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  • Consolidated Edison Might Not Be A Good Option [View article]
    Thank you for writing this story. The last time someone wrote so negatively about this money in the bank dividend stock the price dove and I sold a PUT that assigned me in my price was lowered to the point where my shares are paying me a full 5% dividend. At a time when the banks are nearing the point of charging me to hold my money I'd much rather have it earning something and 5% is better than any cd I have seen for over 5 years. On top of that the ED price rebounded after I bought it. As I said thank you for talking it down so maybe I can sell another PUT at a favorable price.
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  • With The Declining Trend In Coal, Is CSX Still A Buy? [View article]
    twm3823 I have stock in ARII which makes the oil tank cars and has 2 years worth of orders backed up. They prefer to lease them usually directly to the oil companies and they do sell them also. If a railroad is buying oil cars directly it is with the intent of leasing them which is a very lucrative business. In the case of ARII I'm sure they view any upgrades for safety as an additional money maker.
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  • With The Declining Trend In Coal, Is CSX Still A Buy? [View article]
    I am so impressed with the results this railroad has attained with all of the headwinds they had to overcome I can't wait to see what happens as the economy is finally picking up speed.
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  • Can CSX Come Out Of Its Slump Next Week? [View article]
    If I recall correctly the close miss in the 1st qtr was a non recurring write off related. Also, since they warned I'm not overly optimistic about the results of the winter from h@ll. However, I love this stock for its very promising future. They continue to do all of the right things to improve their situation. Once the widened Panama Canal opens the already good container business should become fantastic. As you noted in the article they have spent quite a bit to ready the entire network for this growth opportunity and I believe in the near future it will pay off in spades.
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  • Old Economy Strikes Again: Why Investors Need To Keep A Close Eye On This Rail Stock [View article]
    Bruce7b. Like me you have way too much time on your hands. I used to own some pipe lines and if you have ever owned one you know that is much different than holding stock in one. At the end of the year they pass along to you your % of each balance sheet item and you have to report all of that info to the IRS on your return. Its a real pain in the butt. About 5 years ago it was also well worth the pain then they started losing money because the maintenance costs kept going up and the energy prices leveled off. The older the pipes the more maintenance they require. In a race to put down rails for a train and pipes I have been lucky enough to see a modern track laying operation and it was amazing to watch as a 50 car train load of rails triple stacked and spanning flat cars as they were lifted right off the train and onto the ties that also arrived by rail and were also laid by specialized equipment. They can do quite a bit very quickly. Since you like to google try this search "court cases against pipelines". Not one pipe can be laid until a final ruling and no matter which side wins these battles there is an appeal. That takes a lot of time. In the case of declining rails it is from abandonment of non productive spurs and in many cases the right of ways are still owned by the railroads. As to passenger trains the inept Amtrak system has turned the corner and is now significantly growing ridership. I am a one man advocate for national high speed passenger railroad which is why I continue to buy railroad stocks so that my one voice will continue to get higher. I devised a national system for them and offered them my plan free no strings attached but they have their own ideas which is about a dozen or so individual high speed lines in areas indicating they may succeed. IF they succeed than maybe one day they may try to speed up the connections to them. As to one accident such as the one you noted wiping out an entire railroad, I also own CSX which is the road that took the hit and it was less than 1c on the quarters eps a long cry from bankrupting them. I agree it was horrible and also stupid in that there were a lot more cautions without a single change in the cars themselves that could have been done to prevent that accident. I do still think the car design can use more safety improvements too. UNP is buying the cars because they want the tons of money ARII is making by leasing them. If they can lease them to the oil companies and then charge them to move them too...well you get the picture. Also, the shale oil is being found in almost every state. I don't see any rail line losing a dime in their oil segment of their balance sheets for decades to come.
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  • Old Economy Strikes Again: Why Investors Need To Keep A Close Eye On This Rail Stock [View article]
    Bruce7b it is my understanding that the oil cars are owned or leased by the oil companies and that the railroads only make their money by moving them from one place to another. In addition to UNP I also have stock in ARII a company that manufactures rail cars and leases them and they have so many orders for oil tanker cars that it will take more than 2 years just to meet existing orders. Also, building a pipeline is a very long slow process. No one wants it in their back yard and they fight it and drag it out forever. In addition to that years of surveys into the effects on the horned toad frogs and other critters need to be completed before one can even put shovel to ground on a new pipeline. Also, even though the oil business is wonderful, double stacked cargo is becoming the biggest growth business for railroads. We can now take 2 of these huge monsters stacked one on top of the other from the ship to its destination without ever having to stop and open the container and repackage its contents. I'm getting pretty sick of people hollering bubble every time an industry does better than expected without looking at the total picture. Don't get me wrong I keep accurate calculations of what I think the stocks I hold are worth and if they go too far beyond that number I set an exit strategy. What I am seeing with UNP is that immediately after announcing the next leg up it gets slightly over bought and then adjusts back to exactly where it should be. I plan on having this stock in my portfolio when I turn it over to my heirs.
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  • Peter Schiff Is Wrong On Gold... Again [View article]
    so surfgeezer you seem to have all of the answers what is the end game? At some point in time the interest on the debt consumes the entire budget and our do nothing Congress will be at a loss. I understand the theory that we can continually print more and more money, as much as it takes, but at some point that will have to destroy the value of all of the other money. ergo debasement. Not if, but when that happens the social engineers will be at a loss as to how to deal with it as it will hit the very rich exactly in the same amount it hits the very poor. Future tax forms denoted your tax in devalued dollars goes here but wait we have a revalue your money box for the working poor?
    Mar 26 04:19 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Peter Schiff Is Wrong On Gold... Again [View article]
    KenFro the way I understand it is half of QE is mortgage backed securities which spur the housing industry and eventually do get paid back with interest. The other half is US deficit that no one else is rushing to buy beyond the payroll savings bonds which is no where near enough. The interest on these is payed off with a)printed money b) new bonds that few want c) money out of thin air? This is where the Bernanke scheme to hide printed money and delay the debasement rush has worked beyond not only any belief but beyond anything I ever learned in school. Combined with forced arbitrarily low interest rates, changing the way inflation is calculated in a way that nothing that is inflating out of control is allowed in the calculation, a large chunk of the rest of the world playing the same game, and every other trick in the book this game has been allowed to go on and amazingly work for far too long. Eventually the house of cards will come down.
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  • Peter Schiff Is Wrong On Gold... Again [View article]
    If you noted I said % of my portfolio. When gold goes up I have to sell some to get it down to my %, when it goes down I have to buy some to bring the % back up. I agree with the poster below that gold took off long before QE. Now if you were to tell me the US has balanced their budget and come up with a solid plan to pay off their debt I might panic sell my gold. Maybe we could view the US gold holdings in relation to that huge debt? Now there's the ticket.
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  • Peter Schiff Is Wrong On Gold... Again [View article]
    As I stated in prior posts I have a set % of metals in my portfolio with no intention of making or losing money on them only as a way to sleep at night based on my upbringing. However, in maintaining that percentage my eyes are drawn to the articles posted pertaining to them as with all of the articles pertaining any asset I own or am looking to own. As such I just read the most recently published list of the top 10 gold holding countries and the amounts they hold. Number one is the USA holding 8133.5 tonnes (no one has been in Fort Knox in years to verify that amount). Number 10 is India with 557.7 tonnes. Other observations (G7/G8) countries missing from the list United Kingdom (what happened to all the Queen's gold? that's right the pound is Sterling isn't it.). Also, Canada is missing from the list. My next thought would be where is Spain? After all we have all been raised with stories of hunting for buried and sunken chests of Spanish gold. Next noted absence would be the OPEC countries, wouldn't you think with all the oil price manipulation they do they would have stashed some gold somewhere for a rainy day?. All of South America missing. Most of Africa missing(they provide the slave labor, the world steals their gold). Australia missing. Israel missing. China who comes in 5th with 1054.1 ounces officially has an additional 2-3,000 tonnes in the bank of China that is not obligated to report what it holds. I guess that is their version of JP Morgan. One other observation Russia came in 7th with 1034.7 tonnes which is a large increase over the prior reports and indicates they were probably planning the Crimea grab way before it happened.
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  • 70% Chance Silver Will Decline During March-April [View article]
    Stu I'm beginning to think they are completely separate markets. I'm assuming anyone with a business use for silver would be dealing on the real metals market and expect to get paid with real metal when their business needs it. On the other hand the PAPER market is for speculators. People that think they have the wits and resources needed to compete with the manipulative banks have the same mentality as people that gamble in Las Vegas. They know going in the rules forbid you winning and if you should figure out a way you get barred. Its called a big EGO. Its much easier to lose your life savings than to admit you may be wrong.
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  • Deere Chooses Not To Raise The Dividend; What's Next? [View article]
    The income is going down because the cost of producing is going up faster than the government is allowing the price to go up. Also, rotating draughts are taking lush productive land out of service. Yet the world continues to eat and the American appetite for seasonal goods year round has done nothing but expanded. One mans loss is another mans gain. States without droughts will bring marginally productive land back into production to take up the slack. I know I'm planning on putting in more crops this year than ever before. Now if we can ever get spring to get here!!!!
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  • 70% Chance Silver Will Decline During March-April [View article]
    apberusdivet 'JPM has 200 million ounces of silver' JPM buys and sells silver every day. The way they cheat the leverage is that once they sell silver they never take it off their books showing it as still on hand. Thus their excessive shorting is accomplished with shabby bookkeeping and covered with silver that isn't there.
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  • 70% Chance Silver Will Decline During March-April [View article]
    I wouldn't take anything to a jeweler that was Bridge's suggestion. As to Bird-Man and spot price when I was buying regularly I was doing so at auctions and getting quite a discount to spot. At the point where every Tom Dick and Harry jumped on the bandwagon the auctions started running the prices up way beyond spot which is when I sold some at the top and stopped buying sitting on my well price averaged horde. I never entered this market to get rich only as a defense against Bernanke and his money printing. My metals horde or the maps to them will probably go to my heirs some day or be discovered like the recent gold coin find. In the mean time other than my fully owned residence my assets are 99% in the market and yielding over 5%. Yes, i've made money in metals but at the current time and environment I would not recommend it as the best investment for the time. Everyone should have some until something is done with our huge debt and we learn how to balance a budget. Other than that its just metal.
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  • Deere Chooses Not To Raise The Dividend; What's Next? [View article]
    I think management made the correct decision in that 51c is a fair amount based on current reported and future expected earnings. Had they raised it for the sake of raising it I would have questioned their ability to manage. I personally believe the economy is stronger than numbers are indicating and that DE may have some surprising beats in the next year or so. At that time I would be expecting those dividends to resume their upward trend.
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