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  • AGNC Offers Investors A 16% Yield And Better Operating Performance Than Annaly [View article]
    What possible difference does it make that one company's accountants choose to abbreviate their financial statement numbers in thousands of dollars and another company chooses to abbreviate their numbers using millions of dollars. Are you incapable of adding the appropriate number of zeros for each accounting abbreviation method? Because, if you are, you cannot possibly be qualified to analyze ANY company more complex than a lemonade stand, much less one as structurally complex as an mREIT.
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  • American Capital Agency's CEO Discusses Q3 2012 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    While i realize this transcript was transcribed on the fly for rapid publication, the Q n A section is largely unintelligible. Thanks for trying, though.
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  • How The Fed Can Send mREITs Higher (Part 2) [View article]
    Thank you 4 da reply, but I read Part 1 and saw no reference to MBS purchases. Where did I go wrong?
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  • How The Fed Can Send mREITs Higher (Part 2) [View article]
    Does anyone know the potential effects on mREITs of the FED purchasing MBS as announced today? Thanks!
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  • American Capital Agency's President Bought $655,000 In Shares This Week [View article]
    Note to World,

    Anyone who thinks most publicly held companies are run for the benefit of the (public) owners is just not very bright. They exist only for the acquisition and/or increase of the wealth of the people who manage them. And further, anyone who thinks those managers (and their cronies) are actually worth the 10's to 100's of millions they so acquire lives in bizzaro-world is also not bright. Virtually (There is almost always an exception to any rule) no one who works for other people (in this case the stockholders) is worth such enormous compensations, incentive-driven or not. Even the Chief Executive of the United States makes less (much less) than half a million per year!! Don't get me wrong, though. Anyone who owns their own business can and should accumulate as much wealth as they possibly can....without limit! And they ARE worth every penny they make. But when an EMPLOYEE is so compensated (and all corporate officers are employees, regardless of any minority stake in a company they may possess), that is not how a company OUGHT to be managed by its owner(s). And when those managers deliberately use their positions and wealth to deliberately and artificially manipulate the price(s) of their company's stock, they show their hands to the whole table, to use a poker metaphor. Corporate officers (at least in the U.S.), by and large, are allowed by the actual owner(s) to run those corporations as if they were the actual owners. Boards of Directors are a joke. Board members are picked because they come from the same 'fraternity' or 'Good ol' boys club' as the CEO's, etc. do and are 'in on the joke' in maintaining the fraud. Sometimes we get a glimpse of this charade, as witnessed by the recent CHK/Aubrey MacClenden (SP?) episode (in which the 'Board' was shaken up but the offender-in-chief remains at the helm), but it mostly flies under the radar as it slowly erodes what little confidence the retail investor has left in the high-frequency (down to mocro-seconds now), computer-driven markets of today. Add to that the Federal Reserve/Bankster cabal and you soon begin to see the lurking financial disaster that will have to occur to have any hope of 'resetting' the entire system to reflect rational, moral economics (in the Austrian fashion, I hope). Today's system, from the central gov'ts to the corporate offices, is irrational, immoral and unsustainable....and it acts that way! As Larry Levin is fond of reminding us, "BEHOLD THE AGE OF INFINITE MORAL HAZARD!" Behold indeed.
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  • American Capital Agency Corp: A Good Long-Term Yield Play [View article]
    I am brand new to stock trading/investing. I own 300 shares of AGNC (average price, $30.12) and I am bewildered by the market's action today (3/8). After dropping $0.70 overnight, for six hours today AGNC traded within a $0.16 range on 10 times average volume before closing @ $29.35. More than 50,000,000 shares traded in those six hours (ADV is ~5,000,000) with virtually zero movement in the opening price!! Does anyone have an explanation for this seemingly impossible (to me, at least) event and what it may mean for the stock going forward?
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