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  • Cheniere defends shareholder vote approving CEO share award [View news story]
    I don't think any CEO should get $146 million bucks if his company has lost money eight straight years in a row. What cracks me up is how the regular Joe's out there that make the minimum wage getting beat up by everyone on CNBC when pay raises or raising the minimum wage comes up. But when it comes to giving some figurehead CEO twenty or thirty million in stock bonuses, it's "that's great, these people deserve every milliion"! Very few people are worth more than $1 million a year. I will not invest in Cheniere for that reason. If they pay this clown $150 million for losing money, how much will they pay him if they ever MAKE money.
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  • I Was Wrong About Apple [View article]
    Anyone who bought Apple when it got hammered and went under $400 had a lot of smarts, not to mention common sense. I actually think the stock has grown back to almost $700 a little too quickly seeing as the iphone 6 is still not ready, but if everyone that has an iphone 4 or 5 model upgrades, as I believe they will, this stock could go through the roof! I am onboard and hope it happens soon. Apple needs to get the show on the road for the 6 soon.
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  • How Chevron Could Make Up To $14.4 Billion In Extra Revenue [View article]
    Whoops, forgot to add the link to the article in Barrons which I mentioned above:
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  • How Chevron Could Make Up To $14.4 Billion In Extra Revenue [View article]
    Nice article on (CVX) in Barron's Magazine yesterday and the topic was Chevron having a 30% upside and the fact that (CVX) is now the top integrated oil corporation of all the majors. I have a large position in (CVX) as well as Eog Resources(EOG) and Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD). All three have been outstanding investments for my portfolio.
    Jun 27 03:19 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Great Correction Of 2014? Don't Drink The Kool-Aid [View article]
    Had it not been for the most expensive war in American history, the Iraq War, our economy would most likely be well ahead of where it is today. Wars bring recessions, just check out what happened to the USA economy after WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and then Iraq. Big recessions after each one. A depression after WWI when the banks tightened the purse strings instead of loosening them.

    The two reasons why we are, as a nation doing so well?

    1- The USA is finally recovering from the huge war expense in Iraq. We will be paying for this war for the next fifty years as veterans use the VA system to pay for their ills and PTSD, but we will be able to deal with those expenses.

    2- Energy Independence. The USA is producing its own energy and should be energy independent by 2020, an amazing feat. When the USA was the world's leading oil producer before, during and just after WWII, we were able to climb out of a huge financial hole the war had put us into. That is happening again with our domestic oil/natural gas boom.

    So, to get to the point. America and its industry is doing just fine. We are growing our own food, supplying our own energy and not in a war. Let's hope that we don't get another low IQ President who thinks we need to start another war to show how tough we are. It is time for the rest of the world to fight their own battles. Meanwhile, we will remain vigilant and let our industry do the talking.
    Jun 11 09:07 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Great Correction Of 2014: Be Prepared To 'Buy The Dip' [View article]
    I would like to add one thing to what my posts above pretty much stated: If you want to invest in America as well as yourself, buy some shares of one of our great domestic oil/natural gas companies. NO, I don not work for any oil/LNG company, but I do feel they are working for us, the American people. By investing in what may be the greatest oil boom in our nation's history, you also make our nation stronger and make money doing it. Also, if you think the price of a gallon of gas is high right now(and I feel it is high), just think how high it might be if we did not have so many great companies in the USA producing it for us right now.

    My favorite domestic oil/natgas plays right now are: (EOG), (PXD), (CLR), (WLL), (FANG), (RRC) and (OAS). I am long with (EOG) and (PXD), two great companies and would love to own the others too, but my portfolio would be way out of whack if I overloaded on domestic oil companies. Whatever, domestic oil is the investing opportunity of a lifetime and to all of you who are long on a domestic, best of luck.
    Jun 11 10:58 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Great Correction Of 2014: Be Prepared To 'Buy The Dip' [View article]
    Thank you Go Lakers. Good to see that you feel as I do and have a positive attitude on our great nation's business prospects. Negativity is bad for one's health as you and both know.
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  • The Great Correction Of 2014: Be Prepared To 'Buy The Dip' [View article]
    Woo Hooo!!!! Gold you say?
    Jun 11 10:41 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Great Correction Of 2014: Be Prepared To 'Buy The Dip' [View article]
    FreeMkt, Obviously you do not like the EPA, but without rules and laws to protect our environment, we would all have cancer or would be dead from toxins in our food and water. You are obviously too young to remember when lead was put into our gasoline and paints not that long ago to improve those products, but the EPA fought to get the lead out, saving millions of Americans from the toxicity of Lead (PB). Same thing with hundreds of other toxins Free. Maybe you don't care about drinking clean, toxin free water, but most Americans do worry about what we eat, drink and breath. Obviously, you would rather kill people than kill a job that kills us. How sad.
    Jun 11 10:39 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Great Correction Of 2014: Be Prepared To 'Buy The Dip' [View article]
    There are three reasons why USA stocks keep rising:

    1- We are no longer at war. Wars drain economies and the Iraq War in particular, cost Americans more tax dollars than any war in our history. Had we not gone to war, who knows where stocks would be valued today. Give President Obama credit for keeping our nation out of conflict. Many in Congress wanted us to join the fight in Egypt, Syria, against Iran and even the Ukraine to mention just a few messes we stayed away from.

    2- America is headed to becoming energy independent. Our natural gas and oil deposits are transforming our nation. We are almost free of being held hostage by the middle east when it comes to oil. Nations that produce enough oil/LNG to supply their needs, flourish.

    3- Companies are returning to the USA because of cheaper energy. That means jobs are coming back with them. The rule of law in the USA and patent protection is also a reason why America is the place for creating and building products. Cheap overseas labor is no longer the main reason for companies going to China, India, Vietnam or anywhere else.

    So there it is. America is a force once again and with all the hi tech we have at our fingertips, the USA is leading the way as the world's most powerful economy. That's why stocks are going up. If you are a believer in corrections, well yes, there are always reasons for corrections, but right now, there are none. The market is moving at a nice slow pace higher. Trying to time a dip is nearly impossible. Best advice: Buy good companies that produce great products.
    Jun 10 11:45 AM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • I Was Wrong About Apple [View article]
    When the new iphone 6 comes out, if you are still short this stock, I will wonder what you were thinking, but having said that, I am long Apple and would like to thank you for "giving" your cash to me when the short squeeze goes into high gear.

    Good luck Mr. Blair, you will need it.
    Jun 9 02:53 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Calm Before The Storm [View article]
    The one negative thing about our nation that I left out in my post above that DOES have me worried about our nation's direction is this: Low wages are keeping too many Americans in poverty. Quality jobs are no longer available that pay well unless you have the skills to fill them. It seems that the chasm between the wealthy and the poor is growing in the USA. A nation without a middle class may be dangerous. Can America function without a middle class? I don't think so.

    The other problem is this: Because education after high school is becoming more and more expensive, more and more Americans are being priced out of a good education. This is sad and any society that cannot educate its citizens, will fail. It seems that the wealthy of the world are sending their children to the USA for an education, while too many of our own qualified students cannot afford to pay for a post high school degree. If this doesn't change, we may be done as a democracy.
    Jun 4 12:29 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Best Dividend Growers, Part 16: Cummins [View article]
    I own Cummins and have continued to add to my long position. Great company, great products, good management. This company is the best of breed truck engine maker in a time when trucks are in need of new engines or companies are in need of new trucks. The LNG engine Cummins makes is top of the line.

    Also: Is Union Pacific (UNP) going to be on the list of great dividend stocks? It is a fabulous investment to own long, plowing dividends back into more shares.
    May 30 03:37 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Calm Before The Storm [View article]
    A lot of "experts" have been predicting a 10%-20% correction for the last four years and it just hasn't happened. Why? Well, I can think of a couple of reasons why stocks keep going up and both are as plain as day:

    1- Anytime a nation gets involved in a major war/conflict, a recession of consequence always follows and that nation suffers. Our nation has gone into deep recessions after both world wars(a depression after WWI), a recession that lasted most of the early 1950's after WWII, a recession after the Korean War, a severe recession after the Vietnam "Conflict" that was equally as bad on the economy, as was the recession after the Iraq War, (the USA spent 1 Trillion dollars of our hard earned cash on the Iraq War without any added taxes to fund the whole mess-as our President just kept asking Congress to keep passing huge supplemental bills to fund that war). Wars cause recessions. We are now in recovery mode and let's hope we don't take the advice of many politicians who always want to go to war and get into another one that makes no sense. Leave the wars to Libya, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Iran etc and let them battle it out on their own. Meanwhile, we Americans will try to prosper by being worried more on building our own defense against aggressors here in the USA.

    2- The USA is going through what maybe its greatest energy boom in fifty years. The thing that is fueling our economy has nothing to do with how long a bull market has to run, or what the charts have shown will happen based on past patterns, but more on the fact that our nation can now support its energy needs on its own. We are headed for energy independence and that means no other nation can strangle us, as those Middle Eastern nations did in the 1970's, by stopping the flow of oil to the USA. Today, we can let the radical emams shut off their oil to the West, who cares. As long as we have all that oil/LNG coming out of the ground in America, our prosperity will continue. This bull market may run for quite some time, just as long as some dumb politician doesn't mess it up trying to change the world.

    Finally, energy independence is what is going to make America great again. Companies are returning to the USA after leaving, because we have cheap energy and a civil society that lives by law. The more companies that come to the USA, the more effluent our citizens will become. The Bull may run for a couple of decades as I see it.
    May 30 02:31 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Calm Before The Storm [View article]
    So far, as I understand it, Obamacare is actually bringing healthcare costs down. That's why you don't hear the right screaming about it anymore. Plus, now that people can get healthcare, the GOP is worried that Americans who can now afford to cover their health issues, will vote the GOP right out of existence. Something had to be done to change the way we were going and it looks like Obama was the only man in America with the guts to do just that. If the GOP cared about our health, then they should have done something to correct the mess we were in. Going to war in Iraq cost this nation $1,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) dollars. Just think if we had used that cash on a healthcare plan instead of a fake war on WMD.
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