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  • GM looks to axe 1,100 jobs at South Korean plant [View news story]
    And the prize for the most incoherent/racist/stupid comment on the internet this week is "remford".
    Jan 28, 2014. 12:38 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Update - General Motors' Stock Price Is Far Too Pessimistic [View article]
    You mean like the very successful stock buyback of the 90's - $12 Billion spent on stocks that went to zero instead of designing a great midsize car?

    "serve the stockholders" mentality is what got them where they were - they need to concentrate on the product.
    Aug 2, 2012. 07:58 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2 Automakers I Am Considering Based On Positive Outlooks [View article]
    Blah blah blah, Obama, blah blah, government motors... This is a financial page discussing what stocks to buy. Go to Fox to spout your political views "patriot".

    The problem with year to year comparisons is that they ignore the actual conditions, assuming that June 2011 is the same as June 2012. Do you still retain enough brain cells to remember what happened last spring that slightly affected the auto industry and two major competitors, Toyota and Honda? Yeah, market share is down because last June it was artificially up.

    Tracking incentives is another red herring. Two cars are built for $20k. One is sold for $30k with a $5k incentive and the other is sold for $25k with a $1k incentive, you think the second company is doing better?

    Per car profit is a better measure, but a snapshot of where one company is today vs another company with older model lines can distort that. In a year that can be reversed.

    The fact remains that GM stock will remain depressed while the largest shareholder has declared the intention to sell when it goes up.

    It is my opinion that GM is much leaner than it was and getting leaner, and when the economy comes back will be a cash machine.

    If "long term" means a year, I would stay away. If "long term" means, as it does for me, 5+ years, I think it is a good bet.

    I don't follow Ford as closely, but for all the internet talk they owe a LOT of money, including a LOT of Government loans (never took a dime is a lie) and only recently got their own logo out of hock. Long term (5+ years) will that come back to bite them as interest rates rise?
    Jul 19, 2012. 01:19 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Actuant: Why Insiders Think This 100-Year-Old 'Boring' Company Is Actually Sexy [View article]
    How come the "What ATU Does" section makes no mention of what products they make?
    Apr 13, 2012. 09:15 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 4 Reasons To Avoid General Motors For Now [View article]
    They are selling more, and making more money in North America than ever before. Market share is down, but they are not "buying share" any more. Their share was artificially up because of the tsunami and now it is back down. Media hysteria about a halo car that they never intended to sell many of anyway having a fire 3 weeks after a crash test has not helped.

    If you want to look at fundamentals, look at the Sonic and Cruze sales. GM is competing in the small car market with young people without putting a grand on the hood.

    Point 2 is the only real point. The largest shareholder has publicly said that when stock goes up they will sell. Who wants to buy knowing that if the stock does rise they will dump theirs and drive the stock down?

    The stock will not go up until that is resolved. GM AND THE TAXPAYER will be better served by just declaring we will sell 25 million shares a month until they are gone. That will take the uncertainty of when the government will sell out of the equation. The stock can rise on its merits.
    Apr 13, 2012. 09:06 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • GM Could Be Going Places [View article]
    However, GM’s vehicle sales rose just 6 per cent last year, trailing Ford Motor Co.’s (F) 19 per cent sales increase and Chrysler Group LLC’s 17 per cent gain.

    Typical BS analyst talk.

    No question Ford is a star, they are hitting on all cylinders right now.
    Chrysler, where could they go but up? 17% of almost nothing is almost nothing.

    "Just 6%" after shedding 1/2 their brands that counted for 45% of their sales last year. Just 6%....

    Without all that overhead they will be a cash machine when the market comes back.
    Jan 5, 2011. 09:21 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Chevy Volt Not a Wise Gamble for GM [View article]
    Yeah, it's best not to gamble on those new fangled technologies, it's best to sit back and eat averyone's dust.

    Your portfolio is probably heavy with Oakland Wagon company and Bill's Buggywhips, probably with some high-tech typewriter companies thrown in there.

    If you ran IBM they would probably still be making the Selectrix.

    Sorry, GM went in with their eyes open on what the Volt will and will not do, and no accountant there ever predicted a profit.

    Sorry to the conspiracy theorists out there, the Volt was started when Mr. Obama was an Illinois Senator or even before that.
    Dec 18, 2010. 07:59 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Auto Sales: Stuck in a Perpetual Declining Trend [View article]
    No matter if they last 100k miles, 200k miles, or 300k miles, sooner or later all cars wear out. We are driving less miles, but not that much less. Sooner or later all those cars will need to be replaced.

    You read that graph and said "Auto Sales: Stuck in a Perpetual Declining Trend"

    I see, "Auto sales, soon to skyrocket" from the same data.
    Dec 7, 2010. 12:08 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 'Global' Motors Is Back on the Trading Block [View article]
    So what happens if the stock falls below $33.05 on Feb 1?

    A responsible writer would outline the risks, but then again, I guess I forgot where I was.
    Dec 3, 2010. 07:07 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Don’t Tell Tesla, But Electric Vehicles Are a Tough Sell [View article]
    As usual you miss the point because you guys are completely clueless about the auto industry.

    If they sell 1000 Volts, but 100,000 people come into the dealership to look at one AND BUY ANOTHER VEHICLE, then the car is a success.

    Auto companies need to "check the box" with consumers that they are "green". They have offered the customer a "green choice".

    GM's mistake was when they did the math on hybrids, they concluded that they were (and still are) a rip-off if you just want to save gas money. They vastly underestimated the gullibility of the American public.

    As far as the "electricity comes from coal comments", the answer is, "No $hit Sherlock". It amazes me the boneheads who think they alone thought of that.

    A car is considered "zero emissions" in it's output, figuring 100% coal fired plant electricity, is equivalent to more than a car getting 100 mpg. California estimated the EV1 at an equivalent 230 mpg (in emissions). The Volt is obviously less, not because of coal plants, but because the generator has some emissions.
    Oct 28, 2010. 11:53 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wait! Car Dealers Say They Really Need More Inventory [View article]
    Car dealers need to change the way they do business. When GM had 50% of the market they could afford massive lots full of cars.

    High inventories drive down the value of cars. The Terrain is hard to find? Good, now you don't have to discount it.

    At the same time, the car makers need to reduce the number of options by making features standard so it is easier to have what the customer wants available with lower inventories.

    These complaints remind me of a dealer sales person once telling me about how they sold every Silverado on the lot as soon as it came in and in the next breath complaining that GM has put no incentives on it. I was speechless.
    Aug 27, 2010. 08:50 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • North American Auto Production Update [View article]
    How about labeling the columns?
    Jul 25, 2010. 11:35 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Cramer's Stop Trading! GM Is the Real Business (6/28/10) [View article]
    If you are ignorant enough to confuse "Motors Liquidation Company" with anything you want to buy, you are too ignorant to have money.
    Jun 30, 2010. 10:03 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • UAW Looks Toward Clawbacks [View article]
    Funny, back in the early 60's my Dad got his degree at night, took a supervisor job and a pay cut off the line at a non-union shop.

    He took the pay cut for 1) the security of a salary that was not dependent on overtime, 2) a career with a future and 3) the knowledge that he did not want to work a lifetime on a machine.

    Every UAW employee has access to all kinds of education assistance, but for some reason very few want to leave those "backbreaking" jobs. I wonder why?
    Jun 16, 2010. 11:31 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • GM and the Unions: Some Things Never Change [View article]
    WaaaaaaaaaaaWaaaaaaaaa... quit that terrible job and see how many people line up for it.

    So you should be paid more than a coal miner? No, that job stinks too. How about the guy in the non-union car parts plant? No, that job is the same.

    Sooner or later either the companies will pay the market rate for the labor, or the job will be gone. All these gyrations only delay the inevitable.

    Take your GENEROUS tuition assistance and get a skill for a job that is worth that kind of money.

    BTW - the guy in the boat slip next to me walks just fine after 30 years, and brags how his boat batteries came from the Flint Truck plant. Not only is he a thief, he comes from a culture of thieves where there is no shame in stealing from the company that feeds you. In UAW land, when they find out you stole a battery, they don't turn away in disgust, they brag how they once got a fender for their brother-in-law.
    May 17, 2010. 08:35 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment