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  • UGAZ/DGAZ: Natural Gas Is Now Below $4.00 For The First Time Since January So Now What? [View instapost]
    Well, most likely will have to sit on this now way into the winter, but then again, knew that might happen when bought in. Will start adding at $10 or so for a longer run going into next year.

    Only regret is for liquidating my DGAZ way too early :(

    Gl with your trades fellas.
    Jul 21 02:40 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • UGAZ/DGAZ: Natural Gas Is Now Below $4.00 For The First Time Since January So Now What? [View instapost]
    I read a lot about us being the SA of gas. With fracking they say we are about to become SA of oil as well. But are we building the exporting infrastructure? For as far as I know its almost non-existent. I always wondered, if EU is starving for Gas, and it costs there 3x it costs here, how come no-one put the two and two together yet? Our prices would go up and theirs down, plus, you eliminate Russia out of the picture and being beholden to it. Anyways, that's what has been bothering me for several years. What interests are stopping this from taking place? - cause surely its not the lack of capital.
    Jul 17 11:53 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Natural Gas & UGAZ Should Be Near A Bottom [View instapost]
    Thanks as always Robert. Bullish on $UGAZ. Holding my $18.44 entry and adding every dollar down. $UGAZ looks very short term bullish to me. Looking to exit at around $22.
    Jul 14 03:17 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Prospect Capital Vs. Fifth Street Finance [View article]
    I recommend IB as well. Most of my trades cost just over $1, all around. Their charts suck, but execution is top notch. I use ThinkOrSwim charts and trade with IB, unless you are trading penny stocks, that will run you up...
    Jul 8 09:37 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Yingli Fund-Raising Signals Hands-Off By Beijing [View article]
    We are starting to see the stock bounce already, just on marginal margin improvement and maybe slightly due to the games advertising. Imagine a better than expected Q2/Q3 which is quite likely since they continue to maintain their full year guidance.

    I was so tempted to double my already over-exposed position at $2.8 but the conservative in me won out. I regret that so much now. Thankfully, I was able to take full advantage of $JKS plays since, able to capture ~20% profit from it [got scared and exited it full 2 bucks lower since recent highs :( lol. Could have turned it into 30%+]. But oh well, I don't plan to repeat the same thing with $YGE and holding till $8+ if Q2 shows continued improvement. Heck if it keeps going I'm holding into Christmas and buying myself something sweet this year :).
    Jun 23 02:53 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Yingli Fund-Raising Signals Hands-Off By Beijing [View article]
    I personally haven't heard anything new since they were announced, however, these deals illustrate to me that the company is going along with business like usual. It also shows that the Party is pressuring various companies to develop cleaner sources of energy as illustrated by the off-hand comments by some of the press releases with the CNN. As far as DC deal, they had business before and that the project will happen is a no brainer.

    I personally think YGE is too big to fail. We know what that means. If anything, with the last share offering the company showed it takes a hands of approach to investor management, however, the fact that they are stuffing their pipeline with one deal after another is very encourage-able to me.

    YGE is by far my most risky investment in terms that I usually do not tolerate such losses and sell out. But I see an explosive growth on sheer mention of positive Q2-Q3. If nothing happens by then I'll start worrying. But thanks to recent JKS volatility, unless YGE drops below $2, I'm even and happy camper.
    May 2 01:23 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dividend Buy Of The Month: American Realty Capital Properties Inc. [View article]
    I'd like the fact to be investigated if the reporter who reported it, or someone close to him, held position in NRF lol. This smells fishy to me!

    A major newspaper reporting unsubstantiated claims does not sit well with me.
    Apr 29 01:58 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Yingli Fund-Raising Signals Hands-Off By Beijing [View article]
    YGE is gonna be depressed now at least till Q2. However, I have little faith in Sussie's projection or other negative projections and here's why:

    First, as a student of China's political and social systems many people underestimate the huge problem China faces with its ecological degradation and pressure's it is placing on the country economically and more so socially. Despite improving economic situation in the country mass protests have been on the incline for years and the leadership understands they have to address the problem. One way to do that and maintain economic development is green energy. They will not allow one of the largest manufacturers to go bankrupt. Worst case scenario they will be bought, out I think.

