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    Certainly believe in the concept that land is a finite resource. They cannot make any more of it! It is also very true that the price of raw materials are rising and probably will continue to rise in the future. Lets face it without a major plague or the human population deciding that reproduction is a waste of resources the human population will not decline and without a doubt continue to increase. The only reason I believe that lending is so tight is that the banks have now swung to a far greater conservative stance. After years of deregulation they have rewritten their rules and forgotten the older conservative practices of lending standards. Now they have taken their rules way back to an extreme in the conservative direction out of fear. Eventually as the fear goes out and their incomes from loans and other instruments start to materialize they (the banks) will feel better about making loans again. Of course much of this will, as always these days, in our consumer driven economy, this will depend on jobs. I have read read much about job losses lately in the news. I have also read about the discourage workers analysis that says the unemployment rate is really closer to 11%. I must say that I do not believe that number. I dropped out of the "j.o.b." market about two years ago; got fed up with low pay; now there is an issue, if you want to run a consumer to consume you must pay the consumer enough to be able to consume. The money indeed needs to trickle down as it is supposed to, not get hung up in the upper quadrants of the structure (woe to America she is no longer the great production and manufacturing strength she once was, maybe we should wake up and change this, you know quit being lazy, looking for the easy buck, get smart again and make things for ourselves). Food for thought and consideration. I now am building a business of my own and hopefully someday I will attain success that I was unable to find in the "J.O.B." market.
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