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  • fastLN
    Any thoughts on $ENDO and or $HEMP appreciated. May sell all of both and move more into $TRTC or maybe more $PHOT.
    Mar 17, 3:07 PM
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    • allme: Sell $HEMP, $ENDO working with med box.
      Mar 17, 3:19 PM
    • wafflemaker: $HEMP is despised, no? Best asset is their name. TRTC/PHOT are great, but maybe look for hot picks with better returns, like SPLI? Your call
      Mar 17, 3:35 PM
    • fastLN: $PMCB thoughts? see a lot of talk on these two.
      Mar 17, 5:14 PM
    • allme: what is $PMCB
      Mar 17, 8:53 PM
    • fastLN: $PMCM*
      Mar 18, 9:17 AM