    Second, in my short but productive trading experience, going against the advise of these institutions always paid out by leaps and bounds in mid to longer terms than trading along their advise. I took the saying of "blood in the streets = BUY BUY BUY" to heart, and so far very successfully :).

    Third, China is hording rare earths (precisely needed for this industry) and is the largest supplier of them, which indicates it has big plans for future growth in high tech industry. Growth, especially in early parts of the year, has been used as fear-mongering for years now and always turned out to be for naught. The only claim to legitimacy China's leadership has is its continued economic growth and they will not sabotage it.

    Lastly, I've yet to see Buffet wrong. If he says to stick with solar, I will.

    I've had a position in YGE since $5.3. I used the recent offering to add a third to my position and bring my price down. I have little doubt that their Q3, and maybe even Q2, will see profits as they projected and while I don't see this stock trading at $11 by then, I see it well above $8. I'll hold my shares confidently and play JKS short term to offset any loss for YGE every time it drips below $29. Only time will tell, but I have a feeling by the end of summer I will be very glad with my position.
    Apr 29 01:47 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Correction Ahead In Gold [View instapost]
    My biggest fear going forward into this week is the vote in Crimea. Most likely the vote is going to go for Russia and thanks to our nosy foreign policy we will be stuck again with a foreign conflict we had no reason to get into. Except this time, thanks to Russia being involved we can expect media to play this up to high heavens and feed of the cold war rhetoric.

    I fear if this thing drags on gold may punch out without having a retracement. Where are those institutional dumps of 2013 when u need them lol.
    Mar 10 01:31 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • I Am Fading This Gold Mining (GDX) (GDXJ) (NUGT) Stock Rally & Buying DUST On Dips [View instapost]
    I largely agree with you Robert. I actually thought gold will test $1360 before dropping to $1280. The fact that it almost got there and GDX refused to break out while DUST seems to hold above $19 shows me this is not sustainable. Furthermore COMEX kinda shows absence of both bulls and bears as compared to the last year, implying that both parties are not confident at this point and market is moving more on news like Ukraine. If that does not escalate (or barring any other crisis) gold should drop. Worst come to shove bulls manage to eek-out another push and encounter glass ceiling at $1390. DUST at $16-17 will be a steal then.
    Missed out on the last NUGT ride, hell if I'm missing this one. I'm keeping my core DUST shares at $21. Will add if gold breaks down below $1330 or if DUST starts approaching $16-17 area. Looks like a winning strategy either way.
    Robert, any thoughts about this whole ride in gold being a dead cat bounce? What are your thoughts for the gold going forward into 2014? Could this be a big-fix to completely destroy bulls? Do you think we will see gold at $1100 or $2000 going forward?

    Do you have any gold nuggets to share like NQ? Wish I'd held that since you told about it. Almost 100% since.
    Mar 3 11:06 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold & Miners (GDX) (GDXJ) (NUGT) Finally Have A Down Day [View instapost]
    The crystal ball of one Robert Edward... as always, I still want it!
    Feb 19 07:31 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • DGAZ - Buying On Dips [View instapost]
    So how does this affect the aforementioned? I'll admit I find these particular stocks a bit confusing. Usually trade gold, but want to diversify into other commodities (i.e. energy), however, still trying to get my brain around all the indicators and how should I read them. Any advise/info is appreciated.
    Feb 18 01:22 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold Miners Have Topped Out - Hard Reversal Coming [View instapost]
    Irrational is the word. Especially when it comes to miners. Who in their right mind invests so heavily when miners are reporting horrendous losses on their Q4's at right about now. Even if you buy on future prospects, what is happening now is just MAD WORLD!
    Will be adding on dips to DUST. $1360 has to be the ceiling if it gets there. DUST at $16-$18 will be irresistible, with a potential pop back to $24 and above.
    Feb 18 01:17 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • DGAZ - Buying On Dips [View instapost]
    Thx for all the info. Keep up the great work!
    Feb 17 01:00 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • DGAZ - Buying On Dips [View instapost]
    Where do you expect DGAZ to top off? How long do you expect it to be bullish?
    Feb 16 09:35 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment