no more than a 15 minute drive from one another. Most are under 175k square ft and lack the variety and quantity of merchandise.
    With six Nordstroms in the region, the old Macys customers with money tend to shop for clothes at Nordstroms. At the lower end, the Nordstrom Rack stores are growing in our region and taking away ladies sales especially in shoes. Nordstrom is so confident of its Rack plan, that it put a Rack store within walking distance to one of its Nordstrom stores in a mall that also holds a Macys. Norstrom suffered very little erosion, however, Macys took a hit.
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  • Report: General Motors to develop more diesel trucks [View news story]
    Ford has also been putting money into the Transit Connect small cargo and passenger van. The new units are to be imported from Valencia, Spain. I see them around the Washington, DC region in use by florists, catering companies and various service companies. Very easy to drive in downtown environments and into parking garages. Nissan is also doing a a mid sized cargo van. While GM still runs with the larger Savannah full size cargo and passenger units.
    Aug 26 11:28 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment