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  • Tesla completes its own Cannonball Run [View news story]
    I think the best analogy is to June 28, 1939 when the Dixie Clipper, a Boeing 314 flying boat operated by Pan Am, left Port Washington, NY for the first regularly scheduled transatlantic passenger service. What John and Jill accomplished this past week was not a stunt. It was a normal road trip by a normal Model S owner. It was noteworthy not because it was special, but rather because it was routine.

    There have been many coast-to-coast road trips in EVs and in Model Ss. But all required substantial perseverance. They were not routine. John and Jill's trip was special because it demonstrated that coast-to-coast travel in an EV is now routine. Anyone with Model S (and a modicum of sense) can do the same.

    Lindbergh's flight was a stunt. It wasn't something that just anyone could duplicate. But after June 28, 1939, anyone with the not inconsiderable sum of $375 could fly from Port Washington to Southhampton. It was routine.

    Stunts are extraordinary. They demonstrate what is possible but they don't change the day to day lives of ordinary people. Scheduled transatlantic passenger air service and routine coast-to-coast travel in an electric automobile did and will change the lives of ordinary people. True relatively few people will ever drive coast-to-coast in an EV, but many people will routinely take other long road trips. John and Jill's trip is a milestone because it vividly illustrates that road trips in a Model S are ordinary. And that's a great thing.
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