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  • BlackBerry Could Be This Year's Winner [View article]
    Marcap, " BlackBerry has become an irrelevant company with an irrelevant product" wow. That is quite a statement about a company whose product is in 65% of all cars on the road today. Are you telling me that iOS and Android are so powerful that they can now replace all the cars on the road?

    Kunarooney, I don't know who the last big company to adopt BBRY is, but if you look at a list of the Fortune 500 and throw a dart, I bet you hit one that is currently using BBRY.
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  • 10 Reasons To Go Long BlackBerry [View article]
    yongzhou, how did you get to see their balance sheet a week before earnings are released? Last earnings report showed 1.910 billion and 821 million in short-term investments, that basically means cash, add the 2 togther and you get 2.7 billion. Not quite 3 billion, but closer to 3 than it is 2.
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  • 10 Reasons To Go Long BlackBerry [View article]
    Dlepski, so you managed to find another BBRY basher, good for you, I am sure it was difficult. For everyone of these articles that put down the phone, there is one that speaks of its merits. Personal opinions vary greatly in this world and that is why there is room for more than 2 operating systems. Harrywins, if one of your 25 easons is lack of apps, change the title to 24 reasons, the lack of apps is a non-issue. I would really enjoy reading that article though so I am looking forward to it.
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  • Why Research In Motion Is Still Cheap [View article]
    "Virtually no smartphone users are going to ditch their iPhones or Androids for a Blackeberry" Is a vastly different statement than " Are you honestly telling me that BB10 will cause the HERDS of Apple faithful to ditch their iPhones? ". The answer to the second question is no, but RIMM doesn't need that herd to switch, they just need some of them to, and your supposition in the first comment is that no one will. You are going to opposite extremes to try and prove a point.
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  • Research In Motion: Bad Speculative Play With Big Risk [View article]
    I am so tired of the comments of RIM being too late. I didn't hear anyone say that Blu-Ray is too late, DVD's already have 100% of the market, and don't say it is different, because we haven't seen whether the new Blackberrys will be a game changer or not, like Blu-Rays are. Not even 10% of the worlds population have smartphones, to declare one or two winners, and everyone else as losers seems premature to me.
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