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  • Apple Innovates But Fails To Inspire Under Cook [View article]
    Well, bgold, I'm not sure if it is me showing negativity or if the ardent bulls are unable to show objectivity! The last time I was called out like that was when Michael Blair challenged me to a duel over the price of Apple last year for the summer of '14--I told him I thought it would make the mid 600's and he thought I was crazy! I'm very positive over the new phones and payment system, and I think Apple will stay after the watch until they can make it do something useful. It could succeed on fashion and fad alone, as many have pointed out. I am disappointed in the watch. I was looking for a homerun, and I don't think we got it. We will see. On function, I think they worked the count to 3-2, but they struck out. Fashion looks to be somewhere between a double and a homerun. Best of luck and I am still bullish on AAPL's stock value!! Should be a great quarter.
    Sep 11 08:53 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Innovates But Fails To Inspire Under Cook [View article]
    Moderation, the point was that Apple should still make a lot of profits off the phones even if the first incarnation of the watch fails. Apple stumbling over tech issues surprises me, but hopefully they can get them straightened out.
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  • Apple Innovates But Fails To Inspire Under Cook [View article]
    JMajor, I'll call: exactly what does the Watch do that the phone can't do?
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  • Apple Innovates But Fails To Inspire Under Cook [View article]
    Don't forget the two elephants in the room: the iP6/6+ are great phones. They will probably sell a boatload. And Apple is still very cheap. Having said that, Apple appears to be doing things they haven't done in the past! The Watch really doesn't do anything useful the phone doesn't do, other than count your pulse (that I can figure out). Apple (the greatest technology company in the world...) couldn't even stream their own live event. And the final insult? Apple has now sent out the dreaded U2 virus, infecting all iTunes accounts. Whether you worship at Bono's altar like Apple does, or whether Bono's voice is like nails across a chalkboard to you, U2's new album downloads onto your phone. Good luck getting rid of it.
    Sep 11 07:02 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Intel Developer Forum 2014: Investment Theories Confirmed [View article]
    Hey guys, Anandtech has the first preview benchmarks from Intel's reference tablet up on their site now, and man is Core M impressive!! Check 'em out:
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  • Apple's iPhone 6 Market Impacts [View article]
    I agree with a lot of that, Moon. I am surprised nobody is discussing the SOC. It is the first time in recent memory where there is very little if any increase in performance. Apple has been jumping 50-100% with the same screen size. With the small improvements driving much larger screens, I expect user experience to be roughly equal to the 5S--the screens and payment system are the big reasons to upgrade. Phones have finally and officially matured with the arrival of iP6!! Here is what is scary: what do they have left to improve the iP7? I fear the market may shift to price as the discriminator. But, we should get a big upgrade out of the 6s. No more China Mobiles out there, and moving toward PC style annual improvements.
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  • Apple Watch Is Finally Here [View article]
    A family of four getting the 6+ with Applecare and the logical memory amount--64Gb, will be shelling out close to $2000 on contract and almost twice that unlocked! Apple has raised phone prices substantially with the memory tier and the 6+. That could increase ASPs and margin, but it could also hurt sales. We'll see. After talking to my wife, it is obvious men don't get the watch. As a fashion piece it is much better than as a functional gadget, which is an unusual move for Apple. Most of us (me especially) don't get the fashion aspects. So, Apple will likely sell some watches to women. And, there are some men who care more about the look, too. Regardless of whether they sell 5MM or 50MM next year, it will be amazing and a great success (according to Apple PR), so there isn't much risk for Apple on the watch. It is still about the phones. I don't see the stock going into Saturn 5 mode, though. How well the new phones sell is what will matter. I am cutting back my expectations. GLTA.
    Sep 10 10:33 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Investors sell the news on Apple [View news story]
    JJ, I am just being honest and calling it like I see it--wasn't Jobs known for doing that? It certainly doesn't make me anti-Apple. I'm a most loyal customer. I also never said sell the stock! Apple has two great phones out, and the Pay platform along with all of the other goodies should, at the very least, make it a hold. I like asking the tough questions because I don't want to get blindsided by false assumptions. I think we need to keep an eye on the prices (6+ particularly) and I don't think this iteration of the watch is going to be a huge success. I am a bit disappointed. I am still hoping for a blowout quarter, just not as convinced of it as I was yesterday. I am still confident of a record quarter, though! Good luck and please don't take any of my comments too seriously.
    Sep 9 09:54 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Investors sell the news on Apple [View news story]
    Good points all on the price. I would also add that your phone has become your most important electronic device, when you consider all it does. I consider the utility very much worth the money. I also can't wait to get a phone that has the same 2-3 day battery life my iP4 had! It will also obviate the need for taking the iPad along sometimes. On the Applecare, I wouldn't leave home without it! Every problem we have had--the kid at the store just fixes it, exactly according to the agreement. That money is worth it imho. And, that includes mistakes on our part like dropping your phone into the drink. It costs, but not nearly as much as buying a new phone.
    Sep 9 09:12 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Watch: Disruptive, Profitable, And Yes, The Next Big Thing [View article]
    I'm an Apple bull and I will buy the $1000 6+ probably, but I wouldn't use the watch if they gave it to me for $149. I just don't see the utility--it looks like a pain to me, and it doesn't do much of anything better than the phone. Seriously, you are in a meeting and you look down and start sending mini-drawings and your heartbeat when you could just shoot out a quick text on the phone? I think they should have downloadable maps, 3-4 day charge, remote text and linking with your phone and more health parameters monitored (like sleeping). That way you could leave your phone at home/in the room safe and stay somewhat connected. Didn't Samsung just announce a connected watch? I also think they should make a stripped version that just functions as a health monitor with the basics, so kids could afford it. Hopefully they will improve and expand. The watch is a swing and a miss in my view. Be happy to eat some crow on it, but it looks like a loser to me. It is a beautiful piece of technology, though. Hats off to the design team.
    Sep 9 08:24 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Investors sell the news on Apple [View news story]
    Thanks for your opinion, as it is good to hear from somebody excited about owning the watch! I just use my phone for everything. On the payments--I think that was the best announcement of the day--better than the phones. When people see how easy and secure the pay system is, they won't want to go back. I might be tempted to put the "r" in front of evolutionary on the pay system! I travel a lot and have had my card numbers swiped several times over the years. My only concern is criminals will now require your presence to steal your credit card--at least the presence of your fingers. The watch/phone could make people targets in some places.
    Sep 9 07:03 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Investors sell the news on Apple [View news story]
    I agree with Gim--that is like somebody saying there is no difference between an old Sony CRT 26" TV and a 40" LED 1080P, even though they cost about the same when new. The differences between the 4S and 6 are greater than the difference in the TVs in my view.
    Sep 9 06:52 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Investors sell the news on Apple [View news story]
    No they didn't say that, Rebecca, but if you want to stay connected the phone has to be there. For instance, walking directions, texting, listening to music via earbuds, etc., they all require an iPhone. I read this review from a lifelong Apple user and it summed up a lot my objections:

    "we -- the press, the world at large -- were treated to a beautifully designed smartwatch (e.g., those interchangeable straps) laden with an embarrassing slew of useless gimmicks. With Apple Watch, you can view the phases of the moon or the positions of the planets; you can draw crude pictures with your finger and send them to friends (a feature eerily reminiscent of Nintendo's PictoChat for the DS) or even send them your's not a revolution and it's not what any of us really expected. It's lipstick on a smartwatch. It's an accessory and nothing more."
    Sep 9 06:34 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Investors sell the news on Apple [View news story]
    Fat B, I am talking about the same components. Android might have 2Gb of the same Micron memory versus Apple's 1Gb. More flash, etc. Obviously, you could make a quality argument on many of the components, but remember LG and Samsung are making some of Apple's components! Bottom line, though, I agree that Apple's ecosystem is much better and so is their overall quality. I am an Apple bull, but I will admit the price has been raised substantially on the 6+. It could drive margins higher, but it could also reduce sales.
    Sep 9 05:55 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Announces Apple Pay [View article]
    Agree...this was the best announcement of the day imho.
    Sep 9 04:59 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment