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Phil Wasserman is one of the leading annuity and life experts, licensed since 1979. He is licensed in almost 40 states and has almost 400 licensed representatives working with him throughout the country. In addition, Phil has trained over 1,000 agents and spoken to over 25, 000 senior citizens about annuities and life insurance.

Phil is also the winner of the Alliznz Top Gun award as the leading representative out of almost 200, 000 representatives and the author of the widely used Outlasting the Storm; A Guide Retirement Planning and Annuities.

In 2008, Phil Wasserman, with the help of Dr. Donald Moine, did a sales training for charity attended by top insurance and security industry representatives. ...More
  • Description: Small business owner.
  • Interests: Annuities, Options
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Phil Wasserman Annuities Phil Wasserman's annuities blog discusses the importance of annuities and future retirement plans so customers can gain their own understanding of certain financial procedures to be aware of as they age.
Outlasting the Storm Phillip Wasserman's book has been used to train over 8000 annuity salespeople and representatives. Amidst this precarious economic climate, investors are more uncertain than ever on the right avenues through which to allocate their retirement portfolios. Phillip Wasserman, one of the leading annuity experts ...More