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  • Update: Facebook Delivers Stellar Earnings [View article]
    Sharkdude--- (in reply to your comment to my post, about my price point entries of $49 and beyond) : "bet you have no idea what the mkt cap is. 49, 56,...... is irrelevant. what is the price. people like you think aapl is cheaper after a stock split."
    Your comment leads me to wonder if you need to read up on something called a "capital gain." (Others simply use the term, "profit." In my case, when I bought FB at price points of $49, $56, $61 and $66--then witness FB open at $75 and rise to $76 and change, as it did yesterday--I am "in the money." It might behoove you to research these terms, as they might be helpful to your investment strategization, esp with your working knowledge of "market cap" and "stock splits," such as AAPL. Good luck to you, and stay well.
    Jul 25 11:31 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Update: Facebook Delivers Stellar Earnings [View article]
    Loaded up the truck at $49, then $56, $61, and $66. Those bears out there are welcome to eat from the garbage cans on my curb tonight. And then come on in to tell me again, how a long position was a bad idea?
    Jul 23 05:39 PM | 13 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Facebook Still Popular Among Teens, Key Takeaways For Investors [View article]
    Monfrere, when you drove to work today did you still see big, honking billboards hoisted high in the air?
    Jun 26 02:17 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 3 Reasons To Sell Facebook Now And Look To Invest At Lower Levels [View article]
    To add one more idea for others to consider, yes , there is an analyst note today driving the stock higher....But after a quadruple witching Friday, it appears to bode well for FB that it is up so much today. Typically, there is negative activity after witching (see Cashin, for example) when the street perceives any stocks to be overbought or overpriced. Not happening here today. Hmmm....
    Jun 23 12:20 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 3 Reasons To Sell Facebook Now And Look To Invest At Lower Levels [View article]
    Not too sure about the premises and evidence in this piece. While the street has its eyes locked on housing data, Zuck is building , all right: a technological moat. The author asserts here that "FB assumes continued economic growth to fuel its business."

    That smacks of those investors still joined at the hip to stocks or sectors that are in the all mighty Dow. They worry and wrangle their hands that faucets and PVC pipes, and copper wire , and what not will sit and rot bc no one is building much anymore. Or shopping on Sundays on Main St after church. The street is erroneously focusing too much on the "has beens" of stocks. The hey day of huge housing and retail sectors to fuel this economy is long over. Look at COH as one example,....

    Anyway, FB knows that they need to build all right...Technology that makes it possible to text without a ridiculously priced data plan. Tech that allows you to go chat, see news that interests you, and a place to buy and pay for items...or maybe even to safely pay bills..all the while, using a platform that lets you see your cousin's new baby on his first inflatable sea horse in a kiddy pool. Tech that will eventually allow you to network thru family and friends to land that awesome job you killed yourself to earn the credentials to get. Tech that allows you to play 3-d games in a way that Xbox doesn't accomplish right now. A place to find that set of stemless wine glasses , that someone who knows you shares on FB with you , because they know you are in the hunt for them and now they are on sale. Tech that allows you to store family photos while you name search and locate that long lost high school buddy who disappeared ... And in the process, something on your news feed that reminds you to click on the listicle, because the auto insurance quote in the ad looks competitive .

    Zuck is building all right...a platform that more and more people are connected to, with increased uses and purposes. This week, I don't give a hoot nor holler what is in the Schiller report because the building/construction I'm investing in is with this tech giant that Zuck is building.

    Long and unconvinced that Zuck is depending on more economic growth to build his business. It's quite the opposite. *****Economic growth will be spurred along by companies such as FB**** that knows the old days of making money in used up, tired, and overly relied upon sectors has passed. Technology leaders will win the race, and Zuck will break the tape first in this new tech race. You don't walk away from Harvard, and make yourself into a billionaire, unless you know exactly where you want to go...and take years of time and expertise to get there. What he's done already has created a new culture in and of itself, and it surely doesn't look fleeting to me..and certainly not something to be described in less than 150 characters. Abandoned twitter a long time ago. (Sick of back spacing and trying to tweet with that stupid format. Now, THAT'S a fad. ) Go, Zuck. My cost basis is well below what the stock trades for now. I appreciate that every day when I look at the ticker ....

