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  • How To Play The Polar Vortex Version 2.0 [View article]
    Thanks for the fine analysis, Bret. May I help to remind you about EROC? Eroc cleaned up their balance sheet by getting rid of their losers and is now a pure E&P
    MLP? Debt is minuscule($37 million when considering the value of their RFG stock}. Currently trading at 3.00 with a 0.28 annual payout for a 9.33% return.
    The cold weather you mention should help boost the price significantly after the tax loss selling is over. I am predicting $5.00 per share by late Feb.'15. maybe higher.

    Disclosure. Own more than a million shares avg.price $3.56.
    Nov 18, 2014. 12:01 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The End Of Quantitative Easing Strikes Again [View article]
    Some while back posted a jocose piece on EROC and indicated that I was gunning for 900,000 shs cuz I could then do the arithmetic in my head. Went way past the
    900k mark and now find myself having to constantly use the calculator again.
    In a down market environment, EROC posted today +15.88% upmove which soothes the cockles of my heart and allows me to afford membership in your new enterprise. Hope you still own some shs. October 28th is divvy for the third quarter announcement day by the CEO, probably after market close.
    0.15 cents = $180,000 but being modest will settle for 0.05 cents = $60,000.
    Something is better than nothing, which is also a possibility. OUCH!!

    Oct 16, 2014. 06:07 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Digging Through The Carnage In The Energy Sector [View article]
    Bought into your $99.00 offer cuz I always enjoyed your articles.Passed on the second offer because I already went for a train ride on EROC. Beat you to it.
    Own 842,300 @ avg. of $4.06. Have to wait until 28 October '14 to find out
    whether I am crazy or just nuts. |:)) @0.10 Q=8.7% return - the Q return @0.15=0.14.77%- @0.20Q= 19.70% return. IB charges me 1.59% interest on my margin trading. Will keep buying at 3.48 + until I reach 900000. What's so good about 900,000? I can do the arithmetic in my head.LOL. cheers and all the best.
    Oct 5, 2014. 08:13 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2 More Attractive High Yield Plays In Energy [View article]
    The Koch brothers are trying to steal PDH. $14.00 and $12.00? Gimme a break.
    The Q2 distribution will exceed last years 0.67 IMO. Their production is sold out for the year. Over 25 million dollars worth of Q1 sales have not been booked because
    PDH's accounting requires that sales not be recognized until the delivery to the buyer has occured. Most likely the delivery will happen in Q2 and inflate the distribution amount. A bidding war for the property will bring some excitement
    for unit holders. The IPO was $17.00. $2.00 of distribution = 11.76% producing
    a net cost to Koch Bros of $12.00 & $10.00. Exxon where are you? LOL.
    May 29, 2014. 03:24 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Goldman Sachs Is A Buy Here [View article]
    After today's market action, it would seem that PDH has survived the assault from
    Grizzly Bear. The April Q1 2014 earnings presentation on April 14th apparently was
    missed by all market participants. Strongly bullish and met with a yawn. Please comment. Thank you.
    May 14, 2014. 07:47 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • PetroLogistics - A Propylene Play With A 10.6% Yield [View article]
    Calling "GRIZZLY BEAR"!!!!! There is no place to hide, Grizzly. The "Short Squeeze"
    will begin this coming week. The divvys for the first quarter have been paid and everybody is loaded with cash. Here are the numbers. You will notice that the real world has more than wild guesses and baseless supositions to work with.

    Management staff at PDH assert the propane pricing had minimal impact on the
    operations there because propylene pricing rose to offset any possible damage.
    To wit: the spread Q1'14 was 0.36 per pound vs Q4 '13 of 0.34. Furthermore,
    the spread for April increased to 0.40 cents a pound. Meantime, propane dove
    down to $1.10 from $1.30 and higher. Operations have been improving and will continue to do so. The production is all sold for this year at fixed contract prices. Enough. Having nailed the Q1 distribution at 0.37( I know, dumb luck) before publication, I will take a shot at the whole year: Q2 ) 0.75>>Q3 0.45>> Q4 0.47
    for a grand total of $2.04. Divided into 13.11 returns a yield of 15.56 %. At 14.11
    2.04 yields 14.45% and at 15.11yields 13.50%. Grizzly, run and hide!! The
    SHORT SQUEEZE is coming.
    May 11, 2014. 06:26 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 2 More Attractive High Yield Plays In Energy [View article]
    Wednesday cost me $68,000.00 or thereabouts. I was truly challenged to explain the activity in the trading. But having confidence in my prediction of a distribution amount of 0.37 cents, I looked forward with fond hope to thursday & friday. Hooray!! PDH closed at 13.66 and in AH at 13.79. The "bid" stands at 13.67 & the "Ask" at 13.93, seven cents from 14.00. You may have noticed that I pulled my "for sale" offer of 100,000 units at 14.00. The reason why is that I did not want to give Grizzly a cheap out at 14.00. The minimum is now 100,000, but at 16.75. My psyche needs some assuaging from the beating it took on Wednesday. LOL.
    Please, please, do not sell on Monday or Tuesday. You will be very sorry on August 10, if you do. Aug.10 or thereabouts is 2nd quarter payday for the units. I am predicting 0.75 or higher, more than double my prediction of 0.37 for 1stQtr.
    A second reason not to sell is the "SHORT SQUEEZE" problem is still pending for
    Grizzly Bear. No way to predict that because it depends on when he will begin to
    get margin calls. He is a sly bear. I can identify his activity and then I get to work.
    Bang, bang, bang and I help get things back in order.
    Please remember, the opening bid for Monday is one cent higher than Friday's close of 13.66. The "Ask" is at 13.93. 14.00+ is in the bag Monday. Take a look at a daily chart and RSI and MACD. BOL everyone.

    Apr 26, 2014. 02:27 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • PetroLogistics: Let The Dividends Come [View article]
    I hope you are all enjoying the Short Squeeze. Sooner or later Grizzly bear will begin getting margin calls.
    Apr 25, 2014. 12:04 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2 More Attractive High Yield Plays In Energy [View article]
    You won't be sorry after you see the 1st quarter unit payoff or divvy.
    The supposed 12.69 close is just the boys playing games as usual. 12.84
    was exclusively traded until some 73 minutes after the 12.69 which traded
    at 12.59.59 CA time. The fixers excuse is that this was the last trade, which is true. 3 seconds later 12.84 was traded for some 73 minutes and no other price point.
    My objection is that now the fixers are calling 12.69 the "Current" price and intend to open at that price Monday morning. Current is 12.84 and 12.69 was the close. The fixers must be in bed with Grizzly Bear.

    100k shares are offered at 14.00. 100k at 16.00, the IPO price. If in fact I
    get some cooperation from traders, I'll take the whole 1.4 million and buy
    my way to 16.00. Grizzly Bear will be a big help. My partner, in fact, because the margin calls will drive him crazy. It's called a "short squeeze".
    Please don't sell on the way to 16.00. As we get close to 16.00, I promise to yank the 100k @ 16.00, say at about 15.55 and you can do what you want. I know what I'll do. Buy,Buy,Buy!!!!!! My average price is 12.43.
    So, yes, I'll make a lot of money. If that bothers you. Don't buy a share.
    Monday I'll come out firing and start @ 12.84. to keep things moving along I'll put PDH up for sale 500 shares at a time starting at 12.95. If things seem like they are warming up, I'll start buying again to help things along.
    Teen tereen teen teen. Please sing along with me. Teen tereen teen teen.
    Michael Lewis says the markets are rigged. Chorniki says, of course, the
    markets are rigged. But, so what? Who says good ole Americans can't out
    the riggers? All you need to know is three little words - alpha, beta, entropy, specially the relationship of alpha and entropy.
    Happy Easter everybody!!

    Apr 18, 2014. 05:34 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • KKR Financial: KKR Should Pay More For Us [View article]
    Retired 1987 from foreign language teaching, 2005 from interurban single family construction development and real estate brokerage. Currently 82 years old and
    manage personal small stock portfolio begun in 2008 with $213,000.00 and currently worth near 10 million. Fan of Michael Lewis and yes all markets are rigged. So what? Ride the riggers' coat tails and have fun making money.
    Apr 18, 2014. 03:42 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • KKR Financial: KKR Should Pay More For Us [View article]
    Mr. Johnston:

    An e-mail sent to quantalysis.lll@gmail .com was returned as undeliverable by Remote host. Please respond with a corrected address.
    Thank you for your help.
    Apr 14, 2014. 11:14 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2 More Attractive High Yield Plays In Energy [View article]
    PDH is getting hammered right now by Grizzly Bear, a pseudonym for a hedge fund,
    Their claim that earnings will drop by 30% is nonsense. 1st Q will come in at 0.37 per unit payout. Anyone interested in nailing Grizzly to the wall will get help
    from I own hundreds of thousands of shares. We can do in reverse what the hedge fund is doing today. Let's work together. Yes, I stand to profit. But you will too at very little risk. Trading at 12.23 12 noon in N.Y.
    If interested, please drop me a line. You won't regret it.
    Apr 11, 2014. 12:03 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • These 2 High-Yield Picks Could Supercharge Your Portfolio With Dividends And Capital Appreciation [View article]
    PDH is not on the menu here, but thought to pass along that 1stQ unit payout will come in about 0.37 per.
    Apr 11, 2014. 10:47 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • In Like A Lamb And Out Like A Lion [View article]
    Hi, George,
    Apologies for using your turf. Anyone interested in PDH? I am
    Many of you might be interested in my assertion that 1stQ 2014 will come in at
    0.37 per unit, give or take 5% of 0.37 or 38.85 - 0.3515.
    Apr 11, 2014. 09:55 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • In Like A Lamb And Out Like A Lion [View article]
    Last year I think it was, you commented on PDH. Any thoughts on its recent volatility, specially last week? Thanks, George. Always enjoy your articles.

    Apr 6, 2014. 02:10 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment