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  • SA author Kevin Quon highlights 5 firms that are prospering from low natural gas prices, including those that benefit from the use of gas as a fuel source and those that make it readily available. The five are Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE +7.55%), Fuel Systems (FSYS +2.9%), Golar LNG (GLNG +3.6%), Chart Industries (GTLS +5.3%) and Westport (WPRT +11.3%).   [View news story]
    Agree Holthusen,

    Natural Gas Act would have been a benefit for at least 99% of America. Surprised both Texas Senators voted against it, even though Texas is such a big Oil and Gas State again (read about Eagle-Ford Gas/Oil finds). So, I emailed both Senators and only one replied.

    Why they did not vote for the Natural Gas Act-

    The Bill would have to be subsidized with a Federal Tax at the Gas Pump (about 11 cents.Gallon). Wow- versus losing out on the creation of hundreds of thousands of Texas/and Other Gas State jobs, huge tax subsidies on Natural Gas sales, $2/Gallon gas versus $3 to $4 /Gallon, independence from Middle East Oil, Cleaner Air, and a world more at Peace.

    I feel the real reason they voted against it was to keep the big Oil companies from losing profits to Gas companies. Pay-offs to benefit a few, as you say. What a trade off.
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