    Stay well and prosper, everyone.
    Jun 22 05:27 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Facebook: Persistent Insider Sales Transactions And High Valuation Make This Stock A Strong Sell [View article]
    Didn't pay any attention to this article yesterday. Good reason to ignore it, as we saw (yet again) today. People may not like Zuck , and they need not deny those personal feelings. But like him or not, he's a stellar genius...and it's hard to deny or bet against that. Meanwhile--- Looks like Ebay's one last hope today is that FB shorts will sell off their positions with BUY IT NOW auctions that command higher listing
    Jun 10 04:22 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Facebook: A Mobile Company That's Heading To $85 [View article]
    Ah, what would a day without andypochta1's aspersions on anonymous people's intellect. Last time I heard the small brain insult was in 2nd grade.....Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
    Today FB was down on the news about net neutrality rules. After the small dust pile that got kicked airborne on this matter settles; FB may see its recent pop over 60 repeat again. Not worried.
    Lots of good data in this article. Thanks for that.
    May 15 10:06 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Facebook Is A Strong Buy [View article]
    I'm still holding onto my large long position and remain optimistic that FB will reach this height in the future....Not sure, tho, even with my optimism that $100 may be reached screamin' soon, at least not based on this data. To compare Google and FB growth patterns in this kind of "historical" way is a bit slipshod. Remember when our stats profs remind us to make comparisons only with data that is in like form? Again, I'm totally for FB to grow at these rates, but to make such comparisons btwn GOOG and FB is rather like taking a toddler's height, weight and head circumference chart to make predictions about SAT/ACT scores. Long FB, but not for these reasons, per se.....
    May 12 12:58 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Coach Is Not Fashionable Enough For Your Portfolio [View article]
    The new pricing structure and handling of preferred sales events has been likened to JCP....Coach is reducing sales events, eliminating coupons, and barring some loyal,to the brand from them altogether. meanwhile, Statements "like that"? Could you clarify?
    Apr 29 10:49 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Coach Is Not Fashionable Enough For Your Portfolio [View article]
    What's most interesting after this earnings call as well as the last, pertains to a real patent absence of information on how their preferred customer events in North America probably impact traffic and sales tremendously. They've alienated a cadre of loyal customers, which any cursory review of social blog sites reveals. These customers have been looped into Coach with enticing preferred customer events, only to be kicked out after purchasing volumes of merchandise. Some customers report embarrassing "ban" letters being presented to them by managers and when the customer dives deeper into the rationale behind the discontinuation of preferred pricing events, or being allowed to shop at Coach at all, they report responses from headquarters such as being "resellers." Some affluent customers have found that their purchasing habits are being flagged by platforms as making them a reseller If Coach wants to fix its NA sales problems, they may want to begin by reformulating how and when they invite customers to preferred sales events. Or just start having sales that are open to anyone. Once a consumer learns that their purchases don't count towards being invited to a sale, and see that another's purchase history does count...that spells big trouble esp with the rapidity of how info like that is spread via internet. It's got to be affecting them, and they say or outline next to nothing about this. If sales are down, they have a very odd business plan of raising prices and not offering sales to all customers who are intrigued by the brand. It's as though they are following the infamous, failed JC Penny's pricing and coupon discount system. We all know how that went. Disastrous. Thanks for the intriguing article and analysis.
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  • Facebook's Monetization Sees A Bigger Jump In Q1 2014 [View article]
    Justin, I'd stated that Zuck is trying to be the next Jobs...not that he his. Meanwhile, I come from higher education (provost of university) and there are a kajillion miles to go in non-traditional, not on ground course deliveries. There are still schools with purple fluid mimeograph machines...if and/or when someone can develop technology that can put a student and professor or teacher "seated together" as though they are in two desks, side by side, I truly believe there's gold in them-that hills. So far as the knowledge economy, it's something FB is committed to developing, and in sure hope they can improve upon it. The internet is a great highway for learning, but the engines and vehicles for delivering high quality learning are stuck and while Jobs did much to improve upon that, hopefully others are in line to keep it going. I don't think Zuck has ever stated he alone is creating the knowledge economy. Never heard that...what's the source of that claim? I'd like to read it.....
    Apr 27 08:21 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Facebook's Monetization Sees A Bigger Jump In Q1 2014 [View article]
    ^^^well stated and insightful. ( Meanwhile, the trolls who appear here (most typically when the stock is poising for another pop) add humor to the boards here. FB at $12-20? Dewey lost the election, folks. Read the second edition of yesterday's news.....) To add one more idea, patt2374, FB appears to be as Cramer posits, overdelivering and under promising. Zuck surely is trying to be the next Jobs, with brilliance, innovation beyond what typical engineers can invent, and speculation about where global economics is headed. He's a philanthropist, and one who has outwardly dedicated himself to a core mission of FB: creation of a knowledge economy. Has anyone thought about how Occulus may have been acquired to create a whole new way of delivering online education? This is a HUGE new market. HUGE. I have my doubts that Occulus has been acquired for purposes of keeping teens connected though some invisible Cirque du soleil circus wire, where kids can use e-Uzis to shoot cartoon Nazis in their man caves. Imagine, though, how goggles used to participate in e-learning would more than turn the on ground classroom upside down, and make Blackboard, Desire2Learn, and other such online delivery platforms look like scooters on tomorrow's information / education highway. Just one reason why I'm very keen on finding out more about Occulus and its potential applicability to FB in the long term. With the piles and piles of govt. and for-profit education budgets dedicated to education worldwide, the sky (esp when filled with internet drones) is the limit to this knowledge economy that Zuck has dedicated FB to in the long haul. This isn't some limited $99 laptop foundation philanthropy in the making, headquartered in Russia (lol. What analyst asked in the cc about Occulus and its Russian locale? That was laughable.) Just my two cents, which I do have to spare with my long position in the company, contrary to others' (trolling) beliefs.....
    Apr 26 09:59 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Facebook: Nice EPS Trends [View article]
    I'm long FB. What continues to frustrate me is how the older investing generation doesn't seem to understand how FB can generate significant dollars with all of its mobile platforms. Take one sixty second look see at the cnbc market watch interview today, where the moderator hasn't a clue what FB looks like or does, and then scrunched his face like he ate a lemon when the analyst offers insight. The moderator had to have the analyst explain what user generated content is, for crying out loud, bc the moderator didn't even know what that meant , and mod said repeatedly how he needs to take a look at FB sometime to see how it works. This is one recent and illustrative example of how the older investing generation doesn't have the knowledge to understand the profitability and potential of FB. When your idea of a tablet is your red framed, white knobbed etch-a-sketch, well, yeah, your face scrunches up like you ate a lemon when someone with a clue tries to explain it to you. In summary, FB has such complex capabilities that the near-retired or retired monied investor doesn't grasp. So makes one wonder how much verbiage goes way over these investors' heads during the earnjngs call. All they can grasp is DAUs and MAUs, divided by click revenue. After that, I'll bet they are scrunching up their faces and hitting the sell button as soon as the explication goes beyond those simplicities.
    Apr 23 11:26 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Facebook Is Heading To $80 [View article]
    combatcorpsman, can't reply to your post on my tablet, but I've been thinking that stuff for eons about FB. But never coulda said it as concisely or clearly as did you. Well stated.
    Apr 22 07:58 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Facebook: How Low Can It Go? [View article]
    To posters who've identified HFTs as a propelling factor here, with this sell off, the way FB and other momentum stocks have traded in the last two weeks in particular point to a LOT of cancelled orders that don't hit before buy orders are filled. The "dark pools" out there seem to be a factor right now with pricing, and as Forbes (? Think it was Forbes?) noted, the transparency here with trading is definitely lacking. HFTs are probably smoking these stocks right now, FB definitely being one of them
    Apr 7 10:01 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment